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Did Baci on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers close down?

It's been closed for a while. Its a gelato place now. Very popular.

latitude 36N-Bronxville

This place is finally closed. The guys from Rosie's Bistro took it over.

Condiments That Do and Do Not Need Refrigeration

Vinegar and alcohol stop the fermentation process. Port wine is sweet because alcohol is introduced half way through through the fermentation process. Any item with vinegar is safe to leave outside the fridge. Vinegar is so powerful that it's the primary reason people don't get salmonella with hollandaise sauce. It not only preserves the substance it's in, but destroys harmful byproducts. Minus 8 vinegar? Get that out of the fridge and keep it in the cupboard. I sip that stuff.

Great Burgers Lower Westchester?

Short of going to Corner Bistro in NYC, Candlelight 1st., Pipers Kilt 2nd and 3rd would be Tara's on Midland Avenue in Yonkers. I just went there by accident looking for another place.

Hunan Village

I have to say that Haiku in Bronxville is taking the place of Hunan right now. Impossible to get into on weekends but worth a try on Thursdays.

Hunan Village

One last thought. Do you know how hard it is to get the Westchester County Department of Health to close you down? Yonkers needs help. I was at East Harbor on Central Avenue when they came in asked me to leave. This stuff would never happen in NYC.

Hunan Village

Ouch. You guys are real hard. Paul ran a great show. "Excellent" with the New York Times and always over 25 in Zagat. What gives? Where to go? East Harbor on Central Avenue was closed twice with Westchester Health Signs on the front door. Nagaya in Highridge just can't cut it. What's your suggestion?

Hunan Village

About two or so months ago. They're in a spiral laying off their previous help because the business is declining. If you drive by now, you'll see a vinyl banner announcing "business lunch special...". Paul would have never allowed that. They're lucky that the Zagat rating grandfathered them in from last year.

Hunan Village

Hunan Village's owner Paul has left and so has the best Chinese food in Westchester. After going there for 20 years, I simply can't believe how poor the food has gotten. Has anyone else had the experience?