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Food trucks in SD...where are they?

Is there a weekly food truck gathering in sd? Here in Miami the trucks all park in a city park on Tuesday nights, and at a park by the beach on Sunday.

Jul 23, 2011
malibujessi in San Diego

Afternoon tea service Palm Beach to SoBe (or) somewhere to buy scones and clotted cream

Which is the best British Shop in South Florida?
British Depot - Fort Lauderdale
British Marketplace - Davie
Pondhoppers - Fort Lauderdale

Afternoon tea service Palm Beach to SoBe (or) somewhere to buy scones and clotted cream

lol. I googled before I posted and found that website, unforch most of the places listed are out of business.

This one is updated

Afternoon tea service Palm Beach to SoBe (or) somewhere to buy scones and clotted cream

I was thinking for the royal wedding I would like to have a tea party, so I would like to order it to go. My first thought was the Ritz Carlton, but they have disontinued their tea service.

Is there anywhere between Palm Beach and SoBe that I can get tea pastries and sandwiches?


French Macaroons

I know this is post is old.... but a new macaroon place opened in Bal Harbour Shops, on the second floor by Santa Fe and Sego Fredo.

You can also order them through Marky's Caviar.

Need to hire a French chef or a pastry Chef

I need to hire a French chef or a pastry chef for an event.
Does anyone have a stray one lyring around I can borrow?

Where to eat at 3 or 4 am?

....You shouldn't be staying out so late anyway.

Tell me about it. I'm getting too old for this shit.

Where to eat at 3 or 4 am?

After we go out and it's 3 or 4 in the morning, where can we go to eat? We always end up at Los Perros, IHOP, Dennys, Steves Pizza or Steak n Shake.
Do we have any other options?

Los Perros
13313 SW 42nd St, Miami, FL 33175

Crepe Maker / Private Chef

I only need someone from 10am-12noon, for a work meeting, and most places have a 4 hour minimum, or a 100 crepe minimum.

Crepe Maker / Private Chef

As I said, I called all of the obvious crepe places in Miami.
I am looking for someone off the grid, not a chain; like a pastry chef, a freelancer or a hobby person.

Crepe Maker / Private Chef

I need a crepe maker, like from a street fair; or a private chef to make crepes at a work event. I called all the crepe places in Miami, any other suggestions?

Crepe Maker-Cafe
8269 SW 124th St, Miami, FL 33156

Santa Monica 3rd St. Promenade

Need picks and pans for Santa Monica 3rd St. please! Staying at the Georgian, with no car - so it must be walkable. Not into Italian!

I'm a big Top Chef fan, does Stefan have a restaurant, or is it just catering? Cj is at the Yard and their menu looks good.

I need a breakfast palce as well. I see there's a few crepe places, which is best?

Which bakery/cupcakes are the best?

Which Pinkberry/ice cream/ fro yo place is the best?

Thanks very much!

Nov 13, 2009
malibujessi in Los Angeles Area

Moving to Birmingham, AL and need lots of advice (long)

I have a question, I have a job offer in b'ham; and no idea where to live. I am looking for a trendy/hip/modern/indie area since I am 26 and single; like little 5 points in Atlanta, Lakewood in Cleveland, Wicker Park/Bucktown in Chicago, or Hillcrest/Pac Beach in San Diego.

I'm looking for cool shops, vintage stores, non chain restaurants and non chain shopping.

What areas of B'ham are cool?

Aug 13, 2009
malibujessi in Central South

Need Brunch in FTL->MIA

I have guests staying in Hollywood, and I need to take them to Brunch. Who has the best brunch between FTL and MIA?

KC review; Le Fou Frog, Chefburger, Aixois, Babycakes, Andres, Halls Candy Counter

ChefBurger = D. Cheeseburger and patty melt. Burgers were almost too salty to eat, and the burger and bun tasted like the grill hadn't been cleaned in years. The garlic parsley fries and sweet potato fries were ok, not as good as others I've had. Got a grasshopper shake, barely had any liquor. Not very busy for a Friday night.

Cafe at The Nelson - Watkins Museum, is not open on weekends! We were fooled. The restaurant is open, but had a sad looking buffet.

Aixios - Lunch. Escargot, which were alright = B. Tilapia = D which was not as good as Costco's heat and eat, and chicken crepes; which were tasty, two small crepes - could be a larger portion = B. Pea Soup = D not as good as a canned version. Stick to the filled crepes.

Andre's = A For chocolates, gorgeous deserts. Didn't eat in the cafeteria, they had lasagna.

Halls Dept Store Candy Counter = A. You can get Andres and Christopher Elbows by the piece as well as some gorgeous no name petit fours for 2.50 a piece.

Babycakes = D Big let down. Had red velvet, lemon, orange and chocolate. Not flavorful or at all, you couldn't tell it was lemon, or orange. Red velvet and chocolate are staples which can't be jacked up I don't think.

Le Fou Frog = A to the 10th power. Amuse Bouche -it was pate of a bird, either quail or duck, (I don't remember which) a crouton, a dab of dijionaise and a green vegetable of some sort. Had frog legs for an appetizer, gorgeous presentation in a Phylo bread basket. enough for 2 to share, tasted like chicken. Lobster tails in champagne vanilla sauce; A+ which I will order again and again, so amazing! And the kangaroo loin which was fatty and led to an upset tummy, a little too exotic. For desert we had the floating cloud/island - which I do not recommend; it was some sort of stiff egg white peaks, not very flavorful. They end with truffles, which were better than the desert we ordered!

Best French KCMO

Will Be in KCMO this weekend, which of these should I not miss? We are going to first Friday - so we will proably do Le Fou Frog - where else should we go?

Aixois, Tatsu, cafe de amis, cafe provence, cassis

KC First Night - where to eat

We will have a car, and are somewhat familiar with the area, but we want to stay where the galleries are. I know Michael Smith is nearby.

KC First Night - where to eat

I am going to be in town for KC first Night in Dec, what are my eating options?

KC Blue Stern Prix Fixe menu? Per person?

I haven't seen this before. It would appear the 5 or 7 course is enough for 2? yes? no?

three courses with dessert for sixty dollars
one from left menu, one from right, one dessert

five courses with dessert for seventy dollars
two from left menu, two from right, one dessert

Seven course with desert $80
4 from the left, 2 from the right one dessert

12 courses with desserts for $100

Where can I rekindle love in KCMO? Romantic/Private ex:Melting Pot

Where is there some romanticalness in KCMO? I'm thinking melting pot style, secluded booths, quiet, dark.

I'm planning on eating at le fou frog, just based on the menu, but what are my other options?

Vegas dinner entree $15-30

Where in Vegas would you go for dinner where the entree's are $15-30? No Italian or Asian please!

Jun 01, 2008
malibujessi in Southwest

Crab Shack Palm Beach/Miami

I'm looking for a crab shack/someplace with awesome crab, somewhere between Palm Beach and Miami.

Jan 05, 2008
malibujessi in Florida

Chicago under $25 PP

What are some places that are under $25 per person and tasty?


Jun 11, 2007
malibujessi in Chicago Area

Mini foods sand/dessert Rest.

On the food network the other night they had a special with Rachael Ray, where she showed great lunches for under $10.

There was a place in Chicago; that had mini sandwiches and desserts, and I cannot find the name of it.

Jun 07, 2007
malibujessi in Chicago Area

Nashville/Old Hickory recc's

Need a place in Nashville/Old Hickory for a baby shower. Would like to keep it at $10 per person if possible. Never been there, have no idea where to start.

A girl in Cleveland.

Susur tasting menu

About how much per person does the susur tasting menu run?

Theatre District Dinner

Dinner for 2, we want the most delish food the city has to offer.

Theatre District Dinner

We are seeing Phantom at 8 on a Tuesday, Is it better to eat at 6 or 10:30?

Where should we eat at?

Toronto Honeymoon

Why hello.

I haven't been to Toronto since I was 10, we are looking to go in May; Mon-Thurs.

What are the hip/modern hotels?
Where to get our grub on? Lunch/Dinner?

A girl from Cleveland. Ohio.

NOLA What to see/do?

Some French Quarter food recc's would be good as well.

We are def. going to Galatories based on the reccs here.

Apr 18, 2007
malibujessi in New Orleans