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Restaurant recommendatins in the Princeville area of Kauai?

Kaleo..I have put the word out. No moa nothing yet. Tanks for remindin me again..I goin shake da trees again..an see.

Sep 12, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Restaurant recommendatins in the Princeville area of Kauai?

I have to agree with Smoothiemeister and add a few points. Think of it.... Kauai is about as far out in the US you can get. The north shore is at the end of that road.
There are a lot of chefs that do pretty well with the ingredients they can get their hands on. But as Smoothiemeister points out...bad weather, can mean no fresh fish for a few days...yet 100s of visitors want a perfectly grilled ahi steak for dinner. Fruits and veggies can be seasonal....and restaurants are forced to use veggies that need to be brought in by barge. Locals know this, we know to go to Safeway on certain days because of the barge schedules.

In some ways I am spoiled, and in some ways I have an advantage. I know what is in season, I know what chefs and restaurants are good, and which are just "meh". I know where to get the freshest poke, and freshest vegetables, where to loco moco is good, a great plate lunch, and who has the best Saimin.

Some of the best food here on Kauai is not found at fancy restaurants, but at the little dive local places, or better, the kitchens of local residents who love to cook. I'll take a steamed uhu (parrot fish) freshly speared, with steamed rice and some chilled local mango for dinner any day of the year.

I am not meaning to be smug here...I think that finding good food here does take some work and takes research to find the really good stuff. Kauai is Kauai for the Na Pali coast, for the sunsets over Bali Hai. It's the end of the road, and it's life in the slow lane. What it's not, is a culinary destination.

E komo mai.

Sep 11, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Restaurant recommendatins in the Princeville area of Kauai?

I'm not allowed to comment on some restaurants because the owners/chefs are friends of mine. No, I am not an owner or a shill for any of them, but they are friends. I've been a Kauai resident for 25 years. Suffice it to say that a certain tapas place in Poipu is all about fresh ingredients. Fresh food IS ALIVE on Kauai... Check out www.tastingkauai.com for more hints about where to go on Kauai. YES, you can come to Kauai, have a great vacation, AND eat well. You just have to do your research.

Sep 10, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Pok Pok may be headed to Oahu Chinatown! (fab Thai in NYC)

That would be freaking awesome!

Sep 10, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Restaurant recommendatins in the Princeville area of Kauai?

Sir, I would like to respectfully disagree with you. I live on Kauai, am an avid foodie, and never run out of good places to eat. Picking a good restaurant and dish selection is key. There are good restaurants and bad, just like anywhere else. To be honest there are restaurants that local folks rarely go to, and that primarily cater to the visitor industry. Locals dont go to them because they are either too expensive, or as you mention...cant grill a chunk of ahi to save their lives.

Because so many of our foodstuffs have to be imported, it's no wonder that there are concerns for freshness in Hawaii. Our supermarkets are filled with imported "fresh" veggies that are already limp and fading.

For that very same reason there has been an avid locavore or farm to table movement in all of the Hawaiian islands...including Kauai. There has been a groundswell of farmers who are growing food for local consumption.

It just pays to do your research, and to ask a lot of questions.

That said, there are a number of local chefs/restaurants who source their ingredients locally, and their menu's reflect those fresh local ingredients.

May I suggest to potential visitors to Kauai a web site that is dedicated to the local food scene, www.tastingkauai.com ?

searching for definitive source on metal for knives

Lynn Thompson is a shameless design thief and snake oil salesman, who does not stand behind his products. Sorry for the incendiary comment, but he is very reviled in the knife industry, and stolen designs from friends of mine who are knife makers.

FWIW, I'm a Strider user when it comes to tough knives. Dwayne Dwyer, Mick Strider and Josh Lee make a great knife, are tremendous supporters of the military and LEOs, and have the best warranty in the business.

Sep 06, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Just pulled the trigger on some Falk cookware. How do I avoid pitting/delaminating?

I've had my Falk pans for about a year now, and use them regularly. I don't abuse them..but then they are no long the beautiful matte finish pans they were when I purchased them.

Use common sense, but just use them. They are tough as hell and meant to last a life time. That is very evident from the moment you unwrap them.

Sep 03, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Polyscience Immersion Circulator

Another vote for the Anova. KISS simple and well built. I love mine.

Aug 24, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Summer 2014 Yard/Estate/Tag Sale Scores

I had been keeping my eye out for a Griswold chicken fryer (deep frying pan) when I saw one on the "bay" for cheap. It was nickel plated and came with a matching lid. I watched it, and no one seemed interested in it, so I bid on it. It's now the work horse for fried chicken/tonkatsu/tempura.

Aug 10, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Is your rice cooker easy to clean?

We have had the Zojirushi cookers. We had a large "fuzzy logic" cooker and now have one of the smaller size induction cookers. As Chem has alluded to, the rice pot has a non stick coating which makes it very easy to clean. I will clean the top part of the lid that snaps in with a latch if it gets dirty. Other than that the clean up is a breeze, and the Zojirushi are literally set it and forget it rice cookers that are work horses. Worth every penny.

Aug 10, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Aloha from NYC! What did you stock up for the Hurricane to eat?

My wife and I always buy some extra canned goods dry food in June of every year. We both went through hurricane Iniki. I'm not a prepper, but I think we are ready. As with most Hawaii folks we laid in Spam ( dont look at me...my wife is the local girl!) canned tuna fish, made sure we have enough rice, and a fair amount of dried ramen. Recalling Iniki..I bought some extra beer...as well as some big bottles of juice and bottled iced tea. We keep a pretty well stocked pantry, so this stuff was just icing on the cake. We had previously purchased a few cases of water... I work in an OR, so we have collected 500ml and 1 liter sterile water and sterile saline bottles (empties from the OR), filled them with water, and also froze a bunch of them.

The only thing I am having pangs about NOT getting, which was on my bucket list was a large Yeti cooler in case the power went out for an extended time.

As of 1630 on Friday, the skies are dark here on Kauai, and we are having intermittent rain showers and strong gusty winds...the leading edge of Iselle. I honestly think we are going to be just fine though, with a bit of wind and a lot of rain.

But keep us in your thoughts!

Best source for online liquor and wine sales?

I live in a pretty rural area, so purchasing quality spirits is sometimes pretty difficult.
Can anyone recommend one or several online businesses with a good selection that sells online?
There are many that do...but is there any that stand out?

I have used Park Avenue Liquor in NYC in the past, but their website has been so buggy recently.

Aug 02, 2014
wabi in Spirits

A Knife Made By A Chowhound (our own Eiron): an overdue review

High fives to Elron!
Cowboyardee...you are a very fortunate man to have the opportunity to use and review a hand crafted knife.
BTW...I happen to like D2 steel myself, and have several smaller (non kitchen) knives made from it.
Elron and Cowboyardee, if you are at all interested in knife making, and want to interact with other knife makers (and collectors), including some kitchen knife makers, may I suggest you join the USN (The Usual Suspect Network, www.usualsuspect.net ) We started out just talking about custom knives, and the forum has evolved into a whole lot more. Some of the best knife makers on the planet hang out there.

Aug 01, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Is this pot stainless steel? How can you tell? [PICS]

Chem nailed it...put a magnet next to it. Baddaboombaddabing...you have your answer.

Jul 26, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Best Fish Sauce

You've gotten some good advice here.
Red Boat if you can find it. I think it is the best available in the US.
Three Crabs second, Megachef third.

Just like so many other things, there are differences in fish sauces from manufacturer or countries of origin. I find the Thai and Philippines style fish sauces to be too fishy, so I tend to stay away from Tiparos. (Others swear by it.)

Vietnamese fish sauces seem to have more umami than others, and are not overbearing in their flavor. This is the basis of my recommendations for fish sauce.

The Red Boat tastes more like the fish sauces I have had and purchased in Vietnam.

I suggest giving several a try and seeing which one you prefer.

As for GMO content, to be honest I wouldn't worry about that.

Jul 12, 2014
wabi in General Topics

can someone explain cast iron to me?

I just have to comment. I dont know if I will contribute much, but cast iron is such an emotional subject among foodies...

You stated that you are largely a vegan household..and that you use stainless steel. Let me say that I am a firm believer in using what works for YOU. Any internet forum is full of blowhards that say you have to use this or that in order to be genuine or get this certain end result... I say bullshit. It's what works best for YOU.

All of that said, I am also a cast iron fan.

Cast iron excels and does things that other cookware just doesn't do as well.

Bakeware...you can use a cast iron skillet to make cornbread that no other pan or method can rival. Hundreds of years of millions of southern cooks can't be wrong. It works...period.

Meat.. the mere mention of the word is a pox to many vegan cooks, but cast iron (and carbon steel) do things with meat that stainless steel or non stick pans can only dream of. The Maillard Reaction...that interaction between cast iron, heat, and animal flesh that creates an umami and complexity of flavor that nothing else can even come close.

Even if you just cook meat minimally, you want it to cook it well.

Therein lies the strength of cast iron.

Use what tool works for you. Use what gets you to where you wanna be, what taste you want to achieve.

Cooking is a complex activity. Flavor depends on the interaction between ingredients, cooking techniques and cookware used. If the browning of foods, and the complexity of the Maillard Reaction are important in your cooking repertoire...then you should consider cast iron.

If you can do well and are satisfied with stainless steel...save your money and be happy. What you have works...that's all that is important.

Jul 03, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Need a food processor

The same thing happened with my 70's vintage Cuisinart. I ended up buying a Magimix. I know it's out of your intended budget...but the thing is a workhorse!

Jun 29, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Non-Stick Pan experiences

I think either one will work fine. I am picky about my cast iron, carbon steel pans and wok, but when it comes to non stick pans, I pick up whatever is cheap and sturdy...usually at Costco. In nonstick I would avoid the costly frying pans as their lives are definitely limited to a year or so even when you take care of them.

I use them for eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches, sometimes fish. Use plastic or silicone utensils to maximize their life, and never ever use high heat on them.

Jun 28, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Toaster recommendation

I have to curse you....I've been looking for the "perfect" toaster forever. My current toaster is a Dualit...which is actually quite good. I like it in fact. BUT...I am a sucker for vintage cookware and appliances. To give the Readers Digest Condensed version...I love the classic stuff that works and stands the test of time.. (I've spent the last 2 years finding and collecting a collection of Griswold cast iron frying pans).

So since reading your post I have been cruising Ebay for a Sunbeam T-20..and purchased one today. Not a perfect specimen..but it works.


I'll let you know what it's like once I get it and test drive it.

Have a great weekend guys.


Jun 27, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Ice Chests...Yeti versus Pelican versus Brute Box

I'm in the market for a bomb proof ice chest. I am looking for an ice chest for both cook outs, beach days, weekend camping trips, AND for hurricane preparedness. After Hurricane Iniki here in 1992 (It was Sept 11 btw...) Kauai didn't have electricity totally reestablished for 3 months. It wasn't fun. Having a good ice chest is key. I want one that is large, and that will survive lets just call them...rigorous conditions.

Yeti is really the gold standard for high end ice chests, they are built like the proverbial brick outhouse. But them come at a cost, they are not cheap.

Pelican is new to the high end ice chest market, but makes some nice ones. I've used their plastic cases for years, and use one for luggage on repeated trips to the 3rd world. Pelican cases simply WORK. Their ice chests are nice, but bulky and heavy. I don't know enough about their ice holding characteristics to comment on them. They are cheaper than the Yeti's and I have even seen them for sale at Costco.

Brute Box.. US made, not as heavy as the Yeti's and a bit cheaper in price. I read some reviews, but don't have or don't know anyone with real world experience with them.

I lean towards the Yeti's and have a Yeti Roadie chest already. It is their smaller car/6pack sized ice chest. I REALLY like it, and in an informal test at home here, it kept ice in it for 7 days. That's pretty impressive. One of the things that I would think of as a disaster scenario is the loss of electricity for an extended period of time, and preserving the food in my fridge and freezer for as long as I can. After Hurricane Iniki, the daily routine was going to the grocery store, buying a bag of ice, drinks and food...daily or every other day. Trust me, it wasn't fun. So you can see my desire for a well built ice chest.

Anyone have experience with these brands and can compare them?

Jun 26, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Automatic Stir Fried Wok


Jun 24, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Wok Shopping

Another vote for a wok with a handle. I happen to like the pow wok or peking pan. If the metal handle gets too hot, I just use a dishtowel or pot holder. I have an electric stove, so am used to using the flat bottom woks. Chem...I own all three sizes, and chose which one to use based on the dish I am making. My flat bottom hand hammered pow wok from e-woks is my sentimental favorite and gets the most use. As my choice in screen name suggests...after several years of use, it has its share of wabi. The other carbon steel woks from the Wok Shop, both the hand hammered and the US made pow wok are good woks as well.

Has anyone any experience with the Debuyer woks? I'm curious about them.

Jun 23, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Private Staub & Miyabe knife sale on Zwilling site...

I know a few guys that have reprofiled knives for others. Let me ask some questions. BTW the forum I was speaking about is called the Usual Suspect Network. (www.usualsuspect.net)

Jun 23, 2014
wabi in Cookware

local/unusual dining Kauai?

While one of Kauai's home town favorite places has closed...the Hanamaulu Cafe, the owners do have a take out place right next door called Ara's Sakana-ya. They have an awesome assortment of poke and local snacks as well as bento sushi plates and plate lunch. It is my absolute favorite place for poke. I like Ara's recipe, and they make it up fresh several times a day, so it is always FRESH. I stop there at least once or twice a week for poke.

Jun 22, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

Private Staub & Miyabe knife sale on Zwilling site...

Oh...I don't mind the knife talk at all. I'm a moderator on a knife forum and a good segment of my friends are knife makers. I can go on and on about knives...

That said, I just love well made gear, and the Staub stuff is awesome. At those prices I couldn't say no, even to the 12.75 cast iron bathtub!

I will be the one who uses it, my wife has arthritis in her wrists won't even go near a cast iron skillet.

Jun 22, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Private Staub & Miyabe knife sale on Zwilling site...

Ok...I'm bad, and a sucker for great prices.
Forget the quality of the knives...this is a GREAT sale on some Staub pieces. I ordered one of the large (12.75 qt) oval Staub Cocotte, and the 6.25 qt baking dishes. Not frequently used...you're right, but when you need a pan like this..you need it! I have my every day cookware, but there are times when you need LARGE pots, and nothing else will do.

Thank you blondelle for sharing this with us.

Jun 21, 2014
wabi in Cookware

Canisters for Dry Storage

I'm not a religious fanatic, just practical...I use Cambro plastic containers I get from Amazon.


It works for me.

Jun 21, 2014
wabi in Cookware

local/unusual dining Kauai?

Everyone has nailed it pretty good so far.
The only thing I might add is the Kauai Beer Company in Lihue which is only open a few days a week has "Beer Truck Thursday" in which they invite food trucks to park outside their brewery on Thursday evenings. The trucks vary week to week, but includes "The Green Pig" truck which is usually parked across from Kealia beach.

Jean Marie Josselin has a fine dining restaurant planned for Kapaa, but will take some time to renovate and build.

The only other place I might add is Pho Kauai next to the bowling alley in Lihue, Decent pho and very good banh mi which is not on the menu.

Jun 21, 2014
wabi in Hawaii

♬Walk Away Joe♬ Best cup to carry around a cool drink all day?

Hydro Flask. They work.

Jun 19, 2014
wabi in Cookware

PSA Nakiri vs chicken bones!

(In my best Marlon Brando/Col Kurtz..)
The horror....the horror!

Jun 16, 2014
wabi in Cookware