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Columbia MO Bleu

I know Bleu is now open. Does anyone know what kind of food/prices for their menu?

Sep 12, 2008
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Round up of Restaurants in Columbia, MO

My husband and I just moved to Columbia a few months ago, so I am anxious to hear about favorites in Columbia -- well known or not. :)

We live very close to Jazz and checked them out for Happy Hour the other day. We just samped the tasty fried food and beer -- both we great. But, I am guessing their "real" food is great too based on the number of cars in their parking lot each night.

Dec 06, 2006
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Restaurant for Celebrating in Des Moines?!?

My family and a few friends are gathering in Des Moines this weekend to help celebrate my 30th birthday!

None of the party-goers live in Des Moines so I am looking for suggestions.

Here are the things we are looking for:

1) Not too pricey (e.g. looking for less than 15 for most entrees)
2) Able to accomodate a party of 12
3) A place that has interesting food that would please both a meat and potatoes appetite and more gourmet ones as well.
4) Ideally not a chain and someplace that has a laid back yet interesting atmosphere.

Come on Iowans -- I know you can help me out. :)

Dec 05, 2006
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