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NYC Hound need recs

One more- a new place - - All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge from Chris Schlesinger (sp?).

NYC Hound need recs

Also try Parrish Cafe on Boylston in Back Bay. They have about 20 sandwiches, each from a famous Boston chef. If you're looking for good sandwiches.

Right board for sake?

Sake is a 2000+ year old beverage every bit as complex and fascinating as wine - - from history to production to the thousands of breweries today, the grades, flavor profiles, rice types/varietals, etc. People just don't know as much about it due to lack of exposure and/or exposure to it via scalding hot gut rot you get at most Japanese restaurants. Sake is in its infancy - - the exposure level is the equivalent to Boons Farm being the only wine offered in the U.S.

Sake is neither beer nor wine. Sake deserves it's own board. I know there must be some chowhounds out there that know about it and would agree. And problem solved!

Dec 09, 2006
EatDrinkBeMerry in Site Talk

Is there any good, authentic, non Americanized Thai food in Boston?

Desperate for great Thai...

U Burger today

It's worth getting, even if cooked medium well (coming from an R/MR person), the burgers are great. And the fries are excellent.