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Looking for Sausage on a Bun like the old Bernhardts in Square One

I worked at Bernhardts through high school and can confirm that our sausages were from Brandts. I believe the buns were from Dimpflmeier bakery.

Restaurant Suggestions Downtown T.O. for visiting guests?

I have a couple of relatives coming over from the UK and would like to take them out somewhere nice while they are here. They are experienced foodies so I would like to take them somewhere impressive and unique. Price isn't an issue as long as it is good value and a memorable experience. We will be going out on a Sunday night and would like it to be in a neighbourhood that may have another spot to drop in for a drink before or after. (Yorkville, Little Italy?)

Any suggestions?

Chipotle in Toronto

I checked out the Lebanese place yesterday (Milo's Pita) and though it was awful. The ingredients didn't look or taste fresh at all and they didn't grill it afterwards in a panini press so it was stone cold. I will say though that I broke one of my golden rules by eating in a food court after 7:30PM so maybe it is better at lunch time.

For a food court shawarma (or almost any other for that matter) I have yet to find anything better than the place next to McDonald's in the Eaton Centre. I believe it is called Shawarma's King. (yes there is a unexplained apostrophe in the name).

Jun 17, 2008
badbhoy in Chains

Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

I went to Daio recently and was unimpressed. We only stopped in for maki rolls before a movie, so maybe they're better in other areas. But for basically the same order at a similar price at Japango, the rolls were packed with fresher tasting fish. Daio was all rice.

And the service was sloooowww. I understand preparing the food might take a while, but even getting their attention for a drink order and the bill was a challenge. And their were only two occupied tables in the place.

Least terrible dish at Spring Rolls?

I only eat the seafood curry pad thai and coconut vegetable soup. That's it. Every other time I have experimented with something else I have been disappointed. The red curry was the worst I have had anywhere.

When they first opened a few years ago, they actually weren't bad. But then...

Back from Trinidad... craving doubles

Do you mean Island Foods?

mississauga....quick and tasty

Or make your way up to Churchill and 403 and save money at San Francesco's for a comparable sandwich.

Best authentic British food in Toronto?

What is British "style" versus authentic British exactly?

A perfect day to start the GREAT PATIOS thread

I have also had a racoon experience at Allen's. My GF (who is terrified of them) and I were sitting on the back end of the patio. I said don't make a move. There was one sitting directly under her feet. I didn't tell her about it until we left the restaurant and we haven't been back on the patio since. Inside only for us now.

how about the worst burgers in T.O?

You are right. It isn't interesting to talk about bad food, but it is important to warn people about eating somewhere that may appear decent only to discover how horrible their food really is.

As my example, I would like to nominate Hero Burger as the worst. Considering the way the present themselves as a gourmet burger joint (and how much they charge for that matter), the quality is just plain bad.

Chicago Deep Dish in TO

Loblaws makes a frozen deep-dish pizza. Will that do? :)

Seriously, my experiences with deep-dish pizza in Chicago made me wonder what all the fuzz is about anyway. I know it's technically "stuffed pizza" but Giordano's had to be one of the worst pizzas I have ever had. Pizzeria Uno was all right.

Now if I could find an Italian beef sandwich here, I would be very happy!

Chicago Deep Dish in TO

I would actually be fine with a Pizzeria Uno chain but I don't think there are even any of those in Canada.

There is apparently a place in Hamilton that does a deep-dish pizza.

I won the fantasy hockey what?

I've been to Oyster Boy a couple of times and while the oysters are great, I found the main courses uninspired. The service was pretty good and the "east coast" vibe is neat, but I would only go for my oyster and beer fix and not for dinner.

Curry powder

That is hogwash. You are paying for packaging. I suppose your theory about contamination is a possiblity, but I have never experienced a drop in quality in bulk spices. Do you think Indian restaurants buy little glass bottles of "curry powder"?

House of Spice in Kensington has a great selection of the spices that make up westernized curry powder. Buying them seperately allows you to control all the elements and make something that suits your taste.

Duff's Inferior Fries

I am on the fence with St Louis because I've had poor service there on a number of occasions and technically they are not buffalo wings.

Plus the Death sauce at Duff's is better than St Louis hottest sauce and not as vinegary as the other Duff's sauces. The wings also tend to be a bit smaller at St Louis.

That being said, they are conveniently located for me so it is still my go-to place for take-out wings. The wings travel well and I agree the fries are definitely better.

Duff's - can't get there from here

Not sure why the term is used, but I've seen the breaded variety referred to as Florida-style as opposed to the naked Buffalo-style.

Duff's Inferior Fries

I think there is a certain expectation of the quality of the fries depending on the establishment. Fish and chip shops and most decent pubs should have fresh cut fries.

A wing joint though? No one is going for the fries. I went to Anchor Bar recently and do recall the fries being bad but by the end of the meal I didn't care because the wings were great. With the amount of business they do on a daily basis, they would probably have to hire an entire kitchen devoted to cutting potatoes.

Jewish Restaurant - anyone?

Can you explain how hand slicing makes the sandwich taste better? I assume they are using the same cut of meat and you can often request a different thickness when machine slicing so how does it make a difference?

Jewish Restaurant - anyone?

What about Coleman's? I know it's not kosher and I haven't been in a few years but that was my favourite when I worked in the area.

Jewish Restaurant - anyone?

While you seem to have extremely high expectations when it comes to deli Embee, I will agree with you about Marky's. I used to work across the street but would prefer to drive to the countless other better delis in the area rather than put up with rude indifferent service and mediocre over-priced food.

mississauga....quick and tasty

I second San Francesco's at 403/Churchill. While I'll admit to having had better sandwiches, their veal is decent and the price can't be beat.

It's been about 6 months since I've been in there so I can't confirm if it's still accurate, but you could get a veal sandwich, pop, ceasar salad and olives for 5.99 plus tax. They've been selling it at that price for at least ten years and it always amazes me that they haven't increased it yet.

Chicago Pizzeria in Hamilton..question re: their deep dish menu

I'd love to be able to get stuffed/deep dish pizza in Toronto too. But not Giordano's. They are the worst of the chains there...

ISO: good low-fat home delivery in downtown Toronto?

Well if Swiss Chalet is being suggested, then I think Indian can have as many low fat options.

ISO: good low-fat home delivery in downtown Toronto?

Not sure about the fat content, but favourite delivery recently has been Raashna.

Restaurants today?

I had very little luck finding available take-out today. My gf wanted Spring Rolls (ugh) so spent the afternoon on this board trying to find something better downtown but nothing was open. Walked around for an hour. Spice Cafe, Japango, Coconut Grove, Planet Crystal, Purple Pig, Salad King, Mutual Street Deli, Red and White - all closed.

Of course, all the fast food chains and crappy restaurants were open and busy. Pickle Barrel, Baton Rouge...and of course Spring Rolls.

I guess Good Friday is about suffering. We're going to Red Lobster for dinner.

Worst in Toronto

I agree with Fredericks. You may as well just chug a bottle of corn syrup with a side of chicken fat for a similar experience.

Beer Bistro - tips and suggestions please

Went there last night for the first time before the Chris Rock show and thought it was okay. The food as most others have stated was decent but nothing spectacular. The beer options were impressive and we really enjoyed those we selected. We did find it a bit overpriced for what we ordered. We had two apetizers, a bowl of mussels and four beers (two half litre draughts and two 330ml bottles) and the total came to $80 before tip.

The service was all right for most of the evening. The waiter was somewhat aloof initially, but adjusted quickly when he seemed to recognize that we didn't appreciate his style. He was at first inattentive, but it was busy and this improved as the restaurant quieted down. My partner ordered a small draught but he brought the half litre instead. When we ordered our second round of food and drinks, we asked him to bring the bill as well since we were in a rush and he was accomodating.

The one thing that put me off a bit was when we asked for more bread. My partner was feeling a bit tipsy after drinking double the amount of beer she was expecting on the first order. She asked for some more bread when we were finishing up our last order. The waiter obliged, but felt it was necessary to mention that normally they only provide bread with the mussels. Not a big deal, but thought it was little tacky to mention this after I had already given him a fairly generous tip.

Despite this, I'll probably go back but only for a beer or two since their selection is awesome.

Molokheya - In Toronto?

I had it once at an Egyptian friend's house. I consider myself very open to trying new things but it was the most foul tasting meal I have ever had. Her grandmother made it so I was forced to grin and bear it.

Who knows though. Maybe she was just a bad cook.

Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

I don't think anyone forgot about it if the hours you posted are accurate. This thread is about 24 hour eateries.

Jalapeno @ King W. or La Hacienda @ Queen W.

Well maybe he was a Sloan fan? :)