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What is on your menu for the holiday feast?

New to boards here. Everyone's menus sound amazing! Me and my mom are doing Christmas dinner for 17 this year. It's been a bit of a battle between her somewhat conservative tastes and my more eccentric ones, but here's what we've come up with:

-Mixed cheeses with crackers and veggies

-Lamb with a red currant and mint sauce
-Roasted root veggies (parsnips, carrots, rutabegas, onions) with a roasted garlic dressing
-Potato gratin
-Peas with mint (hmmm... too much mint?)
-Dinner rolls

-Baba au Rhum (The Barefoot Contessa's recipe, has anyone tried it? Might be a little over-ambitious, but if I completely wreck it there's always the backup cookies)
-Pecan bars dipped in chocolate
-Cream cheese lemon cookies
-Hazlenut-jam thumbprint cookies
-Spicy ginger-molasses cookies

Whew! All this has reminded me of all the work I still have to do! Happy Holidays and Seasons Eatings everyone. 3:o)

Temecula Area Eats...a Few Quick Notes

If you like Indian food, A Taste of India (off Jefferson- same shopping center as Sizzler) is pretty good. They have a lunch buffet during the week so you can have a bit of everything. Otherwise, their tandoori chicken is very tasty, as is the rice pudding for dessert.

I have to agree about Temecula seriously lacking in the food department. It's the land of the chains, unfortunately. But, at least they have restaurants. I live in Lake Elsinore and we were pretty excited when they finally opened a Chiles.

Dec 16, 2006
metaphysical_muse in California