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Are the Vosges ice creams and hot chocolate any good?

Thinking of getting some for a friend for Christmas. How are they? Any flavor you like in particular? On the hot chocolate, how does it compare with Mirabelle's? And has anyone tried teh Taleggio cheese truffle from Vosges? Sounds weird, but interesting. Any feedback appreciated.

Dec 19, 2006
reebs26 in Chicago Area

Best Indian in Austin––Bombay Bistro?

Looking for a place with good standard dishes--butter chicken, saag paneer, vegetable korma. I hear Bombay Bistro is pretty good. Is it the best Indian restaurant in Austin?

Dec 06, 2006
reebs26 in Austin

Another Indian in Austin question

My book club always serves food that coordinates with the book we're reading. This month, it's Indian. I love love love Indian food, but several others in the club have never even had it. (We're in Waco, these people like books a lot more than food, and there are no Indian restaurants here.) I've proposed picking up take-out in Austin, which they have agreed to. I was thinking of keeping it simple with stuff that it's hard not to like--butter chicken, vegetable korma, saag paneer, and lamb vindaloo.

What Indian restaurants in Austin do you think serve the best versions of these standard dishes?

Thanks for your help!!

Dec 04, 2006
reebs26 in Austin