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Looking for a farm to table style restaurant for my 30th birthday?

I just moved to Boston from New York area. Next tuesday is my 30th birthday and I was looking for a nice place my boyfriend and I could go. When we lived in NY we always went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for special events.

Now I am looking for something similar in Boston or vicinity? Maybe not as pricey as Blue Hill...
A place that has inventive food and cherishes the whole farm to table trend. Any ideas or suggestions?



Dec 02, 2008
katye in Greater Boston Area

Any other delivery service besides FreshDirect?

Does anyone know of any other deliver service in Manhattan besides FreshDirect? I want to get high end groceries and appetizers sent to my home. Wondered if there was anyone else besides Fresh Direct? Any ideas?

Feb 20, 2007
katye in Manhattan

Birthday Dinner for me in Rye/Greenwich/Norwalk/Westport?

i've been to Barcelona multiple times and personally I don't understand all the hype. The food was ok and the service was bad. Overpriced tapas is so 5 years ago.

Birthday Dinner for me in Rye/Greenwich/Norwalk/Westport?

So my birthday falls in the worst time of year. Nobody can ever come to my party b/c they have already booked something for the Holiday season 2 months ago.Last year my birthday dinner was at a Diner b/c I didn't take matters into my own hands. Please help.

Anyway... looking for a great place for me and a couple close friends for Saturday night. Want something amazing but fun. Friends are treating me so I don't want to knock off there socks with crazy prices... was thinking Blue Hill till I found out how expensive it was.

Any ideas? I love any type of food and my friends are a mix of slighlty uptight manhattanites and just regular foodies.