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Mexican L.A. for Serious / Old Line Chowhounds

Ok, I'm not sure I meat all the hard-core requirements, but I will say this. I finally went to Alegria on Sunset recently, and was absolutely floored by how good the chicken mole was. The waiter informed us that there were dozens of different seasonings/ spices in it. Whatever they did, it worked.

The home-made tortilla chips were outstanding, as were the extremely fresh mahi mahi fish tacos. The presentation is very straightforward, nothing out of the ordinary, but the flavor is just terrific. I was very impressed.

Also, no discussion of great Mexican food would be complete without mentioning Mama's Hot Tamales near MacArthur park. This place blows most LA Mexican grub out of the water, hands down. Both previously mentioned establishments are great bargains as well...


Vegan near Echo Park tonight -- how's Cru?

I would definitely recommend Elf. There are tons of discussions about the restaurant on here, so i recommend doing a search for it...

Good Indian Recommendation

I would recommend JAIPUR on Pico near Westwood. If you go there, and you like seafood, I highly recommend their fish tikka. It's heavenly.

It seems to be family run, is definitely unassuming, with very reasonable prices. I really really like the place!

Alternatives to "LOBSTER" with a view?

Thank you all! I will look into those options. If you have any more epiphanies, feel free to chime in again.

Alternatives to "LOBSTER" with a view?

Hey everyone-

I really do enjoy "Lobster" in Santa Monica, but was wondering what else is out there. Can anyone recommend a great seafood restaurant in the S.M./ Venice/ Marina Del Rey area with an equally impressive view of the ocean? I'm looking for both quality and ambiance & ideally a great view.


Korean BBQ + Karaoke in K-town?

Hey everyone--

I have a good friend visiting from NYC & I want him to see the awesomeness of Koreatown. Ideally I would love to find a place that has affordable BBQ AND a karaoke bar in the same location. If that does not exist, can someone suggest both an amazing Korean BBQ and Karaoke bar in the area?

By the way, I have done SOOT BULL JEEP. I smelled like a bbq pit afterwards, but otherwise really enjoyed it. Any others I should know about?


What is your most useful/best beloved non-mechanical device in your kitchen?

I would be lost without my garlic-crusher, which is powered by the strength of my grip.

Jan 13, 2007
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Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

Valley Pinoy--

Wow thanks for that thorough list! Which of the "Hi-Fi" options is your favorite?

Awesome, affordable restaurant @ Melrose & Highland?


My friend and I want to get a quick, affordable, but delicious meal before seeing a show at Melrose & Highland. Any suggestions on where to go??? We don't exactly want "fast food", but it certainly doesn't have to be too fancy-shmancy either. Larchmont has a bunch of restaurants, but many of them are marginal... any thoughts???

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Beers and Burgers in Park Slope?

Don't forget about PARK SLOPE ALE HOUSE on 6th avenue (near 4th street i think?). That place has awesome sweet potato fries, lots of beers, decent prices, and a great bizarre game room downstairs that feels like the bottom level of a danky cruise ship.

I live in LA now, but I miss that place in my old hood... park slope.

Good Breakfast in Los Feliz/Silverlake?

My idea is not exactly Silverlake, but it's not too far from it:

CHA-CHA-CHA on Melrose & Virgil. Yeah, it's a chain... but it's really well-done. Very inventive combinations of foods & all super-fresh. Great for breakfast/ brunch.

Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

Thank you so much to all who replied. This was unbelievably helpful!

Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

My wife and I are recent NYC transplants who are accustomed to wandering neighborhoods by foot to find great hidden restaurants. Obviously, this stategy poses problems in a place like LA.

We live in Historic Filipinotown (wedged in between Silverlake, Echo Park, and Westlake... very close to Koreatown and Downtown as well). We haven't even found FILIPINO food within our neighborhood, which makes us feel like we must be driving around town with our eyes closed.