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Cherry Tomato Recipes?

When we're over flowing with cherry tomatoes, I get the food mill out and grind them up into a lovely tomato liquid. They can then be reduced (about 10- 15 minutes in a non stick saute pan, or regular saute pan with a little olive oil) into a lovely fresh tomato sauce that freezes well. We usually have an abundance of zucchini at the same time, so one of my favorite recipes is to take a cast iron skillet (we're also usually grilling, and you can put this right on the grill, or just over your stove), splash a tbs of olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic, couple of cups of tomatoes (no chopping or cutting necessary ,just throw them in whole) + 1-2 cups of diced or sliced zukes, s+p and let them saute for about 10 minutes. The cherries release their fabulous liquid and you have a ready made sauce for the zukes. Throw in some fresh chopped basil - heaven... This is our go- to side dish when we have over abundance in our garden and we never get sick of it. I also make a cold salad with the cherries (raw, cut in half) with blanched green beans and a balsamic/dijon vinaigrette - lovely cold salad- keeps for a couple of days).

Aug 11, 2012
kellypw in Home Cooking

Agave nectar in baking?

So far I've had very good results with substituting agave nectar with any liquid equivalent (honey, maple syrup, the dreaded corn syrup) - I use slightly less than the liquid sweetener I'm substituting for honey or maple syrup- if a recipe calls for 1/2 c I use a little more than 1/3 c - it's a little sweeter. For corn syrup, I use equal amounts

I'm not a huge baker, so I've yet to try substituting it for sugar in cookies - however, if I were to try, I would probably decrease by a bit some of the other liquid going into a recipe.

I very much like using agave nectar - knowing that it's natural, low GI and I really like the taste. And there's no funny aftertaste or texture issues as there are in other substitutes. Good luck, and please post any findings.

Nov 19, 2007
kellypw in Home Cooking

Bay Area Rabbit Recommendations?

Albona has one of the best braised rabbit entrees I've ever had, although I admit my last visit there was over three years ago. You may want to check more recent postings on CH to see if the quality is still up to par. I believe thats a staple on the menu

Boulevard had a to-die-for rabbit risotto with rabbit loin appetizer that melted in ones mouth. I never saw the item again :-(

Mountain View/Peninsula Korean BBQ?

I recently read a reivew about a Korean (I think?) BBQ place where there were small grills tableside. I thought it was in Mountain View, or somewhere on the peninsula or south bay, but darned if I can't find the restaurant. Anyone know of a place like that? I'm very intetersting in trying it!

If not, what are folks favorite casual restaurant in Mountain View (no chains!)- ? Preferrable Castro or California streets - Thanks!

Zuni Cafe Menu

I'd have to say pass on Tadich Grill. The waiters are rude and other than their very good clam chowder, the rest of the items on the menu are sub par. It's also not worth it based on the very long wait since everyone goes to Tadich for the 'SF' experience. I work two doors down and refuse to go back since a very awful experience with one of the waiters.

Ferry Building - definitely - try to go Tuesday late morning to check out the farmers market.

Tea flower or flowering tea - the whole blossom kind

Peet's has started offering some flowering teas although I have yet to try them. I've seen them at all SF locations I frequent. The Imperial Tea Court at the Ferry plaza is lovely and has an impressive selection of flowering teas. Somewhat pricey:


Boulevard - What do you LOVE on the menu?

If they have the Chateaubriand for two, get it, its marvelous - served with asparagus, the best pomme frites (that you have to fight your partner over) and a to-die-for bernaise sauce. Only have I had (or ever seen) the rabbit risotto appetizer, but lapin never tasted so good. It was succulent and wonderful and served with a little rack of rabbit loin. YUMMY.

Pork is good - bacon is good. Above responders are correct -anything- with pork is done exceptionally well.

I've loved ny scallop appetizer or entree they've served.

Have a wonderful time!

Jack London Square -Other than Yoshi's

I'm a big fan of The Fat Lady - I've been there half a dozen times over the last couple of years - last time about six months ago. Neither I, nor my dining partners have been disappointed. It's got a funky decor - psuedo New Orleans, they claim its 'Victorian'- but the food is quite good. It's a typical California style steak/seafood kind of place. Ceasar salad, bruschetta, goat cheese salad are all great appetizers and the steak and seafood entrees are always solid. The burger is quite tasty - nice juicy and they'll cook it rare if you ask 'em!

Oh, and the best part - they very much disdain cell phone usage. My kinda place.

It's a little off Jack London Square on Washington St. About a block away from the large parking structure adjacent to Yoshi's.

Favorite New Restaurant for 2006?

Perbacco at 230 California. Hands down. Myth cafe gets my nod as runner up for an excellent lunch spot (which, like others, I did not realize until 2006).

Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

Just went to Golden Star - it was perfect! Homey, down to earth Pho. I had the number 5 - smaller bowl and simply beef tenderloin. Yummy! I plan to go back and try any of the bbq dishes as they all smelled amazing coming out of the kitchen. Thanks for the recommendation!

Dinner for 12 in downtown SF?

No, I haven't been to 21st Amendment in the last year - too bad if the food has gone downhill with the chef change.

Dinner for 12 in downtown SF?

Ristorante Umbria is close (2nd and Howard) and pretty good - I'm partial to their pizzas which are thin, neopolitan style and run around 12 bucks:

Cha-Am is also an excellent choice as mentioned above.

I've recently (with trepedation) visited Thirsty Bear on Howard between 2nd and 3rd again and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food and the fact that the service has gotten much better (no more surly waitresses ignoring you). I had boycotted the place for several years. Careful though - Thirsty Bear often closes the entire restaurant for private parties so call ahead.

Believe it or not, 21st Amendment on 2nd (about a 10-15 minute walk from Moscone - toward the ballpark) has very decent food. And the beer aint so bad either:

Napa on a budget?

Bistro Jeanty in Yountville - have the Tomato Bisque (heavenly rich tomato soup baked in puff pastry - 8.50) and either have a salad or share the coq au vin (it's quite large and could easily fill two people)- you'll be most satisfied!

No necesaarily 'budget' but definitely a good bargain for the quality.

Movie Beer?

Of those, Trumer pilsner, although Boont would come in a close second. I'm partial to Pilsner Urquell myself, but my all time favorite is Duvel - oh wait, you want to watch the movie - Duvel is pretty high (about 7 % I think?). Kona Longboard has become my recent sought after brew -

Dec 12, 2006
kellypw in Beer

Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

Oh, I've been to Pho Hoa in the Embrcadero, which is why I'm on the search for 'real' Pho. It's not -bad- but, it's just not what I'm looking for. thanks for the reccomendations!

Perbacco, go there now!

I've been twice now for lunch. I work two doors down (lucky me - in between my office and Perbacco is Aqua!). I love the staff, they're extremely accomodating, if a bit green.

Both times I've had abbreviated meals. First time, 'Tarajin' - the handcut tagliatelle with 5 hour pork sugo and porcini mushrooms. The sauce melted in my mouth and the pasta was impeccibly fresh and cooked perfectly. Second time, the pappardelle with brasied short rib ragu (fabulous and succulent). I also ordered the brussels sprouts as a side - they are cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth. Seriously, even if you don't like brussels sporuts, try them. My dining partner had the grilled tuna with a tomato/pepper sauce and fingerling potatoes (it doesnt appear to be on the menu now, or else I'm completely misremembering the dish). The tuna was outstanding. Go. Now. Mangiare.

Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

ah, excellent - I will check it out. Thanks!!

Help with NYE menu

Thanks for the replies! Foie gras is indeed very heavy so I was thinking of serving a small portion - 1 oz per person. Moving it to the start of the menu would definitely make sense. I think I'm going to cave into peer pressure and make the prime rib - I'll serve smaller portions of that too and skip the cheese course.

On the foi gras recipe - I shamefully cannot remember where I plucked the recipe from - but it seems pretty straightforward - the sectioned tangerines just sort of melt in the sauce started with shallots and butter - here's the recipe:

Seared foie gras with melted tangerines

** add chopped pistachios to this

1 shallot, finely chopped
1/2 oz butter
2 cups sweet white wine
2 tangerines, segmented
Salt and pepper
1 fresh raw foie gras
8 slices of walnut bread, toasted
1 bunch endive

Sauté shallot in butter until softened. Add wine and tangerines and reduce until the sauce begins to thicken. Remove from heat. Salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. Cut foie gras in 1" thick slices. Lightly salt the foie gras. Place in very hot skillet of high heat. Cook about 1 minute and turn over. Cook one more minute and remove from pan. Immediately place foie gras on walnut toast. Set on plates, decorate with endive, spoon tangerines and sauce over foie gras.

Dec 10, 2006
kellypw in Home Cooking

Good Pho or Vietnamese in the financial district?

Can anyone recommend a good down to earth Vietnamese restaurant in or near the financial district? Thanks!!

Help with NYE menu

We throw a fairly elaborate dinner party every year for 6-8 people on NYE. I'm having problems pinning down what to do for the main course for this years menu - my husband wants us to do a dry-aged prime rib roast (we've done it before, it comes out fabulous!), but I think it may be too much given the rest of the menu - any thoughts? I was leaning toward roasted racks of lamb or seared duck breasts. I've tested all of the recipes except for the foie gras- TIA!!!

Passed hors-
Crab stuffed phyllo cups
Cucumber Smoked salmon rounds

First course:
Butternut squash soup with frizzled leeks and cumin spiced crème fraiche

Second course:
Seared foie gras w/melted tangerines

Third course:
Baked herbed goat cheese salad (with rocket or other spicy green)

Main: ??

Cheese course << not sure if I should even do one?

Poached pears in sabayon with chocolate/apricot sauce-

Dec 09, 2006
kellypw in Home Cooking