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[AUS] Artz Rib House BBQ - My Thoughts

choir member comment incoming:

artz is by far my favorite BBQ in austin, and not just their ribs. next time, try their chicken, it s fall off the bone moist. or if you like burgers, they have some of the best in town and are on special everyday during lunch.
on friday, go a little bit early to get an order of their rightfully famous spare ribs, kind of a cross between the country ribs and baby back....meaty, smoke-infused heaven on a plate.

Jan 08, 2007
zeeklafreek in Austin

Bad Brisket at Kreuz's Today

ya'll just need to go to Artz' Ribhouse. :)

Dec 11, 2006
zeeklafreek in Texas

Eating at Din Ho tonight (Austin)

Din Ho is far and away the best Chinese food in Austin. i ate there at least once a week for almost 4 years and never had a bad dish and there aren't many places that can boast of the same record. BBQ pork is incredible. beef flat noodles the same, spinach, hot and sour soup etc etc etc...

go for the food, not the service....

Dec 05, 2006
zeeklafreek in Austin

Another Indian in Austin question

hi reebs,

i went to high school in Waco. :)

i live in Germany now but all my customers are in the UK so i am a bit spoiled when it comes to Indian.

i remember that the Clay Pit ( )used to server decent Indian food, but historically, that is one area that Austin is sorely lacking.

Dec 05, 2006
zeeklafreek in Austin

Best coffee in Austin

i've not had anything that comes close to Anderson's. yes, just walk in and take a pull from the elephant in the store while you're picking up a pound of Alfred's blend. since this thread did say coffee, and not coffe drinks.
tom, i had the pleasure of taking a class from your father in the mid-80s and used to write some for the chron as well. didn't you start the Polemic way back when too?

Dec 05, 2006
zeeklafreek in Austin