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Lebanese/Middle Eastern Delivery to Danforth/Riverdale?

Looking for a Lebanese restaurant that will deliver to the Danforth area. Shawarmas, falafel, Tabouleh, hummous, etc.

On a related note...anyone have the inside scoop on when the new Ali Baba's at Broadview will open?

Best vanilla slab cake from a grocery store

Loblaws? Sobeys? Other?

What's the best grocery chain for a good slab cake with yummy icing (preferably mousse-like icing or whipped cream, not 'butter cream' unless it's real butter cream)?

Was looking at Dufflet White Chocolate Mousse cake, but the slab version in that flavour is 2 ft wide! Way too big.


787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Where can I find black sesame seeds?

Thanks everyone!

Where can I find black sesame seeds?

I've been looking for the past week and haven't seen it - only white sesame seeds. Anyone know where I can find black sesame seeds? Downtown/Danforth area preferred.


What's your favorite (sweetest) brand of frozen corn? (moved from Ontario board)

What does GMO stand for?

Thanks everyone for the recommendations.

Jan 24, 2010
Sinfulia in General Topics

What's your favorite (sweetest) brand of frozen corn? (moved from Ontario board)

So far I've tried No Name and Green Giant. Both were horribly bland and tough. Any advice for something tender and sweet?


Jan 23, 2010
Sinfulia in General Topics

Help from Chocolate Connoissuers (especially Dark Chocolate)

Wow, thanks for all the insights. I'd love to go check out Soma if I have the time, but will probably end up at Leonidas. I'll probably pick up some stuff from a grocer as well. On that note, which high-end grocers in the downtown/danforth area carry the best selection?

Thanks again.

Help from Chocolate Connoissuers (especially Dark Chocolate)

Looking for a gift for a Dark Chocolate lover. I usually just end up at Godiva because I don't know anything about chocolate. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Starfish vs The Keg PRICEWISE (let's ignore the food comparison for now)

Thanks for the info everyone. We're going with Starfish :)

Starfish vs The Keg PRICEWISE (let's ignore the food comparison for now)

Trying to figure out a venue for a holiday work party. Which restaurant is more expensive?

Danforth Music Hall - concession stand?

That's a great deal! But sadly I'll only have about 20 minutes before showtime to chow down.

Danforth Music Hall - concession stand?

Does anyone know if there is food for sale at the Danforth Music Hall? Thinking of hitting the Toxic Avenger, but won't have time to eat dinner beforehand.


Eaton Centre Food Court

Go to the food court across the street at the AMC theatre! It's so much better and less crowded. Milo's Pita and the Korean place are my favorites. I think it's on the 3rd floor, but I'm sure someone else can provide better directions.

Milo's Pita probably has Falafel as a vegetarian option. There's also a greek, caribbean, thai, and a Subway.

Danforth Restaurants - Baby Friendly (Globe?)

So was a mild disaster, but we survived. We left early as baby was getting squirrelly. Would've been ok except she kept getting spooked by the waiters dressed in black lurking in the background.

However, I have learned my lesson - that's the last time I even attempt to bring baby to a nice restaurant. Not enjoyable for baby, parents, nor other patrons in the restaurants. The wait staff was very polite though.

Danforth Restaurants - Baby Friendly (Globe?)

Thanks everyone. I called the resto and they seemed pretty open to the idea. It's not my first choice in restaurants for a baby, but the popular vote (6 vs 3 - myself, hubby, and baby) says Globe, so we're going to give it a try. Bringing whatever distractions I can to smooth out the bumps. Dinner seatings start at 6pm, so that's when we're going.

Wish us luck ;)

Danforth Restaurants - Baby Friendly (Globe?)

I need to make reservations for a 'nice' extended family dinner tomorrow night, including a 7-month old baby. Does anyone know if Globe has highchairs/change-tables, and most importantly, are the staff tolerant of infants?

Any other suggestions that will suit an infant that are on the 'nicer' side?

2009 closings

Yes, I had the regular pad thai there maybe a month or two ago and it was disgusting! Way over-sauced with ketchup - a big goopy, mushy mess.

Could've been just the dishes I ordered this time too.

2009 closings

I just got takeout from DIner's Thai tonight. Must say I don't remember the food being this good before (nothing spectacular, but much better than I remember). Had the curry pad thai and thick chicken curry.

Is it possible it went through a change in ownership?

No Holds Barred.. Restaurant Recommendations in TO?

Sounds husband (boyfriend at the time) was given the same deal. I guess it's supposed to make up for hours of slave labour with no chance of overtime pay.

We ended up at Splendido. Full tasting menu with wine pairings, plus the extra cheese course, and cocktails and beverages., The bill came out to about what it would cost for us to fly to Chicago and back with enough leftover for dinner at TGI Fridays. His boss was a little shocked. But we followed the rules (one dinner in Toronto, just the two of us). It was great retribution.

Favorite Canned Tuna: brand and best place to buy it

Clover Leaf Mini-sized cans of Tuna in Olive Oil! I used to think the thought of tuna doused in oil was gross, but then I tried it. The best part is, you can just dump the whole concoction into your salad as there's already olive oil in it. I do this all the time - sometimes I even skip the balsamic since the tuna's already so tasty/seasoned.

You can get this anywhere (grocery stores, walmart, etc).

Niagara Falls Resto for boys night

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Ended up at Canyon Creek after all. Copacabana (and many other restaurants) were brutal with securing reservations - which I don't understand as I'm sure lots of people go to Niagara for group events. Maybe they end up with alot of no-shows? Or maybe they don't need the business?

Still...I'll have to try the local Copacabana some time. Sounds interesting.

Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

Tried an ice cream creation tonight with Sweet Cream as the base. I'm not too picky on ice creams, but it was really quite bad. Waaay too sweet - and I sampled the cake batter vs sweet cream first to make sure (cake batter ice cream is even sweeter).

On the other hand, I'm quite addicted to the Sinless smoothies. The only problem is there's quite a bit of inconsistency around what's in them depending on who makes it (referring to the Danforth location).

Niagara Falls Resto for boys night

Looking for a restaurant/bar for a bachelor party (20ish guys) near the Casino. Decent food for a good price and a good selection of beer. Trying to keep the cost down, so something cheaper than the Keg/Canyon Creek price point. Pool tables would be a bonus, but not necessary.

Reservations are a must.

Any suggestions?

Cultures restaurants -- any good?

Prices have skyrocketed in the last 3 years or so and I agree with other posts - quality is definitely on the decline. I find the Eaton Centre location to be particularly bad. The selection and quality at Scarborough Town Centre is much better. In fact they used to (and still might) also sell Pho at the STC location. They definitely have a mix of other Chinese food there that I haven't seen at other Culture's locations.

The three-salad combo used to be something around the $5 mark. Now I believe it's upwards of $7.

Jerk Festival this weekend at Centennial Park

This is the first I've heard of this one. Anyone been? Is it any good?

Shawarmas in Toronto

I found Milo's too salty the last time I went. Could have been an off day.

I actually quite like Villa Madina in Scarborough Town Centre (with Tabouleh, which they charge extra for). From what I remember, the place in Eaton Centre in the south food court next to McDonald's was ok as well.

But you're right, haven't had anything as good as Ottawa here.

Hakka Garden on Overlea?

Thanks estufarian. It's not a long trek for me, so I'll give it a shot the next time I'm in the mood for Hakka.

Hakka Garden on Overlea?

Was driving along Overlea today and noticed this restaurant. Anyone tried it? Is it any good? How does it compare to Lin Garden, Danforth Dragon, etc?


Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

Anyone have anything to say about their smoothies? Thinking of grabbing one later today.

haribo gummy bears

Just saw Haribo winegums at Suckers on the Danforth. You can try calling to see if they also carry gummies.