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Do you know if they are still open? The 96th street Cio's closed after they got the Fishers store running. Went there last Friday at 7pm and the place was dark, no answers on the phone and no messages.. I'll really be missing them if they are gone!


Dec 07, 2006
jostoli in Great Lakes

Where are all the Indianapolis 'Hounds?

Hi! Does anyone know the status of Cio's Pizza? I know they closed the one on 96th after opening one in Fishers.. Loved the pizza there and the fact it was right by the Hop Shop. It was (is?) the best in the city for my east coast taste. However, last Friday I stopped by Cios at 6:30-7ish and found a dark shop. No answer on the phone at the times I've called. Anyone know if they overshot their clients and closed up??