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rehearsal dinner in San Diego

We had a welcome reception at located in East Village. Our group was about 100 people but more of a cocktail party format. I think the space could definitely seat 30 for a plated dinner. It's a warehouse space that you can design yourself and bring in your own caterer and bartender. We used MiHo to cater.

Apr 21, 2014
californialoving in San Diego

Cater for wedding at new central library

We used MiHo/Vetted Table to cater our welcome reception last year and their food and presentation were phenomenal. I would think they could customize a tapas-type menu for you.

Mar 07, 2014
californialoving in San Diego

Oysters in San Diego

Brooklyn Girl has fantastic oysters. My husband and I have had their oysters on 5-6 occasions and each time, they have great - very fresh and reasonably priced. Some of the best in San Diego.

Sep 06, 2013
californialoving in San Diego

Sloppy's Burrito (Hillcrest)

We went on Sunday, my fiance got a carne asada burrito with the jalapeno tortilla. I got the carne asada bowl. Overall, I thought it was okay. Service was a little slow, but I think they're just getting started. The meat was good, but a little cold. I liked that they included guacamole in the price, it was pretty good.

The soda machine is neat. Parking in that lot was horrible, we lucked out by finding a spot.

Mar 06, 2013
californialoving in San Diego

Balboa Park: Good, Cheap, Fast?

You could pick up sandwiches at the Marketplace on 6th and's a convenience store, but they make great sandwiches and I think they also have pizza. Sandwiches are about $6-$7.

Mar 11, 2012
californialoving in San Diego

Ole Madrid in the Gaslamp

Ole Madrid is absolutely horrible! I've tried it twice and it was such a waste of money. The food was salty and really poor quality. The service was also lousy. If you want Spanish food in Gaslamp, Seville might be worth checking out.

Feb 23, 2008
californialoving in California

San Diego for Anniversary

I would also recommend Better Half. No, there's no view, but you could walk around Hillcrest before or after dinner, which could be nice if it's not too cold. The decor is cozy, like a little French cottage. The food is excellent, really innovative. The service is wonderful, very knowledgeable. My boyfriend took me there for Valentine's Day and I'm skeptical of eating out on Vday, but the food and service were perfect.

Feb 19, 2008
californialoving in San Diego

Dinner for 8 in OC for 22nd birthday girl that is fun and delish!

maybe try sapphire in laguna beach...ask for a table outside, there are plenty of heat lamps too. The patio is really cute and has a great atmosphere. You could also make an earlier reservation and watch the sunset...and there are plenty of bars after if you want to grab a drink after dinner. I've had dinner once at sapphire and the food was fantastic - can definitely recommend the lamb, beef, and pannecotta! have fun!

Trendy Gaslamp Dinner

you should definitely check out's great for food and/or drinks. It's in the Hard Rock Hotel, so you could try Sweetwater after and then maybe go to the Ivy, W, Confidential, Red Circle...

Nov 16, 2007
californialoving in California

Birthday Dinner in San Diego

Oceanaire has great food, especially if you are both seafood lovers, and it's also a great special occasion restaurant. My parents went to Mr. A's mainly for the view and they loved it...the food is a little pricey for what it is but I think you're paying more for the atmosphere.

I agree with Alice Q's recommendations for more trendy restaurants downtown...I think Red Pearl might be more reasonably priced. Another place you might want to check out is Nobu, I think they just opened this week and it's right next to Petco. Have a great bday!

Nov 06, 2007
californialoving in California

Convoy & Environs (SD) -need suggestions

Darn it, I didn't read your directions the first time I read the post! I remember seeing that sushi deli, so next time I will definitely know...and thanks for the tip about when it might be closed...

Sep 24, 2007
californialoving in San Diego

Convoy & Environs (SD) -need suggestions

cathy, where exactly is that good bun bo hue place? i'm new to the area and i tried to go there last night...i googled the restaurant and it said it was on the corner of mesa college and linda that right? i couldn't find it and ended up at the vietnamese place, in the same center as K sandwiches, which was very disappointing. i ordered the bun bo hue (lacked flavor, noodles overcooked) and eggrolls (super greasy and soft)...thanks!

Sep 24, 2007
californialoving in San Diego

any cheap food/good deals in Gaslamp

Wow, thanks for all of those great suggestions...I didn't think there would be many choices at all...i love this area and being close to the water, but the food i've seen has been so pricey. thanks, i will check out some of those suggestions and report back!

Sep 05, 2007
californialoving in California

any cheap food/good deals in Gaslamp

Hi, I just moved to the gaslamp/marina district...I'm a recent graduate so I'm looking for good, cheap places and it seems like that is very tough to do in gaslamp...i found some decent places but none of them have been cheap. any help would be really appreciated!

Sep 05, 2007
californialoving in California

Help in Bethesda?

For quick, cheap food - Moby Dick is good, it's a local chain, but they have good pita sandwiches and salads.

I had a great meal at Persimmon, it's a little higher end - but they have really good American/seafood type food.

moving from California

hahaha peetoteeto wasn't too far off with those first couple of choices...really there are slim pickings around here, just a lot of mediocre food at that...I'm so glad to be moving back to CA!

I think the best meals I have had around here were at Bonne Soiree and Elaine's.

Good BBQ in Orange County

are there any north carolina bbq joints (vinegar based) in OC?

dining suggestions around durham bulls?

hey, hope we can catch someone before we head out to the durham bulls game tonight...any suggestions about where to eat before or after the game? thanks!

Brixx in Brier Creek Raleigh?

i've been to the chapel hill location, it's mediocre at best...hopefully you can find a more authentic place in raleigh

Can't decide in Asheville!

You should check out Stone Market House for a restaurant that's a little off the beaten seems like a very "local" restaurant and I had one of my best meals there. The atmosphere is very cozy (it's a converted gas station), the food is fresh and delicious, and the prices are very reasonable. If you're interested, just do a search on this site for the restaurant, that's how I found out about it.

Private Room in Bethesda Area

I'm looking to have a dinner for 8 people in a restaurant with a private room somewhere in the Bethesda area. I'm looking for a Saturday night dinner and I'm pretty flexible on price and type of food. I would love any suggestions you have since I'm not too familiar with the area.

small bday cake around triangle

does anyone know where i can get a small or even personal bday cake in the triangle area...really hope i don't have to resort to a supermarket bakery to get a bday cake, just want something small and tasty.

nice birthday dinner - chapel hill, raleigh, durham

thanks for all the help, i decided to go for elaine's...we've both wanted to check the place out for awhile now...i know the menu frequently changes, but what has everyone liked there?

nice birthday dinner - chapel hill, raleigh, durham

It's my boyfriend's birthday next week and want to take him somewhere really nice for his bday - a place with great food and ambience...I don't live in the area, so I have no idea where to take him and searching past posts didn't really help. I've heard that Magnolia Grill is good, but I would love your recommendations. We both love meat, seafood, ethnic...anything really, as long as it's good! Thanks for your help!

Penang v. Thai Palace (Chapel Hill)

I've never been to Merlion so I can't speak on that...but I think Thai Palace is by far better...Penang is not even real asian food. It's over-salted and way overpriced for what you get. I think Thai Palace is decent and a much better option.

Patio Loco in Chapel Hill

I used to like that place too, I went about a year and a half ago and it was great. But I went a month ago and it was absolutely horrible...too salty and just not edible. I put it on my list of places I can't eat at anymore.

My neighborhood Chinese restaurant...(in Chapel HIll)

Hmmm, I'm not Chinese, but I am Asian and I have an idea about what "real Chinese" food is...I do not think Hunam qualifies as real Chinese food, it's pretty Americanized and caters to the non-ethnic population...I've eaten there several times, and I've never liked it...true, it's better than most Chinese you could get in the area. And the parents might have decided to have the party there because it's one of the few Chinese places in town.

Where do the Chinese eat out in the Triangle?

i don't live in this area, but i visit my bf who lives in this area a lot. i just heard about Vit Goal through this site and i will definitely check it out...i love tofu too, thanks for the rec.

i need to make someone fall in love with LA/OC

on that note, are there any southerners living in LA/OC who love it there? why and what do you like about it? he's really skeptical about moving to "LA" which i think gets a bad rap

i need to make someone fall in love with LA/OC

sorry, i should've been more specific. i'm in washington d.c right now, which i feel really lacks in good food. of course you can get a good meal if you pay a lot for really fine dining, but after that there is almost nothing. he's from the south, specifically NC. i love asian food, but he's less adventurous. and he loves mexican food, which LA has plenty of. i think everyone's right - take in the views of the city and some cultural experiences...