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Experience with portable induction cooktop?

I've just moved to China for a job, and everybody uses induction cooktops. I've cooked on them several times while i've been in China, but i'm still not completely sure how to use them.

I'm not sure how many people have Chinese induction cooktops but there are a bunch of different presets. What exactly do all of the settings do? There's definitely one that warms milk, and a hotpot setting, and four other presets, but i don't understand what these are for! Shouldn't i be able to just set the temperature and then heat food? Can somebody please explain how there preset options are used? Is setting it to "hotpot" any different than just setting the temperature to a low simmer, or is this just for paint-by-numbers cooks?

Confused in China

Mar 26, 2011
flibbertygibbet in Cookware

The miracle of toast with its infinite possibilities! What's your favourite?

Maybe a little controversial but.... Hong Kong style French toast!!! Basically, it is not one but *two* slices of crappy white sliced, sandwiched together with peanut butter, dipped in eggy batter, deep fried and slathered in condensed milk/golden syrup and lashings of butter. I don't know how you could possibly not enjoy that (particularly with a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea).

Next - grilled cheese. Obviously. Mushrooms on toast (mushrooms, garlic, thyme, oodles of cream and a very thick wedge of toast). Even better.

Lastly, what about crumpets? I know they're not strictly toast, but you make them in the toaster, you cover them with butter, and they are the single greatest packaged food ever invented. It needs a mention somewhere.

Mar 18, 2011
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

Shall we talk about brownies again? Your favorite recipes and why they are favorites?

Nigella Lawson's from How to be Domestic Goddess. Makes a HUGE quantity of delicious fudgey, melty, chocolatey rich brownies that generally make people look at you as though you are some sort of demi-god when they taste for the first time. Seriously.

Once made this to take to a party, but with the minor addition of a layer of dulce de leche AND a layer of nutella on top (I was like 15, ok?!). One friend managed to snaffle nearly the entire tray and, after drinking copious amounts of alcohol, vomited the whole thing up onto the doormat. It didn't even put me off them.

Mar 18, 2011
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

What's your "secret ingredient?"


(I live in China)

Mar 18, 2011
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

Worst kitchen screwup.

I've been an enthusiastic cook from about the age of 8. Unfortunately, 8 year olds are stupid and absent minded, as I generally continue to be to this day. I'm going to put this in list form to keep it short:
1. Chocolate mousse cake. Expensive dark chocolate. Oodles of butter. Forgot the flour. After actually remembering to take it out of the over after the correct period of time (not always the case), I discovered that my would-be rich, delicious chocolate cake had separated into a horrific mess, gloopy chocolate mixture on the bottom of the tray and a good inch-thick layer of grease from all that lovely butter. Unsalvageable.
2. One of my first mistakes - baking soda instead of baking powder in my cupcakes. I wondered why they came out of the oven completely flat instead of rounded and lovely, but decided to take a bite anyway. Baking-soda-cakes are not yummy.
3. Curry powder instead of cinnamon in my morning porridge. With maple syrup.
4.Totally done the discarding-stock-and-saving-detritus thing when trying to strain my much laboured-over stock over the sink. Ooof...
5. Making hummus and didn't understand why I seemed to be using five times as much olive oil as called for in the recipe to achieve the right consistency. Tasted it and gagged on what tasted like pure, solidified olive oil. Reread the recipe and discovered that I was supposed to add some water as well. Another expensive mistake.

I guess i haven't done anything that terrible. No scars to show.

Mar 18, 2011
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

"East Coast" Style Donairs in Toronto?

King of Donair is still in Kingston. It's just moved West of Division on Princess. It was actually closed during drunken student time last time i was there. Students don't seem to venture West of Division.

On a day like today I need a Patio to be at

Where can you buy uncooked e-fu noodles in Toronto?

I bought some a couple of months ago in Chinatown at the grocery store on the west side, down the stairs. I'm surprised they aren't easily found in Chinese supermarkets. It was a fairly large bag for $1.99. Cheaper than pasta costs these days

Acme Burger - Bloor/Bathurst

Curiosity got the best of me. I went late in the evening, and the place was almost empty. They still seem a little disorganized, but i guess that's to be expected. I'm not sure the kitchen staff would be able to handle it if it got busy.

The burger patty was reminiscent of Burger King, McDonalds et al. The fries and onion rings were decent in a fast food sort of way. I think we only got 7 onion rings though. The fries come out of a big plastic bag. Like the original poster, we also had a problem with the sides being ready far ahead of the burgers (and remember, the place was almost empty). Toppings included all of the standards, as well as guac, tzatziki, and some sort of red pepper sauce in a squeeze bottle. I didn't try the signature sauce or signature relish.

I saw the burger guy handle the raw burgers and cooked burgers with the same tongs. I don't think that's okay.

The meal satisfied me at the time since i was starving. For about $9 a meal, it's not much more expensive than the big burger chains anymore, and the product reflects that. Mediocre.

My burger patty looked nothing like the one on this page:

Acme Burger - Bloor/Bathurst

That's too bad. I was looking forward to trying this place. At least their poutine uses cheese curds.

Teach me please. Not to miss menu items from restaurants in Chinatown

We're talking Chinatown here. It's surprising how there are a lot more Thai and Vietnamese suggestions than Chinese.

Food at Palais Royale?

I have attended a wedding at the Palais Royale. The food was mediocre. The h'orderves were okay, but i'm sort of partial to little fatty nuggets of goodness. From what i remember, there was pizza and mini burgers that weren't that good, crab puffs that were really yummy, sushi designed for really generic tastes, some decent bread... The only entree option we had (besides a vegetarian option) was fairly vanilla chicken (not vanilla flavoured chicken!) which was okay but little dry. The veggie option was pretty much the same thing except with the chicken replaced by a stack of sliced vegetables. The space was pretty nice though, and i'm sure whoever was organizing the wedding chose inoffensive food to satisfy all of the different tastes of the people attending. Some of those people may have really enjoyed it, but i don't think those people come to this site. I'm sure the venue would have many samples to try if you expressed interest.

Stinky tofu, anyone?

Where is this available in Toronto? I'm guessing most places would be hesitant to make it due to the smell. The smell was noticeable from way down the street of the Night Market, and my clothes still smell of it. I did want sample it, but the lines were ridiculous. Anyone know of anywhere? Preferably in the city.

Chow deals each day of the week

Great thread idea. I don't really have anything though. Toonie Tuesday at KFC? Although it's like $2.69 or something that's not really close to a toonie, and probably not right for the demographic of this board. How's about King's Crown nachos and a jug of beer at Sneaky Dee's -- which chowhounds seem pretty ambivalent about -- for like $20 on Wednesdays. These nachos have been mentioned in various 'best nacho' threads, with mixed opinions afterwards. I think it's a pretty good deal. Also buck-a-shuck oysters at various restaurants like Cyrano's or Fridays and Beaver Cafe on Wednesdays. Malpeques, of course.

Best Poutine in Toronto? Anyone?

I'm pretty sure Costco uses frozen fries. At least they did a few years ago. Cavendish fries. I believe everything the snackbar sells is available in the store. Maybe by fresh, you mean recently deep-fried.

Newly opened: La Tortillaria

Just stopped by for the first time. As others have said, the fillings were not exactly hot. Didn't blow me away, but it was certainly tasty. For the price (it would cost as much to get full at Toxic Hell -- er, Taco Bell) and the fresh tortillas, i'll definitely be back. Currently 1.75 for a half kilo and 3 for one kilo of tortillas (i'm pretty sure).

my dumb question # 294: is brisket OVER-cookable?

Yes, it can be overcooked. Over-braising it will dry it out. It seems a little unintuitive that wet cooking would dry out meat, but it happens. But i agree with fayehess, it probably won't be a big problem if you didn't overcook it the first time. Meat pies normally use cooked meat (and veg) anyway.

Feb 14, 2008
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

Using leftover wine for cooking


Feb 14, 2008
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking


I was at Island Foods the other day and somebody ordered just a roti with some goat curry sauce. Do most places do this? This would be an awesome cheap snack. I think they charged like $2 for it.

Also want to comment on Caribbean Roti Palace. The food is fine, though certainly not my first choice, but the lady who's been working the cash the most for the past while (i used to always get a different person before) really has to work on her customer service. While not outright rude, she isn't the least bit friendly and gives the impression that she wants to nickel and dime people. This has happened more than once when i've been in. Not a good way to build a customer base. Maybe she doesn't like my look or something *shrug*.

Cheap pasta maker in Toronto?

i saw a cheap one on Orfus Rd in one of the kitchen and houseware stores (not Kitchen Stuff) for like $10. This was maybe a month ago. It looked fine, quality wise. Not sure if it was a sale price, but they'd probably be cheap there anyway. But it probably wouldn't be worth your time to travel all the way over there to save a few bucks, unless you have ugly sketchbag clothing to buy. Or visit that cheese store while you're there; that place is pretty wicked.

Recipe for cooked shrimp?

Any recipe with raw shrimp, except add the shrimp at the very end to just heat through. I don't think the shrimp should be too rubbery. You could do anything really.

Dec 03, 2007
flibbertygibbet in Home Cooking

Liquid smoke?

Loblaws definitely has it at some locations. With the sauces, not the spices, last i saw (a couple of months ago).

Curry Fries

I didn't like their curry gravy when i tried it. I was pretty disappointed.

I thought this thread said "curly fries".

Banjara (Bloor near Christie)?

I have been once. The food was not particularly good, though still satisfying. The service left a lot to be desired. Although in their defense, they were having a party there at the time, which took up the majority of the restaurant and possibly affected the food and service. The breads were all really good and fresh (we ordered three different kinds).

Of note is the fact that i don't think i've ever been to an Indian restaurant that I thought was bad. Mmmmm, curry. I'd consider this place below average. But the price is okay, so if you're in the area it could be worth a try... or you could always walk down Bloor to Mt Everest or Little India.

Eating at a bar in Toronto

Cava's also pretty good and fits your description, if you're in the area. Yonge and St Clair.

Propane tank refills in Toronto


Does anybody know where to get bbq propane tanks refilled in the city? I'm in the annex.


Indian in the Annex: Mt. Everest vs. Nataraj

Speaking of Indian in the Annex, does anybody have an opinion on Red Rose on Bathurst just South of Bloor?

Korean Walnut Cakes - the great debate.

What are these "stuffed pancakes" you speak of? What's in them?