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Brunch Spots In/Around Westwood, MA?

you are fortunate to be in westwood - there is in fact an awesome brunch/lunch/dinner spot ...its called Vello's... it's on route 109. for brunch among their full menu they do this cool mix/match thing where you get a choice of 4 of a large list of items - eggs, pancake, meat, fruit, toast, potatoes, french toast, etc... so you can make the breakfast plate that you like, without substitutes. the only caution i have is check their hours- i'm not sure what time they serve until. it's a great independently owned place - started by a young man who grew up in the neighborhood.

Potbellies Kitchen IS AWESOME (other post got off topic, so i'm starting new!)

I've lived on the "west side" of South Boston for over 5 years, and am finally feeling like my little neighborhood is coming together - much thanks to Potbellies Kitchen. Here's the whole deal, for all you wonderers...
It's on A Street at West 2nd- kitty corner from Williams Tavern/My Diner building.
It opened the week of Thanksgiving. They are open Monday - Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
It is owned by a nice husband and wife, Peter & Natasha, - Peter was the original chef at Silvertone.
They do not have beer & wine license (yet?!) but are working dilligently to get one.
The prices are very fair and affordable -

I have only been for dinner, so can only comment on that -but the food is absolutely and completely what our neighborhood needs... Simple, but full menu, lots of options from burger and fries to pan roasted Kingfish special ($12 - DEAL!) to club sandwich....Fresh everthing, cooked to order - fish, pork chops, steak, sausage and peppers, calamari, salads, vegetables, hot sandwiches, burger, deli sandwiches... My partner and I have been a few times already, and with friends, too - so we have tried a number of dishes...I am not a food critic, and do not pretend to be, so I will not disect every dish we've had, but will tell you - the bolognese was perfect, simple, and delish, the fish sandwich is the yummiest mcdonald's knock-off ever, and the fact that he makes a different hot vegetable side every night appeals to our healthy selves... all the main dishes are served with choice of two sides - pick btw. salad, hot veggie, fries or (dreamy) mashed potatoes.

I am thrilled to have a place like this open in my neighborhood.

I have never posted on this site before now, but was so irritated by the conversation about Potbellies, that I was compelled to return the focus. It is not about apostrophe or no apostrophe, from what I understand, Chowhounders are supposed to be helping steer people in the direction of good food, Potbellies Kitchen is a perfect example of good food - good food that people might not just come across on their own. So - jump on the Red Line, take it outbound one stop PAST South Station (broadway) and go see our friends, Peter and Natasha, they'll make you some good food, and with passion...