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Beer, Food, Chocolate in Brussels, Belgium?

I'm glad you had such a lovely time. I live in Gent now, so will use your notes when I go explore Brussels. I'm with you though- the Belgians are peculiarly proud of their fries, while ubiquitous, are not noteworthy. To me, their just fries! A pile of the stoverj sauce though, and you have a meal. I will say, I like all the little frie shops, as it is far better to have a take away of fresh fries and mayonaise than a big old bag of fast food any day.

Birthday dinner in Gent, Belgium

I moved to Gent this summer from Boston. My boyfriend and I don't eat out as much as we used to as he's a full time student here and I have more time to cook.

So, now I am extremely excited because my birthday is coming up and easily, my favorite thing in the world is food. Good, real, honest, delicious, beautiful food. I'm not a fan of the molecular gastronomy, and the atmosphere doesn't have to be as chi-chi as the prices. I want the food to be #1 and after that, everything to fall into place. Price is not an issue. I have no strong flavor preference or limitation... although do enjoy set/tasting menu's... and like seafood and french food. Romantic would be nice - no bright lights please. It is my birthday after all. grin.

I have been considering the following:

Le Homard Rouge
Allegro Moderato
De Blauwe Zalm
Jan Breydel

While I would like to go into Brussels, I thought I should explore this town a bit first. Am open to other restaurants as well. Your thoughts? Preferences? Look forward to any suggestions.

solo diner in brussels, bruges, antwerp?

If you are up for it, visit Gent- its on the way to Bruge and is so charming. There is a small cafe on the canal that servers only a few dishes, and one is the best Waterzooi- a hearty seafood stew so its perfect for you! I mean it is so tasty and chock full of goodies, fish and shrimp and veggies and oh my, I need to go and get some. It is on the Graslie, the last one on the end before the bridge. Sorry I don't recall the name. Very low key and lovely.

Vlaai van Aalst Recipe

HI Giad- I moved here to Gent this summer and loved the Kerst Markts but did not try this lovely cake you are referring to. I am happy to help how ever I can (next time I'm out wandering, shopping, etc) but the markets are closed now. Please let me know what you are looking for and I'll keep my eye out. Cheers! Court

Jan 16, 2008
idreamofrivers in Home Cooking

worst sushi

Taste of Asia, right on the main drag Washington Street in Salem, MA.

Pick of da Crop- Which one do we choose?

So I'm heading for a long weekend in Portland and as my man's not as into food as I am, I get to choose one great restaurant. I've done a fair amount of perusing so here's the list I've discovered. Please help me narrow it down.

You can tell me where to do lunch, what has the best vibe for cocktails, the most romantic, etc.

As for what I'm looking for, nothing extravagent ($200 a head just isn't the right vibe for now). I'm not looking for a tasting menu, just good, clean, well prepared food. I love local and fresh and adore seafood. My man enjoys his beer and neither of us want anything stuffy, pretentious or even that upscale, as the majority of the trip we'll be camping. Just a solid, delicous meal, a perenial favorite, a good spot...

What say you? Where shall we go?

Alba Osteria
clarklewis- local
Paley's Place
Park Kitchen

worst sushi

I'd say Kaya and Douzo in Back Bay are both middle ground, with Douza being on the high side but still not great. I agree with you on Billy Tse's as well. I live in Salem, MA so Asia has the best sushi, followed by Asahi Japanese Steakhouse and ending with Bankok Paradise. Asia is not out of this world, but it is pretty damn good for the area.

worst sushi

It must be said- I ate at Jae's on Boyleston and it was so bad, I thought they must have given me a bad piece of tuna (I got the spicy tuna roll for takeout as I work nearby). I will say the manager was kind enough to offer me another lunch on the house and remembered who I was when stopped by for round two. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but again, the tuna was nearly inedible! I threw it out. Nothing is so off putting as bad sushi. I appreciate their effort to accomodate me but I was disapointed to learn that it wasn't a one off.

Finz, anyone been?

You eat at Finz for the atmosphere, for the buffalo calamari and the oysters. Aside from that, you go to Grapevine for a good pricier meal and to Ye Olde Spot for the best pub grub I've ever had. As for dedham, no se.

Great new restaurants in Boston area?

Rialto's got a brand new menu since Jody Adams has focused all her energy on this restaurant, a few old keepsakes, but lots of new goodies. Closed down for January and reopened with fresh look and new menu- all Italian. Yum.

No 9 Park and Toro Recommendations?

If you do the tastings at #9, seven courses is more than sufficient but doing this paired with wine is a prerequisite. The wine simply had me smitten.

My Birthday Dinner- narrow the choices

Yay for everyone's terribly thoughtful replies (and wishes for my birthday, yippee!). So? While Salts is the back-up- and I have a mile long list of 'Must Eat At...', I have reservations at No. 9 Park. I work at Oldways and we've a new book out that Barbara and Cat are in and are helping us promote. Since I haven't met them and we're doing an event together, I thought I should take pleasure in their cooking beforehand!

My Birthday Dinner- narrow the choices

Thanks everybody. I like how low key Salts seems, even though the menu looks fab. Clio is out ($) but Salts has been added. Dear me- its a good dilemma when there's so many great choices. More comments appreciated and I'll pass this on the man who make the final decision and let the evening's locale be a surprise. Cheers!

My Birthday Dinner- narrow the choices

Me and my man are going to celebrate my birthday with some fine fine food. But I need help- which one?! I adore good food but I am no expert so don't want to be overcharged if I can't appreciate it- and I'm NOT a fan of the molecular gastronomy. Nothing to snobby. I've narrowed it down to:


But if you think there's an option we should go to instead, just holla! Thanks!