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Great seafood with views in Cape Ann?

Thanks to both of you! This is great...

Great seafood with views in Cape Ann?

Hi all, am headed to Gloucester this weekend for a friend's wedding. We'll only be there a few days, but I'm very excited. Any suggestions as to great seafood (lobster rolls, fried fish, clams etc) options--I know this is touristy but we *are* from out of town, so places with great views or that are walkable to beaches or downtown Gloucester would be esp. appreciated. I've read reviews of the Lobster Pool (but reviews of food seem pretty mixed) and Lobsta Land, anything else I should know about? Thank you!

Lobster Pool
329 Granite St, Rockport, MA 01966

telepan or eleven madison park?

I just went to Daniel a few months ago- yes to the madeleines, and of course it was a perfect dining experience. I've got to say, I think Telepan is outstanding. The pickled peach with the fois gras is a really nice combination, and I think that the tasting menu is a great price for the type of food you're getting. There's also a nice bar area, if you're not up for a full sit down meal. It reminded me of Blue Hill a little bit, if that's your thing you'll like this, I think.

Dec 08, 2006
Mittenstate in Manhattan

quick comments - one week in northern Michigan - fish, etc.

I think Stella, in Traverse City, is the best food I've had in Michigan... pricey, but so, so worth it!

ISO Good Chow, East Lansing, MI

Though it's pricey, I like Villegas. Dusty's cellar is hit or miss, but can be good. If I want something affordable, I do Charlie Kang's for Chinese, Sultan's for Turkish/Middle Eastern, or Jimmy John's (I know lots of you will object to subshop's inclusion as "restaurant", but I've lived in a Jimmy Johns-less universe (NYC) for seven years now, and I miss it!)

best sushi high end best sushi day to day

I've been to Jewel Bako, Yasuda, and Sushi of Gari.
Hands down, the omikase at Sushi of Gari is the best sushi I've ever had in my life. Also the most expensive- didn't realize what I was in for (NY Mag est. $80) and spent about $400 for two people- not including tip! This can be avoided if you're more cautious than I and remember to tell the waiter your price limit- or remember to stop after a few courses. Still, even after that shocking and somewhat upsetting moment with the check, I've been back and love it. It's nothing fancy- Jewel Bako is better for that- and the service is only decent. However, I've found the fish to be exquisite and that omikase! Really wonderful combinations. Took a well-known chef to this spot and even he was impressed...

Dec 08, 2006
Mittenstate in Manhattan

New to Sunnyside. Need info about EVERYTHING.

Also, the new pastry/coffee shop Daco Romano (on 46th and Skillman) has a lot of potential... although I know the place that was there before has some loyal followers, they're just starting out and the coffee is good- and cheaper than Starbucks! I like that they stay open until 8:30 or 9, so you can grab a drink and a pastry after dinner... and I've noticed that they'll stay open later if there are people who want to linger. If they make it until the spring, they're thinking of putting a few tables outside, which would be really nice...

Dec 06, 2006
Mittenstate in Outer Boroughs