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Anyone Know this Bloomingdales Brand?

I just (as in this morning) purchased a 13-piece set of Bloomingdales Professional stainless steel cookware by All-Clad. All brand-new, in the box, for $200.00.
So, where's the catch? I can't find the item online.

Dec 26, 2006
Deej in Cookware

Fresh Returned Food Thrown Out?

My wife had a very nasty experience over the weekend at Costco. We overpurchased food items two days earlier for a party, so went to return some items - containers of Hummus, Tapenade, salsa, etc.

The woman who accepted the items essentially sneered at my wife, saying, "You realize we have to throw all this out, don't you?"
No, we didn't realize that. Why dispose of perfectly sealed goods - is it because if they were purchased cold we might have left them out to spoil? Is this a common practice? We felt bad and I suppose we could have donated the food to a shelter, but isn't it sad that a shelter would take our word and a company won't?

Dec 04, 2006
Deej in General Topics