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Sardegna in Larchmont?

We have. There is a reason why it's always empty....

La Villetta under new management

La Villeta is to be torn down to make way for the new high rise that will be built in that parking lot and over the NY Sports Club. The owner is looking for new space, possibly in Manhattan, to open La Villeta.

Midtown suggestions with children

Carmines on 44th and 8th -- Italian, loud, fun, high chairs -- serves family style. Go early for lunch and dinner and you won't have to wait. You''ll love it...everyone does!

Mar 19, 2007
celebrate18 in Manhattan

Place to have 40th birthday party

Sushi Samba is a fun, hip take on Sushi and the location in the west village (NYC) has a roof deck. Not expensive at all. Could work...

Out of town hound wants lunch in Greenwich, CT

Delamar is always nice because it is on the water in dowtown Greenwhich. Right off I_95

St. Patrick's Day in Bergen County or Westchester

Dooley Macs - Mmk Ave white plains

any good peruvian in port chester??

Great Peruvian in New Rochelle. Chola. Very good. Downtonw New Rochelle.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

Have to agree on Crabtree Kittlehouse. When we moved to Westchester we figured we'd try is dated and servcie is amateurish we found. For what it is suposed to be, we found it very dissapointing.

Falafel in Westchester

whoops, forgot to say that Turkish Meze (see above comment) is in Mamaroneck.

Falafel in Westchester

Turkish Meze has excellent falafel, is not expensive and is a great, inexpensive, simple place to know about. Everything is good.

Aurora (Rye) vs. La Lanterna (Larchmont)

I would say that Lanterna in Larchmont is average at best. But, it is much more casual than Aurora. Not as stylized. I found Aurora only to be okay as well (our pasta was so al dente it was inedible, but the other dish was fine). For Italian with a five year old, I'd go the other way, just as near to you, in Portchester. Pieros is great and at an early hour (which I imagine you are doing w/child) you're certain to get a table. Later it's much harder.

Comfort Food Breakfast with Cozy Atmosphere in Lower Westchester?

Stanz Cafe in Larchmont is a breakfast and lunch only place. I think its what you are looking for. Cozy, simple, fogged windows, good food. Inexpensive, homemade baked goods. I only wish the coffee were a bit better...but worth the visit.

Backals yet, anybody?

Heard just today from a friend -- unfortunately thumbs down in a big way.

best chocolate gift

Cocoa in Larchmont. Cute, small, excellent.

Dec 11, 2006
celebrate18 in General Topics

danbury to westchester move... quality falls off on good basic (or junk) eating

GOlden Rod in New Rochelle (next to Larchmont) is the best Chinese takeout...!

Purchase Street in Rye

Watermoon is fun for ethnic asian and a hip surrounding. For nice Italian Aurora has a good buzz, and Franky and Johnny is a good steak house, albeit expensive.

Cholos, New Rochelle?

Cholos in New Rochelle is very good. Basic, not fancy but worth the trip. You;ll catch the mayor of New Ro in there!