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Adding egg to your oatmeal?

Yes. I actually add a couple of egg whites to my morning mix of GoLean Kashi Instant Oatmeal. (or a decent brand with good nutirional numbers) I add water to 2 packets of oatmeal in a bowl, mix so its a bit soupy (sorry - I mix this by feel, about a half a cup of water)and 2 egg whites, mix thoroughly, cook in microwave for at least 3 minutes. (actually cook for 2 minutes, add additional water, mix thoroughly and cook for another minute) To serve, I add a touch of pure maple syrup or fresh fruit and some fat free milk. Its a quick and easy preparation for a tasty and healthy morning bowl of oatmeal. (this is probably one of thousands of variations of this.....yeah I know, you have probably heard this before....but I thought I'd post anyway)

Dec 08, 2006
josrom in Home Cooking