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Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

Got to go to Shelly's last time I got home (last summer) enjoyed the food there. Great antipasto salad and garlic knots. Great pizza's. Good service. I also liked the variety they offer.

Shelly use to work at Vincent's so there is an influence on the food. Also my siblings are big fans.

I'm sure Vincent's is still good. Don't get home enough to enjoy everyplace I would like, so haven't been since they re-opened.

Jul 28, 2015
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

GO to Shelly's pizza instead of Vincents.

Jul 21, 2015
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Subway made 2 mistakes that are destroying its business

I think they lost something when they stopped slicing their bread with the v-notch in the top. I liked the way it more evenly spreads the ingredients out.

With the fold method, too often too much in the fold and little at the other side.

Jun 16, 2015
ML PAVACT in Chains

Looking for everyday tableware

I have like my set from pfaltzgraff. They have many styles to choose from, some all white. They have more than just stoneware. They are still carried in some department stores. But take a look on-line.

Some of their patterns have been around for years. Mine only last a couple years. Luckily they still had outlets 10 years ago so when i saw my pattern marked down, with few accesories offered, I bought a few extra.

Jun 02, 2015
ML PAVACT in Cookware

Elegant way to cover food outdoors?

Have you looked at The Christmas Tree Shops?

They retract and you can place the bowls or platers inside.

Or try a camping equipment site, for food tents or food covers.

May 12, 2015
ML PAVACT in Not About Food

What sauce would your recommend for grilled asparagus?

A simple dip/sauce from dijon mustard and mayo, adjust ratio to taste. I like to add capers too. Matbe not gourmet, but not everything has to be.

Jan 23, 2015
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving in Allentown

Any suggestions for Thanksgiving in the Allentown area?


Nov 11, 2014
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Help! Crockpot chicken- Accidentally turned on "warm" for an hour and a half?

I'm sure it is fine. If it is a newer crockpot like mine, warm is what was low on an older crocpot. MY low is is like high. My high will boil the liquids, not exactly "slow" cooking then.

Nov 10, 2014
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Mini-skillets for individual servings of pear crumble from Lidia's Kitchen?

Could it be these?

They also have them in graphite.

Not sure I would use them enough for the investment.

Oct 26, 2014
ML PAVACT in Cookware

What to do with frozen 9 lb chuck roast

I would make BBQ beef. It can be done in the oven. I'm sure you can find some recipes on line. The one my mom used had onions, celery, peppers, maybe garlic, chili powder (or cummin red pepper etc.) ketchup and or/bbq sauce a little vinegar and water to almost cover. Cover, cook in oven until you can shred it and put it back in the sauce.

Oct 16, 2014
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Home-made stock. This will sound REALLY strange!

I have made stock with a rotisserie chicken from Walmart to make stock. It has great flavor in a quick amount of time. Also add some cellery, carrots and onions(with skins).

I have some times taken some of the stock(and or meat) after a few hours to use that day. Then replace water and continue to cook. This allows to get the most from the bones. And maximizes the $5 investment.

Sep 04, 2014
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Famous Regional Food you find embarrassing or disgusting?

I agree, Primanti's is Ok but I don't see the big draw. I rather go to the "O" for a hot dog and thier fries.

I do miss the variety of food available in Pittsburgh. Southern NE can be quite boring.

Jul 10, 2014
ML PAVACT in General Topics

German or Scandinavian Food in Pittsburgh

I don't consider Pizza shops as restaurants. At least in Pgh you have a lot of choices to find a pizza style you like. Some places aren't so lucky. At my first job in Virginia I asked where to get good pizza, I was told Pizza Hut.

One thing to remember is that a lot of cuisine is regional, even within the same country. Northern Italian is different than Southern Italian. Eastern German may be different from Western German. . etc.

My guess is nothing will compare to the Authentic German meal you had because the memory of the experience may be coloring your recollection. Is it actually the taste of the food you remember or the experience?

My experience is no food is ever quite as good as the first time you taste it. You can never recreate the original discovery.

Jun 26, 2014
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Lobster "in the rough" other than Abbott's?

I second Captain Scott's. View not as great as Abbott's but the food is always good.

German or Scandinavian Food in Pittsburgh

Go to Max's

Jun 16, 2014
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

lancaster buffets: best of the bunch

Went to Oregon Dairy last year. The goody bag was nice for my 6 year old. They also have a play area outside he liked alot. The menu may be good for the non adventurous. Smaller buffet but we liked the variety. Includes ice cream for dessert.

Done Millers breakfast (they are open Sundays I believe). I thought the food was good. The buffet is much bigger than Oregon Dairy. Might be overweilming for some. I think the dinner choices are even greater then the breakfast. KIds may get bored while adults try everything.

Jun 16, 2014
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

leftover baked ham in beef chili?

I'm not sure I would put the Ham and beef together. I would make a ham chili separate from the beef. I would mix ham with ground pork. And I have done sausage and chicken chilis before. But I'm not sure the ham and beef will blend.

I might try a "white" or verde chili with the ham. Maybe add some pinapple for a Hawiian chili. Definitely add some beans.

Ahd then make a beef chili.

Jan 09, 2014
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Looking for kielbasa in Pittsburgh area

I have to admit I don't think I ever got the Kielbasa there. As I haven't lived in the Burgh in 20 years but do visit family at least once a year. I don't get to enjoy Pittsburgh food as much as I would like. So much good food, so little time when we visit.

But I have enjoyed all of the Primanti sandwiches I have had. But often get a Rudy's Mushroom cheesesteak sub (in Swissvale) or a battleship/destroyer from the Triangle Grill (also in Swissvale).

Dec 31, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

*Lebanon* bologna?? also dried beef

Love S Clyde Weavers. Always visit when I can (now in CT). I love their hams. Just the perfect level of smoke and saltiness. Also like the summer snack sticks, 6 year old son loves the regular snack sticks.

Dried beef. I would make creamed chipped beef over homefries. The way we use to get it at Zinn's Dinner on family vacations many years ago.

I also some times get the small ham loafs for a another taste of home.

Dec 27, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Looking for kielbasa in Pittsburgh area

I read in an article about a Pgh actor in the film that Primanti brothers was mentioned. Maybe he is refering to a primanti's brothers kielbasa and cheese sandwich??

Dec 27, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Jewish desserts

Matzo brittle. Chow has a recipe if you search.

Nov 04, 2013
ML PAVACT in Kosher

Pennsylvania products you can't get on the west coast

I know that. Usually with some pineapple and brownsugar miixed in. But the rest of the country doesn't.

So the Boarshead hamloaf is a formed ham lunch meat, like chipped ham before being chipped.

Oct 28, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Cupcakes in a jar

I have read that if you bake in the jars to use a water bath. It limits breakage do to quick heating and/or cooling.

Sep 18, 2013
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Stuffed braided bread

Try recipes from the pampered chef webpage. They have lots of wreaths and stuffed bread recipes.

Sep 09, 2013
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Cooking with ketchup

My mom use to make us round steak with ketchup gravy.

Brown pieces of round steak. Brown slices of onion. Add ketchup and water. Heat. Add steak back in and heat. Let it simmer to tenderize the steak. One pan cooking with great flavor added by the browned bits in the pan.

Serve with mashed potatoews and corn. As kids we would put the corn and gravy on/in the potatoes. Comfort food, very yummy.

Sep 09, 2013
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Manchester NH recs

I am going to a convention in September in Manchester NH. Any place I should try to get to???


Lamb "bones" under the broiler - riblets?

Maybe she got lamb breast. I just found one of these recently. Lots of bones. I have also seen lamb ribs discussed before. I believe both these cuts come from the chest of the lamb, therefore not much meat.

I think the rack of lamb may come from the back.

Jul 25, 2013
ML PAVACT in Home Cooking

Pennsylvania Foods

Try to find Boars Head oval spiced ham loaf, and have them shave it. Then enjoy your chipped ham.

Jul 22, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania products you can't get on the west coast

Next best thing. Look for a spiced ham loaf at the deli counter. Boars head has an oval spiced ham loaf available. Have them shave it. (They may hate you after shaving it by hand. They don't have the automatic machines like in Pittsburgh)

Now you have chipped ham for sandwiches, Fritzy burgers or ham BBQ.

Jul 22, 2013
ML PAVACT in Pennsylvania

"It's Too Big" -- And Other Bizarre Restaurant Complaints

If I don't want large portions, I tend to order an appetizer and maybe a cup of soup or side salad.

If you think the portions are going to be too big. Ask the server about a half portion or smaller size portion. Sometimes those are available but not listed.

Sometimes a little creative ordering can solve the problem.

Jun 10, 2013
ML PAVACT in Not About Food