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Butchers that sell ground chuck in the IE

I've already called up Corner Butcher Shop and Hottingers but had no luck. Does anyone know of any butchers in the IE that sells ground chuck or can at least grind chuck for me?

While I'm on the subject of butchers, are there any in the area that sells grass fed beef or will I have to travel for it? Sage Mountain Farms are selling grass fed beef but it's through their CSA program.

Pie in the South Bay?

Haha, damn, missed 1.59. But Eatalian looks awesome! I'll definitely stop by :)

Pie in the South Bay?

Hey y'all!

I realized today is pi day, so what better way to celebrate it than with pie. I'm in Whittier right now but will be traveling around the Lakewood/Torrance/Gardena/Artesia area later today.

Does anyone know where I can get a decent pie out here? A pizza pie would be nice but I ain't holding my breath for one out here in California.

Light Dinner in OC

Oh shoot, me and my friend already ate.

However, the next time I'm in the area I will definitely try and hit up this place.

Light Dinner in OC

Okay, this is really last minute, but I hope folks in this board help me out.

My best friend and I will be meeting up for dinner around 6 pm near The Lab over in Costa Mesa. We've over done Mitsuwa and I don't feel like eating at Okie Dokie. Are there any places around the area within a 5 to 10 mile radius that serves a light dinner? We're both open to eating anything and our spending budget is around $20/person.


Fresh Seafood in Virginia Beach

Does anyone know where I can shop for fresh quality seafood in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas? No mention of Krogers, Farm Fresh, or Food Lion, please. I've tried looking at their selections and wasn't impressed.

Champagne Mangoes in VA Beach

Hopefully this post will be more fruitful than my daifuku inquiry.

I'm trying to find champagne mangoes, those small yellow mangoes that are less fiberous then the hulking green/red mangoes you normally see. I know the grocer over at Delicate Oriental Grocery sells them, but I would like to know where else they can be found.


Daifuku Mochi in VA Beach?

This is probably a long shot, but here goes: is there a store that sells daifuku mochi in the Virginia Beach area?

Craving Fried Chicken and Waffles

Oh wow! Actually, I'm only 3 miles away from Shirley's.

I'll give it a try sometime this month.

Craving Fried Chicken and Waffles

Coming from California, I used to eat over at a joint called Roscoe's. It was one of my once in a while glutton filled fried food bliss where I just pretty much damned the California eating healthy lifestyle for the day. Anyways, I was wondering if B'more has a similar type of resto out here? If not, what fried chicken joint do you think would go well with waffles?

Coz, man, fried chicken and waffles sure does sound good.

Hampton Roads, VA: Where should we eat next?

I'm so glad for this post on recs in the Hampton Roads area. I'll be moving to the Virginia Beach area from Baltimore County. I can't wait to try out some of these places.

Mar 31, 2007
whowantscandy in Mid-Atlantic

Teavolve's Afternoon Tea

I'm curious how is Teavolve's afternoon tea set. My only experience with afternoon tea is over at Jin Patisserie in LA where everything was made on-site. From my conversing with one of the workers at Teavolve, he told me reservations were needed in advance so that they would have the correct amount of tea sandwiches. This leads me to believe that everything else on their eating menu is delivered from an off-site location (I could be wrong).

Has anyone tried Teavolve's afternoon tea set, and if so, was it a yay or a nay? Also, do they refill your pot of tea along with your set?

And just as a side note, the same worker I conversed with informed me that they will be opening a new location over in Harbor East.

Bakeries in the Catonsville area?

Really? I thought they only do cakes?

Bakeries in the Catonsville area?

I'm actually thinking of heading to Fisher's Bakery sometime tomorrow. What kinds of basics do they do well, in your opinion?

I just looked at the website and I'm leaning towards the donuts and danishes, but it would be nice to know how their pies are.

Bakeries in the Catonsville area?

I just recently moved to Catonsville (between Rolling Rd and the 40) and I just wanted to know if there's any bakeries (Asian or non-Asian) within a 5-mile radius of where I'm currently located?

I know the H Mart on Rolling Rd has Momo Bakery inside their store, but I don't know what days or times it is supplied. It always looks like their stuff is on rotation. I also know there's a boulangerie (sp?) across from the Lotte Plaza in Ellicot City. Anyone know if these two places are any good?

Anything Open Today in Orange County?

I'm up in north county, unfortunately. I was thinking of maybe making a trek down to Little Saigon, actually. I just called up Bahn Mi Che Cali and they're open today.

Mmm to sugar cane juice with a hint of calamansi.

Anything Open Today in Orange County?

Haha. That might be a thought. I have 3 Starbucks' near my house within a 5 mile radius.

Anything Open Today in Orange County?

Are there any (tea/dessert/taco/ice cream/anything!) places open tonight in Orange County?

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

I went with a friend that was visiting me from San Diego last week. When it was on and off again showering over the weekend.

OMG! Best baja taco I've ever had!!! We kept lauding at how amazing it was and how it was battered so nicely and...christ. Wow. I can't say enough good things about it.

Chado Tea Room?- Pasadena

A family friend informed me that their daughter, who used to be one of the pastry chef's at the Ritz-Carlton (forgot which location), said they won't be making their desserts on site anymore. It'll be bought from an off-site location.

Resto Supply Stores in Baltimore

I'll be moving out to Baltimore next month and have decided to hold off on buying kitchen supplies until I relocate. Can anyone tell me where the restaurant supply stores are located at in the area?

If it helps any, I'll be living around the Charles Village area.


Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

Hahaha. No need to apologize, coz I'm kind of groaning as well about the lack of diverse food stuffs that I won't have easy access to like I do out here in California. Maybe I'll buy a tortilla press while I'm still out here...

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

When I was telling my friend last night about how I need to eat -the best- Vietnamese food, she asked if I have gone to Brodards. When I replied "no," she gave me this shocked look and described in detail the way they make shrimp paste for their spring rolls.

So, I'm definitely sold on Brodards.

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

Man, I totally forgot about Thai Nakorn! My family and I used to go all the time when they used to be in Buena Park. I should go there as a family outing before I leave SoCal.

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

I don't think my stomach can take a full frontal assault of eating! I gotta pace myself otherwise I'd throw in the towel.

Now if it were my last meals before I die....

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

I'm moving out to Baltimore, so I'm not sure what the Japanese demographic is out there. However, there's a big influx of Koreans so there could be some Japanese stuff out there because of them. Otherwise, I won't be disappointed with Korean cuisine (I hope!).

I also can't eat 17 tacos :) But I'll look into El Taurino! Do they also have fish tacos there?

Last Meals to eat in the LA/OC area!

Hey all, I'm currently in Orange County but am moving out to the east coast next month. Since I won't be returning to the area for a while, I figure I'd fill my belly with happy memories of LA/OC eats :) Between trying to figure out the logistics of doing a cross country move and working, I haven't had time to figure out a planned eating schedule before the big move. So I'm asking the board for some recommendations on -the best- meals I can eat while I'm still here in the LA/OC area.

I have narrowed down my choices to three culinary cuisines: Mexican/Latin American, Japanese, and Vietnamese. I'm willing to spend about $20 max on a meal for myself. Nice sit down restos that I can share culinary memories with friends and family is a plus. I'm also open to vegetarian/vegan options as well.