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Best hidden secrets in New Hampshire? Thin Crust Pizza, Burgers, Wings?

I'm not a pizza expert, but had a craving (specifically for spinach or white pizza) and my search found this thread. I'm in Nashua, so am leaning toward Gianni's or Nashua House for spinach. I don't know of any local places with white pizza.

Fwiw, I also found some good info at this blog: You can also follow them on twitter and facebook.

However, it did occur to me that no one has mentioned Flatbread Company. I've been to the one in North Conway and liked it a lot. While they do have several locations (ie, not Mom and Pop), they do seem committed to fresh, local and organic. The pizzas are wood-fired "designer" pizzas and the beers are great. Nice atmosphere. While I haven't tried it, I've heard about a "sweet potato" pizza that is occasionally run as a special that customers rush in for when available.

While I do go down to Cambridge and Somerville often for dining and music, Portsmouth is still my go-to place in NH. It's easier to park and I like walking around town. I like a place where I can walk to one place for drinks, another for dinner and a third for music. You can find some info here:

Flatbread Company
138 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

New Restaurant in Concord NH: Sunny Table

I'm going to Red River Theater (never been, but have wanted to for a while) and was looking for a somewhat quick/casual place within walking distance. This looks interesting, but was also considering Angelina's, Hermano's or Constantly Pizza (if not too casual).

According to the websites, both Sunny Table and Angelina's are at 11 Depot St. Did Sunny's Table replace Angelina's?


The Hippo article is online at

Manchester NH--need help from CH comprades i.e. lexpatti, gryphonskeeper, tunamelt, lurkers, etc

I FINALLY was able to find the fish truck @ Sandy's on the Massabesic traffic circle. Thanks for the tips.

I got steamers and fresh salmon on Fri, both were excellent. I stopped by again on Sat, since I was up there for The Glendi (greek festival). They were packing up around 3 and were out of steamers, so I got littlenecks instead.

If I remember correctly, the hours are typically 11-5 on Fri and 9-3 on Sat.

I found some more info for "New England Harvested Seafood, Inc." on Yelp:

Chowhounds ~ where is you best apple picking!

I went there years ago and liked it. It can get crazy on the weekends. They have a harvest festival which can be fun, although far from quiet and idyllic.

In MA, I like Carlson Orchards in Harvard.

For more places, there's a good list at and

Best fish tacos?

There was a story in the 09-09-09 Bsoton Globe about the best fish tacos in Boston. The link to the story is They all look/sound good! Their top picks were La Verdad and Dorado Tacos & Cemitas.

A friend from SoCal introduced me to these a few years ago. They can be anything from cheap "street food" to fine dining and they can vary widely in the preparation/style. But that's one of the things that makes it interesting...

My favorites north of Boston, so far, were at the now defunct 931 Ocean in Hampton, but I also liked the ones at Surf in Nashua.

What are some others worth trying in New England?

Cape Ann - lobster rolls

I don't know if they have lobster rolls, but the place I want to try is Roy Moore Lobster Company on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA. I'd go more for the steamers or lobster in the rough. It's not fancy, outdoor tables, etc. Their claim to fame, I think, is that they use sea water, which gets more flavorful during the day.

Hampton Seafood Festival -- Sep 11-13, 2009

I'm planning to go again this year, probably Fri night.

Here's some info from

Fri - 4PM - 9 PM
Sat - 10 AM - 9 PM
Sun - 10 AM - 6 PM

I would suggest looking at the menus and planning ahead, since you can easily fill up at 3-4 places.

The food court menus can be found at http://www.hamptonbeachseafoodfestiva...

I'll probably get some fried clams, lobster, chowder or fish tacos. The grilled swordfish skewer from the North Hampton Fire Dept looks like the best deal. I tried it last year and it was good.

Best fried clams in New England

I think they are open in the off-season, but they appeared to be closed on Sep 8 (day after Labor Day). It was probably the first time I've driven by and not seen a line. A little eery...

I'm hoping to get back to Brown's this fall for some fried clams myself. I like off-season best, because if you pick the right day, it still feels like summer.

Fwiw, I have a copy of "New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks" (available at amazon) and eventually would like to make it to most in the book.

BYOB wine in southern NH?

I am looking for a place to host a wine enthusiast dinner. I would prefer the Nashua or Manchester areas, but am open to other places that might be interesting.

Though it's not a dining place, Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, NH ( is a nice music venue that allows BYOB wine/beer (for a $3 fee/person).

Taste of Downtown Manchester, NH - Wed, Sep 9, 5-8PM

Any NH chowhounds going?

I've never been to the Manchester event, but did make it to the Nashua one this year and thought it was pretty good. I reserved tix for the Taste of Downtown Manchester today by calling 603-645-6285. You'll need to go to Intown Manchester (889 Elm St) today in order to get the $20 deal (cash or check). The prce is $25 on Wed.

2009 Taste of Downtown Manchester Participants

26th on Hanover
900 Degrees
900 Elm Street Lobby
1000 Elm Street
Ben & Jerry's
Bridge Café on Elm
Citizens Bank
Commercial Street Fishery
Copy Express
Dumbass Gifts
Edible Arrangements
Elizabeth's on Elm
Framer's Market
Franco American Centre
George's Apparel
Harris Trophy
Ignite Bar & Grille
JD's Tavern
J. Dubs Coffee
Liz's Bakery
Mint Bistro
Murphy's Taproom
Nadeaus Subs, Salads & Wraps
Palace Theatre
Pearson's Jewelers
Piccola Italia
Red Arrow Diner
Richard's Bistro
Shop Estella
Ted Herbert's Music Mart
The Chair Gallery
The New England Sampler
The Patio
The Wild Rover
The UPS Store
Van Otis Chocolates
Victorian Jeweler's
With Heart and Hand Unique Gifts
Z Food and Drink

For more information call Samantha Appleton at 603.645.6285 or visit and click the Taste logo.

La Carreta's in Nashua - Major Downhill Alert

I recently went there for lunch and I think it's back on the uphill again. The food was fresh and service great. I agree that it seemed to have gone downhill in the past, but I think it's worth another try.

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

Yeah, I saw a review of Sea Ketch on the Phantom Gourmet recently. It looked good and the views looked even better. I had walked by the place and wondered if it was worth trying. I will definitely check it out this summer, probably on a slower (Sunday) night, so I won't have to fight the crowds.

The Phantom review is

NH seacoast for Father's Day

While I normally don't like going out for Mother's Day, it's much less hectic on Father's Day. So, we'll sometimes take my dad out for a steak or comfort food. I think he does appreciate a good meal, but he's not adventurous, doesn't like seafood and it can't be too eclectic or fancy.

I'm looking for something with good steak, comfort food or maybe italian in the Hampton area or possibly up in Portsmouth (usually my preference). They're regulars at Ron Jillian's, so I like to show them places they wouldn't try on their own.

Last year I took both of my parents to Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport, which turned out to be great (specializing in steaks). We all had a great meal and walked around town before/after.

Any other suggestions?

Manchester, VT

I never found anything too outstanding for dinner in this area, but you and your little one might like the Little Rooster Cafe for breakfast. I loved Zoey's Deli for sandwiches, very cool. With all of the natural beauty in that area, get it to go and eat outside. There's a fantastic recreational park (swings, etc) not far from downtown; I'm sure you can ask at the hotel.

I did have a very nice dinner, outside in the courtyard at The Perfect Wife. If you're there on a nice night and like al fresco dining (as I do), you should check it out.

There's a Harrington of Vermont store there. You can pick up some of their famous ham or smoked meats to take home. The honey mustard is good, too.

If you have time, check out the Orvis flagship store. It's like LL Bean on steroids. They have a stocked fishing pond there, so your little one may like to see the rainbow trout close up.

Saffron Bistro-Nashua NH review

I went to the Taste for the first time this year and enjoyed it. I also liked the bread pudding, although I was hoping to sample one of their entrees. We also stopped in to Saffron Bistro for a drink toward the end of our stroll. It was nice enough, although maybe a little formal (and no draft beer).

Fwiw, there was a review of the taste in the "Live Free or Dine" blog: They were right about Black Orchid's risotto. I don't think it came out as they had hoped. I happen to like that place, so I'm sure it's much better if they can prepare it in their kitchen. I thought the selections from Michael Timothy's and Surf were good. We got in line before the doors opened, since we know it would be popular. The selections (including sushi) from the new Thousand Crane were generous and tasty. They even gave me a $5 gift certificate for later use.

GOOD waterside restaurants Hampton Beach NH area

I was looking for Hampton area recommendations for Father's Day (I think there's a topic here) and stumbled upon this one. I also like waterfront restaurants and "seafood shacks", especialliy in summer, although places that are open year-round get extra points. I have a book called "New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks" by Elizabeth Bougerol (check for it at amazon) and am trying eventually to hit them all.

Anyway, just a couple of comments on what's been said.
- Possibly the best "seafood shack(s)" in the area are Brown's and Markey's, best for fried stuff and casual atmosphere. Brown's offers BYOB, Markey's sells alcohol.
- Ron's Landing upstairs is good, as well as the Carriage House in Rye. Go for a walk on the beach before and/or after.
- 931 Ocean is no more. I liked the lobster mac & cheese and especially the fish tacos. I think some other place is going in there now.
- Is Saunder's open this year? For some reason, I thought it was going away. I was never impressed with the food, but the view is fantastic (maybe not so much at low tide). They used to have reggae bands on the deck on Sundays, which was pretty cool.

My personal favorite is The Old Ferry Landing in Portsmouth, overlooking the tugs. Go around sunset on a nice night and be prepared to wait. And if you're driving, go up route 1A all the way, it's a beautiful stretch of road. The secret(?) here is to order one of the blackboard specials. They're much more interesting than what's on the menu. You'll get real plates, too. It is a very "lively" area and maybe better for adults than kids (though I've gone with kids in the past), but that's generally what I prefer for a summer night out.

Manchester NH--need help from CH comprades i.e. lexpatti, gryphonskeeper, tunamelt, lurkers, etc

Can someone provide an approximate address for the fish truck? I'd like to plug it into my GPS, since I'm not really sure how to get there from here. Also, what are the hours?

I read about it last year in the Hippo, but couldn't find it (or got there too late) the only time I went looking.

simple, family-friendly restaurant in Nashua, NH

Though I have not been there in a while, the go-to kids place for me has always been La Caretta (mexican). The last time I went there for dinner was with family friends from CA. They had been there when they lived here and requested that we go back.

For pizza/pasta with kids, I'd go to Lui Lui, Pizzico (both by the mall) or Bertucci at exit 8.

Tacos Colima - Nashua, NH

I had no idea that this place was opening, but I was very excited to read about this in the Telegraph review. I love Mexican food and a new/good Mexican place near downtown is very good news indeed.

The Table for Two review is:

Here's some of the info from the article:

Tacos Colima
101 Factory St., Nashua.

CUISINE: Mexican.
Prices: $6-$16.50.
Hours: 7a.m.-10 p.m. daily, except Tuesdays.
Handicapped Accessible: No.
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.
Alcohol: Yes.

Here's some additional info on Yelp:

Anyone been?

I will also add that there is a nice (new?) mexican bakery and specialty store on West Pearl St. I stop by there when I'm downtown and pick up some sweets to take home. It's very reasonably priced and the cookies, turnovers, etc are good. I hope these places stay around for a while!

The info from google is:

La Mexicana Bakery
92 W Pearl St
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 886-9499‎

Infusions Bistro, Chelmsford, MA

Yes, I now see that on their website, although I checked there before posting my reply so it must have gone up recently.

The Lowell Sun's "Gourmet Gal" posted some additional info in her (highly recommended) blog:

Infusions Bistro, Chelmsford, MA

Any recent updates? I was planning to try Infusions after the New Year, but have heard a rumor that it may be closing.

In this tough economy, it's important to patronize the places that you want to survive!

portsmouth dining advice?

I've been to both Green Monkey and Brazos, on separate occasions. I like both. What I might do next time is drinks/apps at Brazos and dinner at Green Monkey -- or maybe vice-versa.

Although I'm heading up for a show this weekend and am looking for something more casual and quick. I was thinking about the decks, if it's nice. I go to the Ferry Landing at least once a summer (order from the specials, if you go). If the weather doesn't cooperate, I might try Agave (been to the one in NBPT) or go back to Jumpin' Jays or Radici.

Downtown Manchester NH vs. Downtown Nashua, NH

Yes, good topic. I happen to like restaurants in a downtown area, so you can walk to another place for drinks, dessert or entertainment afterward. I really would like to try Cafe Momo, for example, but it doesn't look like there's any life nearby.

I don't know that much about downtown Manchester, but am planning to rectify that soon. I do like Strange Brew for live blues and the best beer selection north of the border.

There's a good concentration of places downtown in Nashua, all within walking distance. I like MT's, Surf, Black Orchid. I haven't been to Villa Banca or Fody's in a while. I do like outdoor dining, but eating on the sidewalk of a busy street has never really appealed to me. I do miss Mezza (Lebanese) and Del Vaudo's (live music, drinks). It looks like a new Indian place is replacing Mezza.

Nashua - Brazilian place on Main St.??

I've never been to that Brazilian place, so I don't think I'll miss it. I like Sabor Brasil on Canal St for lunch, it's a great deal (you pay by the weight).

Cold Beer after White Mtn. Hike? Help!!

I happen to like microbrewed drafts, but I also like them cold after a hike. I like cold water while hiking too, so fill my camelbak with part water and part ice.

The place I normally go to for apres-hike or apres-ski on the way home is the Common Man in Ashland (the original). I always change into a clean shirt, but have always felt comfortable in hiking clothes. Plus, you can start on the crackers and dip BEFORE you sit down. The upstairs pub is nice and there are a few tables at an upstairs deck in good weather. I also like this place because it breaks up my ride back almost at the mid-point. They specialize in comfort food and it is usually just what the doctor ordered after a hike.

Of course, one of the best brews with a view is at the Mt Washington hotel. There's a pub with a tremendous view of the prezies at sunset. They also have hot chocolate, if you're looking for a winter warmup.

I once stopped in for a brew at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH. The view outside is as good as at MWH, but there is not view (that I could see) from the inside pub.

gastronomic tour tips please

I love both Acadia and the White Mountains in late Sept/early Oct. If you're looking for foliage, I think the Whites would have more (also bigger crowds around Columbus Day -- avoid that weekend or get reservations early).

In the Whites, I like the North Conway area. I used to rent a winter place there, although I haven't been in a few years. I used to like Wilcat Tavern, 1785 Inn and Bernerhof Inn, among others. You can look for places at

Brazo, Portsmouth NH

Also, if you haven't seen it, there was a nice review ("Brazo--It's electric!") in the Spotlight:

There's also a story that included Phelps Dieck and Deb Weeks, the owners. Deb is the friendly and attentive front person mentioned in the original note.

Feng Shui in Chelmsford

I also went for the lunch buffet last week and had a similar impression. It's nice and very fancy inside, but it reminds me of a hotel restaurant. The food was good, but at $10.50 a bit more expensive than most other comparable buffets (you pay for the ambience, apparently). I think I'd rather go the the more authentic places myself, like Pho 88 (although that's recently gone more upscale also) or Southeast Asian (their buffet has got to be one of the best deals around).

Brazo, Portsmouth NH

I went there on Sat night. It was at the top of my wish list, so I was really looking forward to it. I have also been to the Green Monkey for the espressso filet (yum) and the grilled romaine salad, so I did have high hopes. Ironically, when we went to GM, all four of us got the filet and we normally try to get various entrees. I have a feeling we might do the same next time, too.

As you described, the room is beautiful and warm, which is especially nice in winter. The place was fairly busy, but I was able to get a seat at the bar before dinner. I thought the bar staff was friendly and helpful. We moved to one of the circular booths (party of six) for dinner.

I had a (special) empanada special as an appetizer, which was good and the Churrasco Brazo (skirt steak), which was also good. Others ordered the pork confit, seared tuna, grilled salmon and the fish stew (that I can't remember the name of). All looked good and everyone was happy. I might try the 10-spice chicken next time.

We didn't have dessert there (nor at Popovers, since it was closed when we got there). It was fairly expensive (including a couple bottles of wine and fancy cocktails), but I enjoyed it and would go back. One could always go to Brazo for a drink and GM for dinner (or vice-versa).

Which Rick Bayless book?

I'm not sure if this is true for you. but my local library has a good collection of cookbooks. You could possibly try before you buy... I always have one on loan, whether or not I actually cook from it or not.

I borrowed the Everyday book and liked it. I will go back to his books again. BTW, my library also has the Diane Kennedy books, which were mentioned previously. I plan to look at those also, but they appreared to be more daunting than the Bayless books.

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