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where to have breakfast/brunch before Brooklyn Flea/Brooklyn Museum Sunday?

hi there - would like to have a tasty start to the day before checking out the Flea in the late morning, and the Museum in the afternoon.

Jan 20, 2010
rubygirl in Outer Boroughs

cinnamon buns

AGREE with the Sweet Bliss vote. They are packed with sugarycinnamongoodness! Yum...

Ideas for visiting mom-friendly "girls night out"

Thanks all! Ended up at Barrio (which is in my hood but had never been). It was a great night.

Ideas for visiting mom-friendly "girls night out"

Any suggestions for a mom-friendly "girls night out"? Somewhere where we can have dinner & drinks (maybe sharing foods - lots of little plates) with good music and fun environment. Not super expensive?

desperately seeking....amaretti

Please help me! I'm desperately seeking amaretti in Toronto. Not the hard, crunchy kind (Lazzaroni), but the softer kind. It's the one "must" on my dad's Christmas list. I can't stand the pressure :)

PS: There was a brand I used to get at Magnolia (now closed) called Amaretti Virginia (I think). This or similar would be of great help.