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What's your take on Thai Basil rest. in Richmond Hill?

Food is Great! Have been to Thailand, and the food at Thai Basil is pretty authentic. Enjoy!

ISO AYCE establishment serving cooked chicken hearts..

You can find them grilled on a skewer at Ichimoto Japanese restaurant, at 360 Highway 7, unit 15-16, near Bayview, in Richmond Hill. I have not had them, but my friend LOVES them.

Great AYCE too.


360 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B1, CA

buy veggie burgers?

+1! Very good veggie burgers. Got some last month for a BBQ, and now I prefer them. And I'm not even veggie!

Sobeys around Thornhll

The kosher market on Clark @ Hilda is your best bet for kosher goods. The other one at Carvalle & Bathurst is a regular store. No special "kosher" goods counters (bakery, prepared foods etc).

Do people seriously like Mandarin?

We're going there for Mother's Day lunch, on Saturday.
It's not the best, but as others have said, with a large group, varied ages etc. it's not a bad option. Lots of choices for the kids, and they can eat ASAP, no waiting. My Mom, can be as choosy as she likes. My family is a mix of different heritages (Scottish, Chinese & Guyanese). There is something for everyone.
For Westernize Chinese fare, it's pretty passable...and this is coming from someone who is of Chinese heritage.

Help!! I'm looking for good fish and chips in Whitby!

Stanley's in Brooklin is excellent. The haddock is fresh, and nice and thick. The batter was lite and crisp, not greasy at all. Fries are fresh cut. YUMMO!

Banh Mi in the 905?

I don't recall the name, but there is a Viet supermarket at Vaughn Mills. Attached is at Banh Mi store that makes them fresh. There is also pork and chicken besides the regular assorted meat. All are very good. There is a line up most days.

Very fresh, cheap and yummy. I think it is the same as one of the Spadina outlets, but don't quote me!

Enjoy. I might go tonight and get some for dinner...

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Closed eh? It's been a long while since we were up that way.

Thanks for the update!

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Thanks...might check it out.

Do they have fresh cut fries?

Reco for Fish&Chips in Richmond Hill/Vaughn/Markham?

Have a real craving, but have not found anywhere close by as a go to. New(Old) Galley is closed, and while Bob's Fish n' Chips is's scary dirty in there... Tried Allencourt Restaurant last weekend...HUGE dissappointment. Fish was bad, fries were bad...

I'm looking for a sit-down place...nothing fancy. The restaurant doesn't even have to be strictly Fish n' Chips only...

Thanks in advance!

Help! Repatriated Torontonian baffled by the Chinese food!

If you are looking for a really good egg roll, the frozen no name president's choice, egg roll with beef if actually very good!

I grew up in a Cdn Chinese restaurant. My family made thousands of these treats, so I know egg rolls! I make these at home and they are very tasty. If you've got a real hankering, these will do.

BTW, I do think you will need to go to small towns to find your fix. Hit up Port Perry, Lindsay etc...

Crispy Noodles Where to Find?

I have also seen them, in the styrofoam trays, in the kosher section of No Frills and Loblaws. Try it there. Good luck!

Where can I buy those little chinese plastic spoons?

I'm having a cocktail party on Saturday, and want to serve some bites on those little plastic disposable chinese style spoons. Checked out my local chinese grocery, but they don't carry any.

Anyone know where?

best store bought chicken stock?


This is the branch I use. The stock is excellent. Makes great soups. Just adjust the seasoning to your liking, and you get to keep the sodium content low!

El Barrio?

Going there for a b-day party...should be eat before we go?

Boujadi - Anyone been recently?

Going to this Morrocan place (Eglinton / Allen Rd) area for dinner tonight with friends. Is this place good? Any recommendations? Any info would be great!


Tim Hortons - breakfast sandwiches

Ewwwww! The Timmie's sausage thingy is gross! No taste, weird texture (rubbery egg, no taste sausage and crubbly biscuit), no thanks. After my 1st try, ran back to McDonald's sausage McMuffin (with egg)!!! By a wide margin, the McMuffin tastes better & doesn't fall apart...and this goes for any of the McMuffin products!

Mar 15, 2007
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