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Off-strip Dining

We enjoy Vintner Grill.

And oh dear, how shall I ever go on living knowing that uhockey thinks me not "respectable". Glad that at least Hearthstone met the approval of the Annointed One.

Mar 16, 2015
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Off-strip Dining

Wow, great list, uhockey.

I'd add Vintner Grill, and 2 new(ish) restaurants at Red Rock (Mercadito and Hearthstone).

Mar 15, 2015
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Late night gastropub rec in midtown?

Ate at The Breslin twice in a row, due to your recommendation. So hard to beat when it's so close and open late. Great spot, thanks!

Mar 03, 2015
flightsurg in Manhattan

Late night gastropub rec in midtown?

Oops, at 36th and 6th avenue. Will edit OP. Sorry. Don Antonio looks great, we were hoping to walk. Don Antonio looks great, closer to 8th ave , lol.

Feb 13, 2015
flightsurg in Manhattan

Late night gastropub rec in midtown?

Staying at Hyatt, W 36the and 6th ave. Just arriving from airport. Recommend a casual gastro pub spot for food, drink and conviviality? Thanks in advance.

Feb 13, 2015
flightsurg in Manhattan

Eating near Moscone Center - 2013 [San Francisco]

Concur with Bluestem (bluestembrasserie.com), fantastic food, great drinks. The Duck Confit salad had TONS of duck and the duck fat potatoes were to die for! Ask for Reid at the bar, dude knows how to make a cocktail. Chicago experience really comes through.

Great spot near Moscone. Here for a conference, area has always been dead for good food until now.

Thanks to the OP for updating the thread.

Chowhound Friendly Food Tours

Coming to San Francisco at the end of October, was looking at some of these tours as well (Foodie Adventures, Avital, Local Tastes of the City, Edible Excursions, etc). Tried to search the topic, but didn't find anything recent and this thread seems a bit old...

So at the risk of resurrecting a zombie thread from the dead, anyone have any input on these?

Thanks in advance.

What is the most exciting restaurant you've eaten at in the SFBA recently?

I was a bit underwhelmed by Rich Table compared to all that SF has to offer. Not that it was bad, just not to my "wowness". Nothing memorable, but all good nonetheless. I'd rather go to State Bird 3 times in a row before going to Rich Table again. Just my 2 cents.

Lunch near Golden Gate Park / Cal Academy of Sciences

Definitely go to The Moss Room in the California Academy. It's a little tough to find unless you know to ask for it, but well worth it, especially since you will get to relax and pause just long enough from your CAS visit without losing much time.


Cancelled flight! Dinner (casual) near Westin (cab) downtown 17th/Market

You guys rock, a million thanks! An hour after my post, and we're sitting in Village Whiskey! We chose it due to the menu, but also very close and they have a late night menu, serving some items after 11! Ordering whiskey king burger (cipollini onions, Bleu cheese, bacon, foie), Pimm's cup and duck fat fries! My buddy got a burger and Negroni. Sharing house pickled cauliflower and beets. They "flash pickle" them for 48 hours.

Nice spot, will report on the food. Good crowd, busy for a Wednesday at 11 pm!

Jun 11, 2014
flightsurg in Philadelphia

Cancelled flight! Dinner (casual) near Westin (cab) downtown 17th/Market

Ok, we just got cancelled on layover to Columbus (Go Bucks! I mean Nitanny Lions!), shacking up at Westin on 17th and Market for the night, we have the clothes on our back. Jeans and shorts. Any recs? I imagine our casual attire will dictate wherewe can go, but anything recommended is appreciated. If we can be beggars AND choosers, we'd like slow food/green or Publican type food, small plates. Last resort would be reliable pizza.

Jun 11, 2014
flightsurg in Philadelphia

Indy Downtown - Convention Center - Best Resto semi near

I just got back from Gen Con and had 2 great evenings at Libertine and a wonderful dinner at Bluebeard as well. Also had lunch at a spot... Patasomething Cafe, there's one at the airport as well... Anyhow, right around the corner from the convention center and very quick. Fit very well in my 1 hour lunch.

Libertine was a nice handcrafted cocktail spot with good, basic food. Had the Pimm's Cup and Chartreuse drink. Also sampled the Mortadella sandwich, came with fried egg on it. Think upscale fried bologna sandwich. Later, tried the cauliflower ("grilled", but swimming in oil), broccoli (less, so, but still very oily) and chickpea fritters (yes, more grease). Friend had the simple but tasty deviled egg assortment and the bacon sampler (only in America...) Overall, a good spot, convenient and serves food late. Also, close to downtown without having "Last Resort" "di Beppo" "Hard Rock" or a thinly veiled breast reference in the name (Tacky, yes. Unrefined, yes. Braggable? Hardly.)

The best was Bluebeard, very well deserving of the James Beard recognition. 90 minute wait quoted (no reservations accepted), but we sat at the bar after loitering for about 10 minutes near those eating dessert. Great gin drinks while we waited. We had a 3 cheese plate (manchego, a raw goat cheese, and, um... great gin drinks, lol. Sorry. [edit: we had tomme and bloomy]), and the greatest choucouterie plate ever, with several types of sausage, boudin blanc, some fingerling potatoes and overall deliciousness. We grabbed the next to last one and the staff were hoping the other would make it through the night so they could have it. 5 minutes after ours arrived, the guys next to us ordered the last one. Also, we had the uni spoon (great, fresh uni but was overpowered by the large amount of soy sauce dumped on it, plus too much wasabi served with it. Also had the brussell sprouts and octopus (both delicious).

Great service and would go back in a heartbeat. $8 cab ride each way, but well worth it.

Great map, although far from complete, of the the downtown restaurants:

Aug 20, 2013
flightsurg in Great Lakes

West loop reception. BellyQ?

Hi all,

Any feedback on BellyQ? We're looking for a restaurant to hold our welcome reception for our wedding, the night before... Not necessarily a sit down dinner, but a cool space and atmosphere to welcome our out of town guests. We're hoping to be ahead of the wave for an up and coming spot like Girl and the Goat or Publican without the cost.

Thanks in advance.

Jul 27, 2013
flightsurg in Chicago Area

Recs for Natick and Boston, please?

Much appreciation to all for the input. Alas, no car planned for the trip, may have to make the best...

Will definitely give my 2 cents after the trip, looking forward to it.

Recs for Natick and Boston, please?

Got it, thanks. Much appreciation, you are a one person travel/dining agency!

Recs for Natick and Boston, please?

Great, Oleana looks awesome, was actually wondering about The Helmand and Dali as 2 others... Tapas is a fave of mine as well. The links to other threads are much appreciated as well. I think Gastropub would be a desired destination as well, will search that term as well, if anyone has specific gastropub recs near where I'll be, I'd love to hear...

Appreciate the Natick info, that was one of the few posts to come up when I searched "Natick"....

134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

Recs for Natick and Boston, please?

Hey CH'ers,

I'll be heading to the Boston area in late September and early October, would like to pick brains to get some recommendations. Will be there Sep 29 (Thursday) through Oct 4 (Wednesday). I'll be alone with no other real tour itinerary except food and studying for an exam.

I'm coming from Las Vegas and will be in Natick for a conference for 3 days, then staying near the Public Gardens on Arlington for 2 nights. I won't have a car, but am willing to take a cab or public transportation for a reasonable distance.

I'm a fan of green/sustainable, local food restaurants. I'd like to do a food "experience" or 2, but would also like great, local fare regardless of atmosphere or setting. Just good food. I've seen quite a few posts and comments involving Craigie on Main, ICOB, O Ya, and Gallows and would like to try each of them, pending additional input. While money isn't limitiless, I'm willing to do a $300 tasting menu if worth it.

I'm most interested in French and American regional cuisines, would like to avoid steak houses (we have tons in Vegas), Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Italian, either because it's readily available in Vegas or I'm just not a fan.... I'm a particular fan of molecular gastronomy (please don't let this become a thread debating the merits of MG)... We have seafood flown in to Las Vegas, amazingly fresh for how far it needs to be transported, but would like to take advantage of Boston's proximity to the water. I guess this could be a request for a quintessential Boston clam bake. We used to live in Virginia Beach, and I really miss the seafood and the farmer's markets.

Thanks for your help!

O Ya
9 East Street, Boston, MA 02111

Craigie on Main
853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

recession deals in las vegas

Restaurant week (which is really 2 weeks) coming up the last week of August and first of September. Can't get the link to work since I'm on my phone, but a Google search for key words will give all the details.

Benefits our local food bank, Three Square.

Meals are either $20.11, $30.11, or 50.11. Most dinners at the high end, but found at least one w 5 courses for that. Some with wine pairings for $20 more. Some have choices of 3 or even 4 dishes for each course.

I'be heard of people (yeah, a FRIEND) who do an early seating and a late seating the same night at 2 different restaurants. It works just great (so I hear)....

Aug 09, 2011
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Bartolotta or Guy Savoy? Please Help!!!

If I recall correctly, she did say it was a few months ago. She said she has had inquiries about buying all 8 seats for only 2 diners (wedding proposal, etc) but that they always balked at the cost....

Aug 09, 2011
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Bartolotta or Guy Savoy? Please Help!!!

Have only eaten at Guy Savoy once, completely disappointing. Totally forgettable. Nothing was "bad" per se, but absolutely nothing stood out. We were there mid week for my birthday almost a year ago exactly. Slow service, clumsy serving, not what I was expecting. My girlfriend, who is much more forgiving, felt the food was actually bad. Distinctly not worth the money.

Similarly, Robuchon's Mansion is also not worth the money. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice dinner, with some memorable dishes (hell, the bread, cheese and dessert carts are each an experience in and of themselves). But it isn't worth the roughly $350 they charge. My recommendation is L'Atelier instead. Not the same caliber, but a third the price for 5/6 the food. Unless you HAVE to go to the Mansion to fulfill your quest, do L'A instead.

E is the opposite; they could virtually double the price and I'd consider it a bargain. E was this year's birthday dinner, a great experience. It is reviewed separately in CH and the reviews are spot on. Not everything works perfectly (as far as the food), but overall, a great meal with some cool surprises. Service is stellar, and the opportunity to interact with the masters preparing the courses is an opportunity not to be missed. We talked ingredients, techniques, industry business, funny stories, the works. It's not at all stuffy, the staff is even wearing jeans. Can't recommend it enough. We were so lucky that on our seating (5:30), the other 6 guests cancelled, leaving only the 2 of us for a superb experience. Stephanie (manager) said that has happened only once before.

No experience with Bartolotta, can't help there.

Hope that helps a bit!

Aug 07, 2011
flightsurg in Las Vegas

In Chicago, have reservations for 2, but dining alone

Hi all,

I'm a Vegas newbie, loving exploring the myriad of choices there since moving from Virginia Beach (although the farmer's markets obviously were a loss)...

In Chicago for a surgical conference, but got a wonderful phone call yesterday from Alinea offering me a slot to dine on Saturday (Saturday!!) night... (8:00)

I made reservations for 2, since I'll take up a 2 top table either way, figured I'd open the offer to any other Hounds who would be interested, local or otherwise.

It'd be nice to make a connection here in Chicago and would be happy to give feedback/recommendations for Vegas as well.

Moto Friday night at 8:00 as well, reservation for 2.

Thursday at Blackbird and going to try to get into Purple Pig tonight or maybe a place I found a few years ago, Belgian beer specialists with a long copper bar, had an awesome shrimp sausage that was so light and airy, delectable! Anyone know the name?

Will post reviews after dining. (probably during conference, lol...)


1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

Moto Restaurant
945 W Fulton, Chicago, IL 60607

Jun 16, 2010
flightsurg in Chicago Area

Places off the strip in Las Vegas

Hash House a Go Go for brunch/breakfast. Sinful.

Also Rachel's Kitchen in Summerlin, off 215.

Vintner's Grill, Rosemary's, Marche Bacchus for dinners.

Postrio in Venetian (?) for lunch. Worth being on strip.

Vintner Grill
10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135

Marche Bacchus
2620 Regatta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Postrio Restaurant
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hash House A Go Go
6800 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Rachels Kitchen
3645 S Town Center Dr Ste 102, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Las Vegas on the Strip - Bachelorette Weekend

Ba Ba Reeba a great idea, as is Sunday brunch at Verandah at Four Seasons.

Dinner at a nice place is tough for $20-30...

I'd play up the fact that you're bringing 8-10 chicas to go out clubbing. In other words, pick which club you are going to, make a table reservation there or at least call and talk to someone there, then link the dinner res'n to the fact that you'll bring the guys in at the club. Emailing a group photo can't hurt, either, it makes it personal and (no offense, but it's true) lets the host know "who" will be in the club. Comp'ing food is nothing if you girls will be drawing 20-30 guys into the club, eager to buy you drinks and spend $400 on a bottle (or five!) of vodka.

You can also try the casino host, who may be able to direct you to someone willing to help. Of course, start with the place where you are staying...

Good luck, you should be able to have a great weekend here as long as you plan a little.

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Las Vegas big birthday dinner

Tasting: Mansion at Robuchon, very pricey; Restaurant Charlie; L'Atelier by Robuchon at MGM; Mina's at Bellagio; Alize at Palms

Wine: Off strip in Summerlin: Marche Bacchus or Vintner Grill. VG usually has either Andre Agassi, our Governor or our Mayor dining there any night of the week.

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Steakhouses

#1: Charlie Palmer in Four Seasons (attached to Mandalay, but use Four Seasons entrance. Also a good bet for catching a cab if the Mandalay cab line is really long)

#2: Craftsteak in MGM

#3: N9NE in Palms, but may be a bit "hip" for Dad...

Avoid StripSteak in Mandalay, not up to Mina's usually high standard.

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

VEGAS! Bachelor party dinner

QAW beat me by a day! Had the identical post all tee'd up in my head.

N9NE steakhouse is for you! They should be able to comp you into the clubs, especially (as said by QAW) if you point out that Simon would do it. (Above all, avoid Simon. Only reason to go there is to overlook the pool, which wouldn't do this time of year). Your group is the kind of group they want: Many guys who are willing to spend money. They know that while you are there, you'll spend the cash. Only thing that would be better is if you were 13 girls who would pull in around 50 guys (all willing to spend money). When you call, push your luck and ask for some sort of VIP service and then be willing to "back down" if needed and "settle" for just comp'd, NO WAIT entry to the clubs. Again, emphasize the fact that you are
looking for a great time (="we're here to spend") and you should have no problem.

Ask for Helen (hostess Manager) or JD at the bar, always has an unbelievable story. Odds of a celebrity encounter: High, esp sports figures. Odds of many, many attractive women at dinner and at the clubs: Very high.

For what it's worth, I think Rain has the best club around, amazing space and sound, great women in tiny dresses. Moon has a great view, but as cold as it is, will be lame for the purposes of partying it up. Should go for the view, though; just expect a TON of tourists of all ages.

My 2 cents.

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Need Vegas Thai, Viet and Good Mexican

Thai: Lotus of Siam, no question
Asian: Pho Kim Long (try saying it out loud), in Chinatown
Mexican: Sorry, not my cup of tequila


Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Dinner Recommendations for frequent Vegas Visitor

By the way, if you've been to Rosemary's, you may be willing to venture out to where the worker bees live instead of the middle of the "hive" (the strip just reminds me of a buzzing beehive...)

Vintner Grill and Marche Bacchus in Summerlin are fantastic.

And if you can possibly manage, Hash House a Go Go is one of the best places in the country for breakfast/brunch. Off the strip, but almost worth a cab ride!

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Dinner Recommendations for frequent Vegas Visitor

Just had dinner at Rest Charlie with 2 other folks for the first time, loved it.

We all had the degustation (3 hours), including a vegetarian in our mix. The vegetarian dishes that came out were amazing, prompting the 2 of us who were carnivores to covet the veggie dishes. Best vegetarian high end dining we've found here.

Had dinner with the same 2 people at Mansion Robuchon a month ago or so, we all remarked that if we had been blindfolded, we'd pick the Rest Charlie dinner. The experience of the degustation at Mansion was phenominal, the bread, cheese and dessert carts alone were to die for, but the food was just a bit better at Rest Charlie.

Baloud's place in Wynn was great, but I personally have refused to go back after Mr Wynn's political comments, it may be my loss and has strained my principles each time I recall the dinner! I'm sure I'll actually cave as my political loftiness gives way to my culinary urges.

NINE steakhouse is good at Palms, as is Alize. I'd skip the restaurant at the new Palms building, forget the name. Looks great online, esp with the "green wall" of herbs, but it just fell flat.

Have never been to Alex, it may have to be the next stop...

Glad Vegas is soon getting its own discussion board on here...

Jan 23, 2010
flightsurg in Las Vegas

Good, reasonable dinners in Reno? Also, area farmers markets?

I echo the thanks and my apologies to Steve G for the misplaced post and hijacking of his post (or should I say attempted hijack, since I was saved from committing the full monty!)

I look forward to reading the Vegas posts on Southwest...

Aug 04, 2009
flightsurg in California