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Top Chef - Las Vegas - Ep. #12 - 11/18/09 (Spoilers)

Did anyone else notice that Bryan got a much more sympathetic edit this week? He seemed to have much more personality that had been displayed before; I do believe I noticed several smiles and actual laughter at the top of the show! And come on - helping out like that? Pretty cool of him. Do we think Michael would have stepped up like that?
Agreed - Kevin is great, and maybe it it's because I'm from Maryland, but I do heart me some Bryan.

Nov 19, 2009
leslieodo in Food Media & News

steak for lunch

Any recommendations for a birthday lunch? It appears rays the classics is not open for lunch, which was my first choice. Maryland or DC preferable.

New asian in Silver Spring

I spotted "Noodle King", a new restaurant on New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring (12705 New Hampshire) just north of white oak high school in a strip center. Definitely not your standard "chinese food" menu. Check out the delicate dishes for curried pigs skin and duck blood, duck feet with mushrooms and other such items you won't find frequently in that area. Lots of Asian people in there when I went. They specialize in Hong Kong style noodle soups which were really good. Let's keep them in business!

dinner and hotel stay

For the entire package, which would you recommend? Inn at Little Washington and Inn, Maestro and the Ritz, or cityzen and the Mandarin Oriental - or somewhere else altogether??

Procuitto ends

I purchased several from an italian deli, and now I am stumped as to what to do with them. Suggestions would be apprciated.

Mar 31, 2007
leslieodo in Home Cooking

The Olney Tavern??

I think the Olney Tavern is relatively new, or at least new people took it over. I haven't eaten there, but I recall an article in the Gazette not long ago discussing the new owners and their restauant experience. Also, what about the Brookside Inn, right up Georgia?