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Japanese Grocer

Ouch! $4.00?
At those prices you'd be better off brewing your own green tea and putting it into a bottle...

Japanese Grocer

Thanks for the specific address.
I found PAT's in Mississauga and it was not too bad --- mostly Korean stuff.
I'm sure that Japanese things are at least 2x more expensive here than there (though I found the rice in PAT to be reasonable compared to Japanese prices, but we haven't eaten it yet so it might not be the same quality) but then again N. American things over there tend to be a bit pricey... 150 yen for a can of root beer?

Japanese Grocer

That place is all right, but the owner was rude to my wife a few years ago when we were in Toronto. She wasn't my wife then, but we were dating and he told her to ditch me and marry a nice Japanese boy. He also said she should leave Canada and go back to Japan, because Canada wasn't a good place to live.

Japanese Grocer

What's the full name of T&T? Phone number? Address? I can't seem to find it in the Mississauga phone book...

Japanese Grocer

I'm expecting my lovely wife (who is Japanese) and my daughter from Japan any day now (visa issues) and she has given me the mission of finding 'real' Japanese groceries in the GTA. We will be living in Brampton, but if anyone knows a good Japanese grocer in the GTA I would appreciate if you could pass it along.

In particular I'm looking for:

and apanman bread, which is a sweet bread for kids (which my daughter loves)

My wife also heard unconfirmed rumours (through an Internet chat site) that some No Frills sells natto. I checked at my local No Frills but couldn't find any, and I find it hard to believe that No Frills would stock it. Perhaps in some locations. Any leads?