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1/2-price wine in Chapel Hill/Carrboro?

Pazzo's in Southern Village has 1/2 price wine nights on Mondays. Great soft-shell crab salad in season now too!

May 17, 2010
sabarrett in Southeast

Triangle NC area Top 5

SGS's goatburger is fantastic!

Mar 08, 2010
sabarrett in Southeast

Saffron - Chapel Hill - Coming Soon!

Mint in unobjectionable (damning with faint praise), in the same way that Thai Palace is unobjectionable. I put Mint way below Saffron, Spice & Curry, etc.

Sawasdee in Raleigh (spicy!) is the best Thai in the Triangle.

Mar 08, 2010
sabarrett in Southeast

Southeast BBQ Tour

Allen & Sons in Hillsborough, NC (5 min detour off I85) for pulled pork (eastern NC style bbq).
Lexington #1 (Honey Monks) in Lexington, NC for best western NC style bbq.
Dreamland BBQ (original) in Tuscaloosa, AL for best ribs and sauce.
Big Bob Gibsons in Decatur, AL for white bbq chicken.

Mar 08, 2010
sabarrett in Southeast

Saffron - Chapel Hill - Coming Soon!

We just saw the sign in East 54 over the weekend. Checking their website, it says 'Opening Soon in East 54'. Hooray! A truly excellent Indian lunch buffet in Chapel Hill.

Mint is fine, but not overwhelming. I recently re-tried Tandoor's buffet after reading about a refresh/remodel, but it was awful. No more driving to Cary for yummy Indian (hopefully).

Mar 08, 2010
sabarrett in Southeast

Burratta in the Triangle?

I have gotten it at Southern Season, though they don't always have it. Trader Joe's has it too. SS's is better.........serve simply with tomato compote, sea salt, good oil & balsamic.

Need good honky-tonks in Cajun Country

Thx for recommendations. Yes - cajunfoodie - Eunice (my grandmother's name -you'd think I could get it right).

Apr 14, 2009
sabarrett in New Orleans

Need good honky-tonks in Cajun Country

Hi all,

We're going to be flying in/out of New Orleans for a guys weekend/food tour the weekend of May 7-10. Friday we're going to have Boudin along the way for lunch, Crawfish @ Hawk's for dinner, and do Fred's lounge for 'breakfast' Sat.

In this case I feel pretty good about the food side of the equation, but am looking for some good bar recommendations for Friday night in the Rayne/Eugene area. I'm looking for small, local, [cajun] honkey-tonks - places we wouldn't likely find on our own. I'm thinking something like the (now defunct) Alligator Bayou Bar in Baton Rouge, or similar. We'd like to have a good time,

Any recommendations?


Apr 14, 2009
sabarrett in New Orleans

Milltown - Carrboro - Lunch - Service Stinks!

I have been a huge supporter of both the Federal and Milltown for years. Fantastic beer selection, well-done bar food, nice atmosphere. I was up at the Federal Monday night, and had a great time. When Milltown first opened, the waitstaff could be hit-or-miss, but it had gotten much better.

I went there today for an 'informal' business lunch. When arriving, there was only one other table occupied. I won't go through the blow-by-blow, but things went from bad to worse, with bad service, soup spilled onto a sandwich and not replaced. Orders forgotten, indifferent/bad attitudes. At one point, after 10 minutes with an empty diet coke glass, it's refilled with water w/o asking, and then when I ask to swap out the muddy brown water for diet coke, after a long delay I get regular coke instead.

Absolutely inexcusable. And from a place I really like. I definitely won't be back for lunch, and they only get one more chance period.

Momofuku Ko: Lunch vs. Dinner

I just got reservations for the 12:45 lunch on 04/03 for 2. I can't wait - wife's surprise 40th birthday trip to NYC. With all the hype around reservations, I had an expectation that I had a 1% chance to get one. We were also at the beach, and was using a wireless ATT&T aircard, not the speediest connection. Logged in, refreshed every 2-3 seconds starting at 9:58, and at 10:00 the site opened up. First choice - no luck, second choice - no luck, 12:45 success. I was frankly stunned, given the reviews and comments. May be anomalous, or maybe just beginner's luck.

I hope they still have the short ribs!

Mar 23, 2009
sabarrett in Manhattan

Dumplings in the Triangle

Lantern in Chapel Hill has excellent dumplings, along with every other delicious thing on their menu. Sneak in the side/back door to the bar, enjoy a couple of great cocktails, and have some of their appies. Last time we were there, we had the vegetarian dumplings, the fatback, and the salt/pepper shrimp with fried cilantro/jalapenos. All superb.

Nashville-Birmingham-Tuscaloosa-Hattiesburg-New Orleans

Oh, and in Birmingham, the Highland Grill is fantastic for upscale dinner, quicker at the bar. Especially during the summer. Frank Stitts was a locovore when bein' a locovore wasn't cool........

Nashville-Birmingham-Tuscaloosa-Hattiesburg-New Orleans

I grew up in Tuscaloosa and went to school there too.

Go to the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. Only stop worth doing. It's a quick exit off the interstate at the Mcfarland exit. Ribs, white bread, fantastic sauce (get a box of 4 quarts to go), cans of beer/coke, and bags of potato chips. For years was cash only. Was closed down 2 or 3 times over the years by the state for income tax evasion, but always allowed to reopen b/c it was soooo good. Now has other franchised locations since Big John passed, but this one is the original and best.

I've eaten at City Cafe ~ 500 times in my life. Great example of a meat and three for cheap, and a good small town experience, but wouldn't be the one place in T-Town to go if chosen.

PIZZA! In Chapel Hill or Durham

Chapel Hill:

Alfredo's - best 'basic' NY-style pizza. currently boycotting b/c they stopped delivering to my neighborhood w/o a minimum order, but it hurts!!

Pepper's - didn't close, just moved 3 doors down to the old Miami Subs location. Less cool venue, pizza still very good, especially the specialty ones. Calzones are spectacular.

In the decent department - Pazzo's, Brixx, NY Pizza, Sal's, etc...

Charleston: 4 nights, 9 possibilities!

We really enjoyed S.N.O.B last year. Great Shrimp and Grits.

farm stands in Triangle?

Hogan's has great grass-fed beef, sold out of some freezers in a trailer on their farm.

farm stands in Triangle?

I would recommend the farmer's market route as well. Unlike the Raleigh Farmer's Market, the ones in the CH area only carry local small farmstead products. In terms of availability, it's fairly extensive, when in season:

Farmer's Markets

Saturday AM and Wed PM - Carrboro
Sat AM and Wed PM - Hillsborough
Thurs PM - Southern Village
Tues PM - Fearrington Village
Sat AM - Durham
Thurs PM - Pittsboro

Weaver Street tries hard to source local produce/meat/cheese whenever possible as well.

ISO Chapel Hill Dinner Spot

lantern is the best 'ethnic' place and best overall restaurant in CH imho......Fusion or not their food is spectacular. Never eaten a bad meal there. Hadn't been in a year or so and went a couple of weeks ago and was blown away (tea-smoked chicken)

Tallulah's is fun too if you want more Turkish than Asian.

Merlion is a good call too, but I would also categorize Singaporean food as inherently 'fusion'.

Southern Rail, Carrboro

We went for opening night (with kids in tow). I know, we're nuts. Actually didn't know it was opening night. Very small menu, but everything we had was very good. No kids menu yet - my son was happy for it - he had the salmon entree and licked the plate. The pork chop (mentioned above) was especially tasty. My wife did get a spinach, basil, and strawberry salad which was 80% basil, 10% spinach, but we chalked that and the somewhat spotty service to opening night jitters. Great redo of the space from the Crazie Mae's era, excellent for hanging out in one of the outdoor areas during good weather. Would hope they will flesh out the menu, kid's menu, lunch, etc as they spin up....

Oct 03, 2007
sabarrett in Southeast

best steak house in raleigh area

Bin 54. Hands down.

May 30, 2007
sabarrett in Southeast

I need to buy a pig (whole) -- triangle area -- recommend a source?

We got some great pork shoulders and ribs from Elise @ for a goat roast we had a while back. I'm not sure how often she slaughters or has non-dismantled hogs available, but her pork was most excellent.

Milltown - Chapel Hill

I'm a huge Milltown fan. Great outside seating when it's warm, excellent bar food, huge selection of beers I've never heard of (which is quite a feat) and I like the pommes, even if they are a bit soggy. Judge not an establishment by frites alone....

Italian in Chapel??

Pazzo's is good, but definitely not the 'like the family did it' Italian experience. Honestly, I don't ever get that sort of thing anywhere except in the Northeast and Chicago......Trilussa goes for that sort of thing but doesn't get there. I would agree that Panzanella is the best 'daily' italian in CH.

Penang v. Thai Palace (Chapel Hill)

I think they're both bleecch. Maybe I was spoiled by living on the west coast for too long, but imho the only really good Thai restaurant in the Triangle is Sawasdee. Merlion is good (we live in Southern Village so eat there quite a bit), but, as someone else mentioned, it's Singaporean not true-and-true Thai.

Citrus-Chapel Hill

I agree. Both lunch and breakfast are very good, but quite spendy for a regular eatery. Took the family there for breakfast and it was $40. Elmo's isn't nearly as good, but we can get out on a weekend for < $25. I hope they make it, but would love to see some daily specials for breakfast and lunch that are in the < $5 range.