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Vietnamese like White Lily? + Hoa Bien Review (MSP)

When I'm in the mood for "old school vietnamese" like was served at Lotus or White Lily, I hit The Lagoon a couple blocks north of University on Rice. I absolutely love their hot and spicy chicken. However, I definitely hear where you're coming from. I miss Lotus. When I lived on Grand, we used to walk to Lotus two or three times a week for their curried mock duck, imperial chicken dr. chungs (?) chicken and egg rolls.

Twin Cities Malt Shot/Soda Fountain

I could not agree more. I spent many an afternoon or evening at Annie's when I was at the U. Absolutely love their fries, malts and burgers.

MSP and Beyond: Best chocolate/dessert related cafe

Cafe Latte does the dessert thing, but I think they send all the breakfast biz to Bread and Chocolate.

Bed & breakfasts/inns with great food! MN

The Phipps Inn in Hudson, WI has absolutely outstanding breakfasts. Last fall we had amazing blueberry blintzes with berries picked from bushes in the back yard of the inn. The first day was an excellent cream-cheese stuffed, caramel and pecan french toast. Absolutely lovely. This comes along with a fresh fruit plate, hand squeezed orange juice, etc.

Underwhelmed by Chambers Mpls?

That's too bad. I've been there twice and had great experiences both times. Love the decor and the atmosphere, but the drinks and food was actually what brought me back the second time.

The sashimi appetizer was excellent. Nice quality on the fish, very creamy.

The mahi-mahi might be one of the best fish dishes I've eaten. Excellent mix of flavors with the sweet and the spice of the thai chilis. It was done perfectly both times (first time my wife ordered it, second time I did).

The pepper steak was also nicely done. Cooked to a nice medium rare, the quality of the meat was outstanding, and the pepper seasoning seared onto the meat was a good kick to go along with the richness of the steak.

I definitely cannot complain about the service. Both times our server was attentive without hovering, offered suggestions that we appreciated, and everything came out in a good time frame.

Oh, and the Makers Mark and thai chili cocktail as well as the pineapple mojito are worth the drive.

Chinese in Blaine?

No. I live in Blaine. There is no decent chinese. It's horribly, horribly irritating. We tend to go to Taste of Thailand in Fridley once a week for takeout.

If we do want Chinese, and don't get takeout from Little Szechuan or China Jen or don't feel like getting the PF Changs and/or Big Bowl chain stuff, we hit Nhong's in Anoka.

MSP: article on Hell's Kitchen's Mitch Omer [Moved from Midwest]

Excellent article on Mitch Omer. I was actually quite impressed, as it looked at the man behind the madness that is Hell's Kitchen.

Mar 27, 2007
Nathan_1118 in Food Media & News

MSP -New Restaurant 50th st between the Malt Shop and Patina

Hmm, I wonder if Stuart has learned from the failings of Five and Levain? I hope so, because he's talented as heck, but the word on the street is that he doesn't exactly make it easy to work with/for him.

Wasabi Woes - Mpls - your thoughts?

Yes, sit at the bar or do the hibachi (teppanyaki) dinner. The service at the tables is poor at its best. However, if you go for the omakase at the bar you will be served incredibly fresh fish, huge portions and the chefs are entertaining as well as talented. Unfortunately, the cocktail service still seems to be working a few things out.

We've been there five times and have had great experiences all but one time, and that was because of the server. All of the other servers were much more efficient than ours.

Minneapolis: Looking for Romantic Dining AND dancing!!

The Times in NE has decent food (nothing great, nothing horrible) as well as live music and dancing Friday and Saturday nights. While it's loud, it has a nice dark, pub-like atmosphere.

New Thai in Downtown Minneapolis

We used to frequent ToT on Selby when we lived in St. Paul, and now hit the Fridley one weekly. However, because of the ridiculously slow service (then again after eating in the UK for the past week, I can never again complain about slow service, that's just par for the course over there and across Europe) we only get takeaway.

I absolutely love their Masaman Curry and their pad thai. Most pad thai seems to be too sweet for my liking, and theirs is much better. The satay skewers are also very good, as are the fried bananas and spring rolls.

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

I picked up a few rolls and nigiri at Tiger Sushi 10 days ago. It was okay, decent value, decent fish. Nothing to write home about. The portions however, seemed a little small. The nigiri was bite size, I don't think that's normal, is it?

MSP: Where to eat for my 40th Birthday?

I would highly recommend the Chambers Kitchen. We went there for my 30th, and between The Ice Chamber and the dinner (atmosphere, ingredients, presentation, moderate prices, service) everything except the duck l'orange was perfect. I could not possibly recommend the Mahi Mahi enough. It was absolutely wonderful.

MSP 112 Eatery (long)

112 Eatery was actually named as one of the 5 best late night dining options in the country in this month's GQ.

MSP: Best breakfast

Same company as Cafe Latte, so that would make sense. They have a few things there that are consistently good. The egg and bacon or egg and sausage croissants are always good, as are the pain au chocolat. Other than that, I don't eat anything else there.


Excellent! I'm not insane after all.

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

hibachi as in little grill, though apparently that's an Americanized term. They use the "hibachi" to refer to what many other places call Teppenyaki style cooking.

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

I was there in December. Had the hibachi and a few rolls for starters. The hibachi was outstanding, better than Saji-Ya, Benihana or Ichiban. The rolls were "seasonal" rolls. Weird, but imaginative and I rather enjoyed them.

I had a couple friends who were there a week after me and got a collection of sashimi and nigiri. They raved. Said the fish was incredibly fresh and plentiful.

I wold agree that many of their rolls are flash-fried to give them an interesting texture. However, that's just a selection. They also have many non-fried rolls. The best part about Wasabit is the creativity and ridiculously low prices for sashimi, nigiri and rolls.

[MSP] Restaurant Week?

Oh my. I hadn't seen anything about this until now. Upon reading this it appears as if each place has a $30 prix fixe menu during this week. Is that correct?

Looking for takeout in St. Louis Park, Edina, Ridgedale, Eden Prairies areas in Minneapolis.

Origami West at Ridgedale -

Twin Cities: Top 5 Romantic Restaurant Destinations

I have to amend my choices and add Luci Ancora. Not exactly quiet and romantic, but I love the HP neighborhood and the food there is always high quality and the lighting is outstanding.

Let's discuss Salut in Edina..

I love the steak frites at Salut, and the French onion soup there is the best I've had in town. That being said, it's not a true to form brasserie, but it's as close as most Americans would want.

We aren't exactly the kind to go for sweetbreads, cassoulet or foie gras served five ways. If you haven't eaten at Les Halles in NY (Bourdain's place), Salut is a nice "starter" brasserie. I quite enjoyed it, and my wife (who isn't as daring as I am) loved her nicoise and frites.

If we had a true bistro or brasserie, I would jump at the chance, but much of the french peasant food found in many brasseries in NY or Paris wouldn't be eaten by the majority here. People fear the nasty bits.

[MSP] Church Dinners

The Brooklyn Park Lions Club has the best smelt fry in town at the end of every April.

Here is last years release:

Brooklyn Park Annual Smelt Fry
Soon the city of Brooklyn Park will gather again to fry the best smelt from Lake Superior at the Brooklyn Park National Guard Armory, located at 5600 85th Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, MN. The ever popular Brooklyn Park Lions Smelt Fry, a fun annual feast is Wed April 26 thru Friday April 28. But remember, this feast has a 44-year following-so you'll want to arrive early! The Smelt Fry begins at 5pm and continues until 8. It includes all-you-can-eat smelt with rolls,coleslaw, baked beans, chips and drink for $9. For Children 12 and under the price is $5. Beer is available for $2 per glass. Assisting will be the Brooklyn Park Lady Lions Club (helping with the serving), Lookout Bar and Grill (serving the beer) and youth from the Troop 332 Boy Scouts(helping with cleaning up the tables and selling their candy). It's cooking in Brooklyn Park! For presale tickets, contact any Brooklyn Park Lion. For additional information, contact Smelt Fry Coordinator Lion Jim Driste, 763-425-8114.

what is the best brew pub in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

If so, then this is a recent change. Last I was there (winter of 05), the food was definitely not sysco. Nachos with pasta chips, caramelized onions, hand cut pepperoncini and melted goat cheese. Hand crafted patties for burgers, etc. Definitely not sysco, which is why I feared for their future as a brewpub. Typically if people want beer, they want typical bar fare. Town Hall never had typical bar fare.

what is the best brew pub in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

I definitely second the Barley John's and Town Hall recommendations and am so glad that Town Hall has been able to survive this long. When I was a student at the U, my friends and I used to hit Town Hall before and after every hockey game and were always stunned at the lack of people there (this would've been 98, 99). The food is far from typical bar food fare, there is always a consistent beer selection along with their seasonal or craft brews which change over periodically. My personal favorites are the Mai Bock (if you're lucky enough to get it before they run out) and the Scotch Ale.

Free lunch at Grandma's (MSP)...

Any of the sandwiches, seriously they're very, very good bar sandwiches.

MSP - Auriga Closing

I was just going to post this.

How disappointing. However, I was pretty surprised they lasted 10 years with that low a number of tables and high quality product.

MSP: Little Szechuan is back!

Actually they're typically indian spicy green beans, I love the ones at Sambol and Tandoor. I love the curry and pepper flavor over the garlic of the szechuan beans at LS. I actually liked the Big Bowl green beans better as a spicy green bean. However, if you weren't looking for spicy green beans, the LS ones are outstanding.

MSP: Little Szechuan is back!

Had lunch there yesterday with a friend. He has the vegetarian fried rice and vegetarian lo mein off the green menu. I went for the green beans in special sauce and crispy spicy chicken off the black menu. The green beans were very, very good, but I've had better. The chicken dish, however, was simply amazing. Hot, but not overpowering, crisp, but not breaded. Simply excellent. I have to go back with my wife and get a little adventurous with the hot pots or seafood dishes.

MSP - Mid Month Update - Post a Review of places you've dined at in Jan 2007!

Had lunch at Little Szechuan yesterday. I ordered off the black menu, my friend off the green.

I had the spicy, crispy chicken and green beans in special sauce. Both dishes were simply outstanding. Why someone would order the general tsao's or sesame chicken if they can get this, I have no idea.