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I'm a gin drinker, not a big fan of vodka (I think it's pretty tasteless), but definitely a huge fan of VeeV. Without sounding too silly - I think the spirit has "depth" to it, like a gin, but not nearly as harsh. It's amazing with lime and soda, or in more complex drinks. A big aspect of its allure is its superfood/antioxidant properties. Not sure if that's lost in the fact that it's alcohol, but I have yet to get a hangover from it. :) I'd say it's worth trying to seeing if it's your bag.

Aug 10, 2009
trojantrent in Spirits

French 75

This sounds like just the sort of elegant drink for very chic (but fun) cocktail parties. Maybe on an uptown rooftop patio, perhaps?

Dec 04, 2006
trojantrent in Recipes