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Lunch in Long Branch

Yes, my friend's relatives live in Long Branch but I understand they rarely go out to eat any more. They apparently are pretty flexible but "don't like spicy food". I guess that rules out things like Thai and Indian. Waterfront view would probably be a plus.

Sep 06, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Lunch in Long Branch

A friend and I want to meet for lunch in Long Branch (week day). Neither of us knows the town, let alone the restaurants. He apparently wants to meet there because he is staying with elderly relatives.

Suggestions please. He specifically wants to eat in Long Branch as his relatives will most likely join us.

Sep 06, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Suspicious All-Clad Fry Pan

That's exactly what I did - over seven years ago. :D

Sep 04, 2014
ambrose in Cookware

Crystal Springs Resort Vernon

Yes, I know. My post was really meant for you and others. It will be interesting to learn where the OP ends up.

Aug 26, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Crystal Springs Resort Vernon

Restaurant Latour just received an "Excellent" from the NY Times. Very few NJ restaurants have ever received this rating.

Aug 25, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Ryland Inn

I know this is an old thread but I think it's the most recent concerning The Ryland Inn.

Found the following info on Rosie Saferstein's blog:

"Anthony Bucco, previously from the Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station has announced that he will be the executive chef of a farm-to-table restaurant by Jonathan Waxman, set to open this winter at the 1 Hotel Central Park, NYC."

I for one will miss Bucco. We enjoyed his cooking several times, first at Stage Left in New Brunswick, then at Uproot in Warren and most recently at The Ryland Inn.

Aug 04, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Rob's Bistro, Madison

Amuse in Westfield.

Jul 19, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Tea room near New Hope/Lambertville

Did not know this - very disappointing news. I still remember the first time I had coffee there. It was Guatemalan and boy, was it good!

Jul 17, 2014
ambrose in Philadelphia

Tea room near New Hope/Lambertville

About 20 min away, in Hopewell, NJ, there's a place called 'Paint the Roses'. I've been by it many times but never gone in. I don't know any other tea rooms in the area.

FYI, one of the best tea rooms in New Jersey, Teaberry's, is in Flemington but that may be too far for you to drive.

Jul 12, 2014
ambrose in Philadelphia

Rob's Bistro, Madison

Very sad news indeed. First, Resto in 2012, now the Bistro.

Jul 12, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Mongolian BBQ.... is it extinct in NJ?

Review of Little Sheep, the Applebee's of China. :))

Jun 30, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Any Peruvian restaurants in nj that serve Cuy?

The author of the following article, which was written about a year ago, comments that he has never seen cuy on a menu in NJ.

Jun 27, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Soft Shell Crabs

I had an e-mail this morning (Friday) saying that the Oyster House in Milford has soft shells. Phone them to be sure.

Jun 20, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Dinner recommendation in Edison?

Imho, Rasoi II on Oak Tree Road is still a good bet for Indian food. I am going there for lunch next week.

Jun 10, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Review - Deanna's in Lambertville

Looks like not much has changed in 7+ years. On the other hand, the restaurant has lasted 7+ years. :((

Jun 01, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Greek Festivals in Central NJ

Here's the web site for the Flemington festival:

May 29, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Best Cakes in Central NJ

My choice would be The Dessert Plate in Somerville, right across from the court house. Their pastries and cakes remind me of what I have had in Europe. I'm not a fan of Christie's in Clinton because I find their products to be too sweet. If that's your preference, however, it would be a good choice.

May 24, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

The Pass (Rosemont, NJ): Prix-fixe price and format change


The "slight price increase" works out to be a little over 27%. As for the "apertivo", I will be really annoyed if it turns out to be the amuse-bouche that you used to get (compliments of the chef).

Looking at the current menu, I also notice that there has been a significant reduction in the number of choices. For each course, the number of choices is about half what it was only three months ago.

Going to The Pass used to be a no brainer. Now, I'm not so sure. The quality will surely be maintained but the value and selection are no longer there.

May 21, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Basking Ridge Redux...The Washington House

Yeh, just read about this "new" place. I think it was called the Ridge Tavern before it closed. And you're right, it was never any good.

For those familiar with the town, it's right across the street from the Mockingbird Cafe.

May 15, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Nina's Waffles and Sweets Doylestown

Have not been but fully intend to go. Read on Bucks County Taste that the pastry chef used to be the pastry chef at Le Bec Fin.

May 08, 2014
ambrose in Philadelphia

Lambertville-New Hope Restaurant Week, March 16-21

Restaurant week starts tomorrow, Sunday. The list of participating restaurants is given in the link below.

Mar 15, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Monday's at the Tewksbury Inn...

Yeh, it's a terrific deal on Mondays. I was surprised by your comment that they don't post their wine list on line. They certainly used to. The current web site is pretty pathetic compared to what they previously had. Don't understand this.

"The Tewks" has always been one of our favorite spots. The quality is remarkably consistent though I do wish they would change their menu once in a while. It's been the same for years. On the other hand, perhaps people like it that way! The place is always busy, even for lunch on weekdays.

Feb 28, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

The Pass - New Charcuterie/Restaurant in Rosemont, NJ

Yeh, I saw this. Made a reservation for next week. We've been only once and it was outstanding. Plus, you simply cannot beat the value.

Btw, even the new Ryland Inn did not get an Excellent from the NYT.

Feb 01, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

Best Restaurants in Somerset County and Surrounding Area

A few more...

Twofiftytwo, Bernardsville
Sette Cucina Italiana, Bernardsville
Origin Thai, Somerville and Basking Ridge
Shumi, Somerville (outstanding sushi)
Kyma, Somerville (Greek)
Fortune Cookie(s), Bridgewater (Hunan, the real deal)
Mockingbird Cafe, Basking Ridge (good for breakfast/lunch, not so much for dinner)
Sophie's Bistro, Somerset (in the town of)
Silk Road, Warren (Afghan)
Eno Terra, Kingston
Osteria Procaccini, Kingston (pizza)
Rocky Hill Inn, Rocky Hill

The Ryland Inn, just across the county line in Hunterdon County (take $$$)

Jan 25, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

El Molcajete in Flemington

I ate here twice before Christmas - both times for lunch - and the food was very good. For that reason alone, I will be going back. However, service was painfully slow both times. Even though there weren't many people in the restaurant, the kitchen seemed to take a very long time getting meals to tables.

Jan 05, 2014
ambrose in New Jersey

looking for a great burger near somerville?

I've been to 55 Main for dinner but never for lunch. Sounds like I need to fix that!

Dec 26, 2013
ambrose in New Jersey

Need Suggestions for Otalian Deli that delivers In Hisborough area

You might try Lucy's Kitchen and Market. They have wonderful food BUT I don't know if they will deliver. Suggest you phone them.

Dec 20, 2013
ambrose in New Jersey

IS there any Good Sushi?

I know this is an old thread and I know this will not help those looking for a great sushi place in New Jersey but if you're willing to trek into the city, and can't afford Masa, try Sushi Nakazawa which just got four stars in the New York Times.

Dec 13, 2013
ambrose in New Jersey

Stage Left in New Brunswick

Well, I think we've decided to go. Foody4life, I phoned the restaurant and was told they no longer do the prix fixe menus (there used to be two of them). However, they do have a tasting menu for $99 and I think this is what you're thinking of. For anyone interested in this, they do NOT serve the tasting menu pre-theatre.

Dec 11, 2013
ambrose in New Jersey

Stage Left in New Brunswick

Has anyone been here recently? I haven't been for a couple of years (enjoyed it then) and just about fell off my chair when I looked at their on-line menu. A lot more expensive than I remember and I don't see the prix fixe menus they used to have.

Thinking of going this week but would like some input from people who've been there in the last few months.

Dec 10, 2013
ambrose in New Jersey