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Deviled Eggs with Tarragon

I made the Chow recipe here, and it was excellent. These are very elegant and delicious deviled eggs that disappeared very quickly from my tea party spread.

Feb 22, 2009
minetka in Recipes

Salted Caramel Frosting

I made this frosting without modifying anything in the recipe, and it was fantastic. I frosted some chocolate cupcakes with it, and they disappeared before my very eyes. Texture was perfect with the full butter amount. To those who would up with dulce de leche--perhaps you didn't allow the caramel to cool down adequately before mixing it into the butter? (I let my caramel set overnight.)

Feb 22, 2009
minetka in Recipes

need caramel sauce for olive oil cake w/raspberries


I'm looking for a not-too-sweet and not-too-thick sauce to drape my olive oil cake with. I will be serving the cake with some fresh raspberries, as well. I'd just like to drizzle a little bit over the cake to give it that extra pizzazz.


Many thanks.

Jan 25, 2009
minetka in Home Cooking

Park Kitchen: Pomegranates, squash, radicchio and pepita brittle salad. How do I recreate it?

I just had the "pomegranates, squash, radicchio and pepita brittle salad" at Park Kitchen (lunch menu) and it was stunningly,unforgettably good.

I am determined to recreate it in my kitchen. What inspired these flavors? Is it a riff on a traditional salad? Something the chef made up?

I've found recipes for pepita brittle, so that part shouldn't be too hard to make.

But, what type of squash was that?

And, how do you make that incredible goat cheese/squash "dressing"? Is it simply a matter of pureeing goat cheese and squash in a blender?

Gawd. So good.

Jan 22, 2009
minetka in Home Cooking

Bad Expensive Tea

I could not agree more about the pathetic taste of Revolution tea. I bought a box of the English Breakfast when it was on sale, and I wound up throwing it away, it was so awful. I would let it steep for ages, and still the tea tasted like dishwater.

I'll stick toPG Tips, thank you.

Jan 13, 2009
minetka in Features

Rabanada (Brazilian-Style French Toast)

I made rabanada this morning using Aida's recipe.

It is *outrageously* good. No other French toast like it.

Jan 13, 2009
minetka in Recipes

PDX: Is it just me, or has something happened to the burger at Doug Fir?

Last night, we went to the Doug Fir for a cheeseburger fix. Normally, their "Fir Burger" (with ground beef, cheddar, and carmelized onions--ordered medium rare) is on my Top 5 list of gourmet burgers in Portland--right up there with Lovely Hula Hands, Cafe Castagna, Savoy Bistro, and Buckman Bistro (back in the day before it closed, much to my anguish!).

But, last night, something was not right. I think they switched the bun to something more whole-wheaty--not something I'm opposed to per se, but it didn't taste as good and was kind of mealy. The beef patty was enormous but seemed to lack the flavor and texture that it once had. I could barely taste the cheese and carmelized onions. Instead, I got a mouthful of tasteless shredded iceburg lettuce.

What happened?!?!?! Was this just an off night, or have they changed around the burger? If it's the latter, I think it's definitely for the worse. Anyone else have the same experience?

Mar 05, 2007
minetka in Pacific Northwest

MSP: Updated Dinner Recommendations for Minneapolis?

Thanks to all for the recommendations. Cosmos was our destination in the end--the news about the exec chef spiriting himself away to NYC in the next few weeks sealed the decision.

I must say that Cosmos fit the bill, nearly 100%. The food was stunning, and the atmosphere striking. (I think I might need to stay at the Graves Hotel during my next visit to MSP--not to mention visiting some of the other restaurants on this thread, e.g. LBV.)

Thanks again!

MSP: Updated Dinner Recommendations for Minneapolis?

I'm visiting Minneapolis this week, and I'm looking for a fabulous place to have dinner. Money is no object. I'll be there just one night.

I've done some searches on the boards and have assembled a list of places that sound interesting and don't appear to have since closed. Anyone care to weigh in? If you have a recommendation that isn't on the list, please let me know!

Cafe Lurcat
La Belle Vie

I'm looking for something that will stun and amaze. Food as art, if it exists in MSP.