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Szeptemberfest Stew Contest: Budapest

looks like an interesting porkolt (stew) festival in Budapest next weekend. I will be checking it out.

From pork:
Pig stew with a noodle
Hungarian pork stew from rib-roast with egg barley with sausage, as Dankó Pista liked it
Fingernail stew, with a cooked potato
Pork heart stew, with tounge, parched egg barley
Knuckle stew old swineherd

From a fowl:
Chicken paprika, with a noodle
Chicken sucks with roasted, vegetable pearl barley
Goose gizzard with roasted, potato egg barley, Cock stew with kékfrankos, with curd cheese pasta
Cockscomb with a roasted testicle, a parsley noodle, as our grandmas prepared it
Turkey foot stew, with ribbon noodle pasta
Duck tounge stew, with a noodle

From beef:
Cattle shank with a roasted, cooked potato
Cellar stew, with a cooked potato
Tripe stew, with a cooked potato
Velős- tripe stew, with a cooked potato
Csülkös- pithy tripe stew, cooked with a potato Veal stew, with a parsley noodle

Sheep, goat:
Mutton stew, cooked with a potato as I learned from my father
Lamb stew, with a cooked potato,
Goat stew with rosemary, sour cream corn porridge

Game stews:
Sylvan deer stew, with a napkin dumpling
Gemenci wild boar stew in red wine, with a potato dumpling
Bolete roe stew, with a potato dumpling, ranger on a manner
Fallow deer with a roasted juniper, a napkin dumpling, Nimród gift
Wild rabbit stew, with delicate grasses, ribbon noodle pasta, rural constable onto a manner

Dorozsmai carp with red wine with roasted, sour cream egg noodle
Tisza catfish stew with a Riesling, dill, sour cream pasta
Eel of Lake Balaton stew, vajas- with dumplings
Sterlet poured with roasted brandy, with a bolete ribbon noodle

Onto the joy of vegetarian ones:
Mushroom stew, with a noodle
Egg stew letcho with star pumpkin
String bean stew, with jasmine rice
Corn stew, alone

Aug 30, 2010
jjm323 in Europe

Eating and Drinking Under the Radar in Budapest, Hungary

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed following your culinary journey through Budapest. I will definitely take your advice on Fulemule when I am there in early September. My goal was to eat as much goose as possible, that sounds like a good place to start.

Aug 06, 2010
jjm323 in Europe

Eating and Drinking Under the Radar in Budapest, Hungary

I always liked the Kisharang on Oktober XVI for a quick Hungarian standards lunch. Great mushroom stew (gomba porkolt) and a fine schnitzel (borju becsi szelet).

Aug 03, 2010
jjm323 in Europe

Eating and Drinking Under the Radar in Budapest, Hungary

Sorry for the clutter caused by my new thread. I didn't see this.

This one is very helpful!!

Aug 03, 2010
jjm323 in Europe

Budapest 2010

I lived in Budapest for several years in the 1990s, visited a few times since, but haven't been back since 2003, which is light years in restaurant time.

I will have two nights in Budapest in late August, and am looking for the nearly impossible for one of those nights, a place that serves high quality authentic pre-war Hungarian cooking in a setting that isn't soley geared for tourists. It can be updated Hungarian cooking but not looking for fusion. I do not need a rustic, old fashioned "folklor' type setting---food is most important. There must be more than Kehli, Nanci Neni or Kis Buda Gyonge, which I have both done many times, and were "tired" when I left. Have also been to Cafe Kor several times, and could go back if there are no better options. Have no futher interest in Gundel.

Based on some internet research, Borbirosag, Cafe Bouchon, and 21 seem to potentially fit the bill, but would like some guidance.

For the second night, I am open to something newer, more Hungarian/ International.

Would welcome all suggestions but preferably from someone who has dined in Budapest in 2010. list hasn't been updated since 2008.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 02, 2010
jjm323 in Europe

Saturday Brunch or Breakfast

Personally, I think the In Between Cafe in Red Bank on White Street has hands down the best breakfast in Monmouth County. Bob, the owner/chef, personally prepares every meal. Creative, fresh breakfasts and they use hand picked local eggs. Off the charts.

Jun 30, 2010
jjm323 in New Jersey

In Between Cafe in Red Bank.

I completely agree. It is by far the best breakfast and lunch place in the greater Red Bank area.

Jun 30, 2009
jjm323 in Mid-Atlantic

nice meal in Jamesburg, N.J.

Unfortunately, corporate interests from Robert Wood Johnson Hospital have moved in and knocked down the building housing Chardas, which is sadly no more. The last Hungarian restaurant in the once thriving Hungarian community of New Brunswick has closed. With this closing, and the closing of Aranka's in Franklin Park in 2004, I do not know whether any Hungarian restaurants exist in NJ.

Apr 06, 2007
jjm323 in Mid-Atlantic