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12" chef knives

Thank's for the link...I had actually been thinking about one of these big boy Forschners...at 29.99, that sealed the deal. I just ordered one.

You can NEVER have enough knives.

Apr 08, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Le Creuset new Matte color line

I'm boring..I'll stick with my jet black Staubs.

Apr 03, 2014
wabi in Cookware


Self confessed Crocoholic. I've worn them for years now, and literally have worn them on every continent on the planet except for Australia and Antarctica. In all 4 seasons as well. I do have to note that I live in Hawaii, so both the climate and the island lifestyle make them perfect for year round wear here. That said I've worn them from NYC to Paris to Tokyo...

For years I just wore the Classic, and honestly, really like them. Recently have been having some arthritic problems in my feet, and on the advice of a podiatrist bought a pair of the Duet Sport Clogs. They are very nice on the feet and have a combination of both rigidity in the sole as well as some cushiony soft foam under the feet. A bit clunkier, but very comfy.
For years I wore a pair of fugly powder blue Classics in the hospital OR, but was always cautious wearing them as they were horribly slippery on wet surfaces..which are ubiquitous in ORs...so last year bought a pair of the Croc Work Bistro Vent clogs, which have a more aggressive slip resistant tread. Bingo! They're perfect in wet, slippery floors. This model seems to cup and hold your foot more than the other model Croc clogs...but are still loose enough to slip on and off. I never wear the strap in back, I prefer the slip on/off comfort of the open back clogs.

In short, despite outting myself as a Crocophile, I think the Work Bistro model, of which the Mario Batali orange is one of the options would be very comfortable in the kitchen. I spend long hours in a hospital operating room wearing them, and wouldn't want to wear anything else. BTW...it was wearing them there which caused me to start wearing them full time outside of work..

I hope this helps.

Apr 03, 2014
wabi in Cookware

All-Clad wok shaped pan vs. A decent wok


Tane Chan is the harmonic convergence of woks in the US.
She and Grace Young have done more in the last few years for wok cookery than anyone else.

Go there, get the right wok for your needs the first time, and have no regrets.

Mar 21, 2014
wabi in Cookware

overwhelmed All-Clad

You're getting some decent advice here. Stick with the basics, and then you can add on from there according to your cooking habits and needs.

Jeez Kaleo.....I kinda like my All Clad essential pan, it does come in handy!

Mar 19, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Calphalon Commercial

I'm still using mine..originally purchased in 1982. They are the basis of my cookware.

Mar 16, 2014
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Stainless steel bowl + Handmixer

Yes it is.

Mar 15, 2014
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Sansaire sous vide - my experience as a warning!

+1 on the Anova.
I'm very happy with it.

Mar 14, 2014
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I didn't see this question asked recently. If I have gas burners, should I get a round or flat bottomed wok?

Your choice. Tradition says you can use a round bottom wok with a wok ring. I'm a poor electric stove guy...I have flat bottomed woks. They work fine for me.

Mar 12, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Best brands for Chef's kinves

I have to agree with Chem and Cowboy. It really all depends on your personal investment as to sharpening. That is key.

We can talk about chef's knives for days. There are great beginners knives, there's a lot of junk in the middle, and then there is the rarified air of the higher end of chef's knives.

You asked about "brands are considered best quality for beginners"...and I will take your word literally from there.

Go to Amazon, and take a look at the Victorinox fibrox handled chef's knives...


Well made, low priced and a size for your every desire. Lots of bang for your buck.
I love great chef's knives. The Victorinox is what I buy for my wife.

Mar 11, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Good Quality Wok for Home Use

I would buy a 14 inch carbon steel or carbon steel wok from The Wok Shop in SF. Go to their web site, read up on things, and then chose the one that is right for you. I personally have a 14 inch Joyce Chen cast iron wok, as well as a 14 inch US made flat bottom pow wok. The US flat pow wok gets the most usage in my house.

Get carbon steel or cast iron, take the time season it yourself. Don't even think of buying a non stick wok.

Tane Chan and the Wok Shop are THE place to shop and ask questions. There's a lot of info on their web site, you can call them or email them with any questions. You don't have to go any further than that.

Mar 02, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Borough Furnace Skillets?

Well the USPS tracking website says it should be here on Monday...I'll let you all know what I think once it arrives.

Mar 01, 2014
wabi in Cookware

kiawe liquid smoke?

Mar 01, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Please recommend a rice cooker

Another vote for the Zojirushi.
I'm on my second one in 20 years.
They just work....

Feb 27, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Kauai trip report - Jan 2014

Ara's is the bomb!
I stop there a few times a week for poke.
They make it up fresh every few hours.
Ara and Debbie are wonderful folks too.

Feb 27, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Borough Furnace Skillets?

Ok...I will be the first to admit it. I am a cookware addict. I like good cookware.

I grew intrigued by a project on Kickstarter for a start up firm that wanted to make cast iron skillets out of recycled iron in Syracuse NY. I didn't bite, but then I started to read some blurbs about them and became interested.

Well, it took me a while but I finally managed to score one, and it is on its way. (They are a hand made, limited production, so they only make a few per week).

Does anyone else have one or know someone who does? I am interested to see what some of you think.

I will give a full report when mine arrives.

Feb 26, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Anyone have T & T recipe for black bean soup?

I had the same question a few years back, and loved Victor's black bean soup from the NYC restaurant.


Feb 16, 2014
wabi in Home Cooking

Kauai requests for where to buy wine, fish and local proteins and fruit and veg

Local beef...Wailua Country store in the Wailua Homesteads.
Local pork...anywhere that sells Kaneshiro farms pork.

Feb 03, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Kauai requests for where to buy wine, fish and local proteins and fruit and veg

Hanalei presents a paradigm...It's beautiful, it has such magic....its a long drive from anywhere else on Kauai, and if you're staying out there, its hard to go anywhere else to eat. The flip side of the magic is you have to overcome the laid back surfer hippie pakalolo white boys with dreads granola wheat grass smoothie vibe to consistently produce GOOD food.

Being enthusiastic about food, I'm always looking for that creative spark, or a passion for great food that comes from a great chef.

I guess the upside of Kauai being a backwater is that it remains just under the radar and doesn't get the rampant development like our friends on Maui. I do live here because of Kauai's rural feel,so I guess I can't have both.

I've been edited here (I am a mod on another internet forum...so I respect their actions) because of my enthusiasm for Jean Marie Josselin's restaurant and foods. He is a long term friend of mine, but that friendship stems from his undying enthusiasm to make great food out of Hawaii's fresh ingredients. Whether New Hawaiian cuisine or not, I wish more chefs would embrace and use the abundance and freshness that the land produces here. Great recipes prepared by 2 week old produce shipped from the mainland is just that...2 week old food.

I've digressed from the original thread starters question, but I welcome any discussion of food and restaurants here in Hawaii, and of course on Kauai...for my drift, I once again apologize.

That said, there is some great food to be found here. If I can add one more contribution to this thread it is to point out the web site of some Kauai food enthusiasts who offer food tours here on Kauai. I don't know them personally..but follow them on Facebook. They are really on top of things here on Kauai.


They are worth a look.

Jan 31, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Kauai requests for where to buy wine, fish and local proteins and fruit and veg

I am not sure...I heard she moved to the mainland. I haven't seen her in many many years. I'll ask around though.

Kaleokahu...I like Brick Oven pizza, and since I live on the east side, I go to the one in Kapaa. It's not bad...but have to confess, I prefer my own, and buy theirs out of convenience..

My opinion and my opinion only....I say this totally tongue in cheek as this is just my own thoughts, no one else's....'WHAT KAUAI NEEDS IS......." 1. a good steakhouse. No one on the island has a steak better than mediocre. You're better grilling your own. 2..a ramen joint. We have saimin, but it's not the same. 3...a great burger place. There are plenty of passable burgers, but no place that stands out above mediocre as well. The Feral Pig in Lihue stands out. Their Feral burger is hit or miss though. I've had soggy buns, a burger that obviously sat on the grill for a while and was then reheated, and pickles that looked like they were pre cooked they were so limp. 4..a good Banh Mi place. We now have a few pho places...but no one has a Banh Mi that stands out.

I could go on. Hawaii has some awesome food, and with a wealth of fresh ingredients and diversity of culture...there is such a potential for great food. Hawaii has the chefs that can harness that energy...the guys who started the New Hawaiian cuisine movement about 25 years ago. Alan Wong, Peter Merriman, Bev Gannon, Sam Choy and Jean Marie Josselin are still putting out great food. With the locavore and farm to table movement growing, there is an intense interest in FRESH food. I think it is a reality on Oahu and Maui, but has yet to catch on entirely on Kauai. It's here, but it hasn't permeated down to most chefs and restaurants here.

Gpjba....sorry for digressing here and causing some thread drift, but it's up to you and other visitors as well as the hard core foodies here on Kauai to drive that movement towards food that is both good and fresh. Vote with your pocketbook.

Jan 29, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Kauai requests for where to buy wine, fish and local proteins and fruit and veg

Tiki Iniki would be fine for teens. It's both a bar and a restaurant, I think the tiki theme would entertain them.
I have not been to the Med Gourmet..but I have heard good things about it. The location of the place is great, right on the ocean past Hanalei. It used to be owned by and called Charo's years ago.
Merriman's on Kauai has been a disappointment to me. Really pricey, small servings, and a lot of pretension. Not many locals go there, and I won't go there again. He does have a more informal place downstairs which serves lunches and stuff...I've heard nice things about it.

By all means try to go to Hamura's, if there is any iconic Kauai eatery, Hamura's is it. There is just something about sitting on those short stools and slurping noodles elbow to elbow with everyone.

Enjoy your stay here!

Jan 28, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Kauai requests for where to buy wine, fish and local proteins and fruit and veg

Long term Kauai resident here. I live in Kapaa, so most of my recommendations are on this side of the island.

First off...wine/beer/adult beverages. Best price bar none is Costco, and their wine selection is pretty darn good. Longs, (both in Lihue and in Kapaa) have a decent wine selection, but can be hit or miss. The same goes for Foodland in Kapaa, but its amazing that they come up with gems at times. The Foodland in Princeville is a great little supermarket with an electric food collection and pretty good wines as well. There is a newer wine shop in Princeville, but I have not been to it.

Food...we all have our favorites. I can't comment on Josselins in Poipu because he's been a friend of mine for 24 years..I'm biased! You simply can NOT come to Kauai and not go to Hamura's Saimin in Lihue. It's been awarded a James Beard award for heaven's sake. (I always order the special and 2 chicken sticks. In Kapaa the Hukilau Lanai restaurant is really big on Kauai farm to table/locavore kinda stuff. It's not mentioned often here, but it's a decent place.

Farmers markets...I am familiar mostly with the one in Kapaa on Wed afternoon. Great selection of local fruit and veggies. For any of the farmers markets, bring your own bag, bring plenty of 1 dollar bills, and by all means GET THERE EARLY.
For Kapaa, I'd get there at 230, the selling starts and 245, and the popular vendors get sold out pretty quickly. Get their early, see what you like, and stake out the vendors..and buy as soon as the horn goes off. There is also a farmers market in Puhi on the grounds of the local community college that pretty well attended on Saturday mornings.

For poke...I prefer Ara's Sakana-ya in Hanamaulu. Ara and Debbie are hard core in how fresh their stuff is. They make their poke in small batches throughout the day. Most of their customers are locals...Ara only buys his fish from certain fisherman. Fish Express in Lihue is also good (across from Wal Mart)...these are both family owned businesses who cater mostly to local folks...so they sell only the freshest of fish.

I'll put a thumbs up for Tiki Iniki as well...fun concept place, great drink menu, our dinner there was pretty good, my wife's fish was a bit over salted.

Let me also put in a plug for the Hanalei Gourmet right in the middle of Hanalei town. The owner, "Big Tim" has been in the same location for a long time. He's a great guy, and serves an honest sandwich and burger. He has a lot of regular local customers.

If you have any other specific questions about Kauai or what/where/who...just ask. I will do my best to answer any questions. Enjoy your visit here

Jan 27, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Big saute pan recommendations?

I had the same need recently, and as you did, purchased the 6 quart All Clad D5. I just got it this past week. I haven't used it yet so I am curious to hear what you and others think of it.
I too have a pretty crappy 40 year old electric cook top, so I am in the same boat....

Jan 05, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Lefty needs a knife!

I'm a hopeless lefty, and a bit of a knife collector...
Off the top of my head here are some recommendations:

In the more expensive range, knives by Shosui Takeda. He makes great kitchen knives, albeit Japanese style, and grinds them symmetrically, that is on both sides. Lefty friendly all the way. Murray Carter....his knives are also ground on both sides, also Japanese style blades. You can buy Carters knives from his website.
Takeda dealers in the US include Chefknivestogo, Arizona Custom Knives and Fort Henry Custom Knives. I've dealt with all 3 of them, and they are all top notch.

Mid range knives I would include to be the Shun knives, as well as the Globals. Both Global and Shun have lines that are asymmetrically ground, you just have to know what you are buying. Global does make lefty knives, you just have to look for them.

Lower cost, (but still very good knives), look into the Artiflex knives offered by Chefknivestogo. Most if not all are symmetrically ground, and offer a lot of knife for the buck.

There are other knives out there, and many more lefty friendly knives in the western knife category. I prefer Japanese style knives, and this is what my sinistro-centric search has come up with.

Don't give up though...there are lefty knives out there if you look for them.

Jan 05, 2014
wabi in Cookware

The Banh Mi Handbook, Andrea Nguyen's New Cookbook Sneak Peek

Andrea is just so enthusiastic as well.
You know the book will be good!

Dec 20, 2013
wabi in Home Cooking

Knife Misinformation

Wow...this guy is truly a legend in his own mind.
I went through his military and tactical knives. All he needs to do is to add a couple of "ninja throwing stars" and the hokum will be complete.

Dec 10, 2013
wabi in Cookware

Issues seasoning De Buyer Mineral B

There's a lot of good advice here. I think the point is that seasoning and using the pans works.

My advice...ignore all of the detail here. Use the pans. Cook with them. Don't use soap. Use the pans.

After a while, you will realize....hey, this works.

Nov 19, 2013
wabi in Cookware

Hand Hammered Wok from E-Wok Review

I feel lucky to have purchased 2 of their flat bottomed woks before they stopped making them. I use them and they are my "go to" woks.

That said, I was anxious to try the Wok Shops US made Pow Wok, so I purchased one...

I like it a lot! It's a sturdy wok, that now seasoned, is virtually identical to my e-wok hand hammered wok. I think it's a good deal and a good wok.

They can be found here: http://www.wokshop.com/HTML/products/...

Nov 11, 2013
wabi in Cookware

The Never-Ending Food Processor Debate

I wore out a late 70s vintage Cuisinart...finally wearing it out. I looked long and hard, read a lot of reviews and ended up buying a Magimix. Yes it was a bit more costly, but I have used the shizzle out of it and it asks for more.

I like equipment that works, stuff that will take a pounding and asks for more.

The Magimix is doing that so far.

Oct 30, 2013
wabi in Cookware

Seasoning cast iron or mineral pans

I've used the Sheryl Canter method using Flax oil multiple times. It works just fine.

Oct 30, 2013
wabi in Cookware