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Nabolom Bakery to close on Sunday Aug 2nd

I want to give a shout out to you and the CH community for sending a fond farewell to Nabolom. The collective hired my then 17year old son and gave him an equal voice which he flourished under. I will especially miss the holiday stollen.

Best Fruit Pie Oakland/Berkeley?

I'm a fan of Indie Cakes and Pastries. The apple and berry pies have graced my Christmas and Thanksgiving table. I ordered a banana cream for my own birthday. Anastasia is at the Sunday Kensington Farmer's Market or you can order and pick up at her commercial kitchen.
2530 10th St. Berkeley

BBQ Teriyaki chicken in El Cerrito

Among the local Japanese church bazaars the BBQ teriyaki chicken at this one is outstanding. Chicken is basted with a secret sauce and fired on huge grills all day today. Manju and sushi rolls all made by the Church ladies.
Sycamore Church
12Noon - 5PM
1111 Navellier
El Cerrito

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

Friday night at 7:00pm was lively with few long lines. We started with Baia bhel puri (pasta version) $5. S&M Vegan was our choice for a pulled pork slider and shiitake fried rice slider $7 each. Simply Mochi had interesting flavors like s'mores, but small (compared to Benkyodo)3 for $5. Our eating foray ended with Frozen Kusterd - vegan roasted coconut $3.50
The sliders and Kusterd were our favorites.

Tom Wilson Oranges just arrived at Andronico (at least, in SF)

Top of Solano Ave. in Berkeley

same prices $1.49lb. / $3.99 4#bag

best pumpkin cheesecake in Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville?

I am not qualified to say the "best", but Nabolom (Russell at College) offers a good one. I personally crave their holiday stollen with meyer lemon icing. Call ahead.

Heading down to Hayward

An early dinner for my friends as we're headed to Chabot College Saturday for a fabulous hula show.
Mama Lupe's in San Leandro or ??? Ray's Sushi is closed which was another recommendation.
I'm coming from Oakland and El Huarache is a usual stop for me. No Chinese thanks.

Local 123 Airstream @ Flowerland Nursery in Albany

The kouign amann I brought home to reheat and savor with my Graffeo coffee. I would call first before you make a special trek as I don't know what the baking schedule is. He and the wife are lovely.

Local 123 Airstream @ Flowerland Nursery in Albany

I'm taking my coffee up the street to La Bedaine for a delightful kouign amann ($2), palmier ($1) or fruit tart (3.). No need for the cute little box because I eat them right away on their outside benches.

Grocery Outlet - June 2012

Biscoff spread is at San Pablo GO, but a very limited supply.
The Ninja Master Prep was 49.99 (only one left).

Dinner near Cerrito Movie Theater on a Monday

In Albany about a mile away are Zaki Kebab House and Potala Organic Restaurant.
Both have parking lots.

Sumo citrus - enormously good to eat

Is Ram Das produce only at Berkeley Farmers Market the the East Bay?

Good Tamales in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville?

Mary also offers a chicken and maybe hot links or rib plate from the grill. I've not tried. Tamales are premade from the church and warmed to eat or to take home.

Good Tamales in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville?

Tamales for Jesus

2 for $5. not as large as Unicos, but very flavorful. Killer green sauce. Only chicken, pork and cheese

Mary and her teen son man a wood grill/smoker at MacArthur and Martin Luther King
M-F 10-5:00 Extremely thoughtful folks.

2011 - December seasonal specialties

Holiday Stollen at Nabolom Bakery - same dough as the challah, light on currants but with lemon meyer icing. Look forward to this and their pumpkin cheesecake each year.

Stopped at Gaumenkittzel - stollen had a pretty crisp dark bottom, so I opted for their whole wheat loaf.

Looking for Oakland area private Indian cooks

Bengali food made to order

Rekha is from Bangladesh and caters food from her kitchen in El Cerrito as well as when she returns to her homeland. My last dinner included biriyani, chicken rezala, aloo gobi, paneer matter, and paratha. The paratha was light and flaky unlike the usual suspects I've eaten.

Rekha's English is good, but I would speak with her grown daughter Shakila.
Full disclosure: I am her grandson's teacher.

Rekha's Auhentic Bengali Recipe
510 528-8270 El Cerrito

Holiday challah

Nabolom Collective Bakery (College and Russell Sts.) has challah all year round. Sesame, plain and poppyseed. No preservatives so I freeze it after a day or so - perfect for french toast.

Passover Goodies too

Nabolom has that old Berkeley vibe - live music on Saturday morning, filled with neighborhood folks - CAL alumni no doubt. Stepped in to get hot cross buns and challah. The Passover offerings looked enticing. Made without leavening - almond cookies, macaroons, honeycake, cheesecake. They don't pretend to be LaFarine and I've not experienced service problems as others have noted. The danish taste better warmed when taken home or they'll heat it if you're eating in.

Nabolom Bakery
2708 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94705

Hot Cross Buns - where do you buy your favorites?

Nabolom Bakery (Russell at College Ave.) offers a seasonal hot cross bun with meyer lemon icing. I look forward to it as they use the same dough as their holiday stollen. I noticed that they have some specialty items for Passover (almond cookies, chocolate dipped macaroons, honeycake, cheesecake...) I'm there for challah and hot cross buns.

Nabolom Bakery
2708 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94705

new Oakland lunch place - Uncle Dougie's

The family dinner buffet was advertised as an RSVP event since the place is small. Better to call and find out. Don't expect an heirloom salad and the veggies are steam table. But if you like the hero sandwiches, you'll have a chance to sample all the fillings with pasta or lasagne. Uncle Dougie didn't make any money with my hungry teens. The dinner was a relaxing evening with many neighborhood regulars. We'll be back.

Uncle Dougie's
362 17th St, Oakland, CA 94612


Nabolom Bakery

Russell/College Ave. Berkeley

Nabolom Bakery
2708 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94705

Heng Heng Pho / Vietnamese Restaurant

I stopped for takeout at dinnertime and the service was friendly - two ladies very chatty. My deep fried chicken over rice was a large quarter chicken leg. It was tender, 5 spiced with grilled skin over a generous bed of rice. Maybe I'll ask them to cut it up for me next time. Grilled pork bun was also a good choice. Large portion of nicely charred pork pieces. Noodles were not soggy and the cucumber lettuce side crisp. Both dishes $5.75 each and fed three of us. I was given a cup of tea while I waited.
There are only maybe 5-6 small tabletops. I'll definitely come again to try a lunch special.

Pan de Muerto 2010

Mi Tierra (University and San Pablo) sm. rounds, maybe 8" - plain, sugar dusted, sesame, probably more flavors - $1.79
Everyone was very helpful. They encouraged me to come the next day for the freshly baked ones, but these held up two days later. Delicious sweet bread...

Mi Tierra
2096 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

New Vietnamese in El Cerrito, Nông Thôn

We went on a Sunday eve and surprisingly the restaurant was almost full. They are definitely benefiting from the post movie crowd from the Rialto. We enjoyed the remodeled room, although it's still cavernous with high ceilings, reminiscent of the furniture store. There was a full page of vegetarian options from a colorful menu with pictures. The beef ball pho was large enough for one of my big eaters. We especially enjoyed the wrap it yourself rolls. It's a tray of the ingredients (basil, sprouts,vermicelli, your choice of meat), a generous supply of tapioca wrappers, and a bowl of boiled hot water. We softened our wrappers and made our own rolls.
I cannot fairly judge the grilled pork bun as it was forgotten and left it sitting for at least ten minutes. Meat was cold and tough. Vermicelli was soggy. We skipped dessert as the waitstaff was overwhelmed.

As we left another family I know was dining and we all agreed that Huong Tra (near Barrett) still continues to be our favorite. But because Huong Tra is closed Sun. evenings, we'll come back to Nong Thon. Prices are reasonable with different offerings and more drink and dessert options. They are still working out service and kitchen issues.

BTW anyone try Heng Heng Pho in the Subway Sandwich stripmall near Stockton/San Pablo?
Also, has Jac's moved into the former Tofu Yu location?

Huong Tra
12221 San Pablo Ave Ste 8, Richmond, CA 94805

Which foodie walking tour? Culinary school?

No, but it's on my short list. I'm a huge fan of the Three Seasons Restaurant at Contra Costa College in San Pablo. There is a possibility the restaurant won't be running until the school semester is underway just like CCC.

Locanda da Eva Opening Night

I was also there on Tuesday evening. They graciously let the four of us switch to a booth - my apologies to the waitperson who's table we abandoned.

We enjoyed the decor and tried to remember which of us frequented the original Casa da Eva. Bertola's 50 cent well drinks is a faint blur.

Service and pacing were fine. Noise level was perfect for conversation.

The arugula salad with nectarines and the three bean salad were outstanding appetizers.
Spaghetti with white shrimp was favored by our group over the ricotta ravioli.
The rock cod was not as satisfying (liberally salted, slightly overcooked). The meatballs were tender and delicious with the warning that prosciuuto lended to the saltiness of this entree. Our party was especially sensitive to salt. Side veggies of potatoes and romano beans will definitely be revisited next time.

A pleasurable dining experience.
We look forward to coming for late nite snacks and cocktails.

Which foodie walking tour? Culinary school?

SF City College Culinary Studies
Educated Palate Restaurant

Educated Palate
88 4th St, San Francisco, CA

New job in downtown Oakland, looking for lunch places

Funny my takeout heroes were fine. Maybe he grilled the bread longer. It would be helpful to let him know. Someone with a startup would be open to comments.

New job in downtown Oakland, looking for lunch places

My New York friend swears Uncle Dougie's Heroes (17th nr. Franklin) are the real thing. She thought the chicken parmigiana was moist and the batter so light. I personally would have the sausage and red pepper over and over. Only meatloaf and eggplant parmigiana are left to try. I think he just added spaghetti and pizza bread.
Friendly, small start-up.

new Oakland lunch place - Uncle Dougie's

There are a handful of small tables and a long counter for standing.