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White River Junctio n, VT, Hanover, Lebanon, NH

ok I haven't been on here for a while ... but are all of you serious? food wise anyone knows that the farmers diner is a marketing joke- AJ's is frightening. Yama is not sexy or cool but good food if you know what to order.Tip top does a great respectable job and I would go there anytime-for lunch. Simon Pearce has a kitchen that is supporting the $$$$$ -which is glassmaking.(Ask any bride-on the registery)
so my recomendations ..... seriously none of these!!

Who's next- in the upper valley VT/NH?

Eastender, Elixir, Lauren inn- not to mention Bentleys and Firestones being saved from forerclosure.... a sad and telling trend in the upper valley.
Support your local community- I've said it before - spend the extra dollar or two to go to the locally owned places before its too late and we're all asking whatever happened to.... (fill in the blank)?

With the economy the way it is, PLEASE support your favorite local restaurants!!!!!

For a few months now we made the concious decision to no longer frequent places that hae more than 2 locations .... We have a small business and if we want to survive we need to put out the good word on this practice- now we know several couples who do the same thing...

Upper Valley VT/NH Gems

Just a quick note to say that we've had two really great meals recently
Lunch at tip top
and dinner and music on Sunday at the Parker House
Just putting some postive energy out there!

A few days in Hanover, NH!

What about Carppacio? Is it any good?

Woodstock, VT suggestions?

Do a search on the boards it seems to be the general concencus that Simon Pearce is best for lunch. Pane Y Salute in Woodstock is very good so and I have heard some good things about Mangowood if you want something more asian inspired. But as I've said before the hands down favorite is The Parker House in Quechee- just an unbelievable experience... food is consistantly out of this world and fresh and an amazing creative vibe and decor and the view is actually better than Simon Pearce for the view of the river and sunset over the valley.

White River Junction/Coffee

something"tucker" "-ville?"

Farmers Diner, VT

Someone took me there the other day and I have to say that everything said still stands.

Lunch in Norwich, VT

no problem the montshire is great - for grown ups too!

Lunch in Norwich, VT

King arthur has great sandwiches, foccacia etc. get some and then take your toddler over to the montshire childrens museum around the corner ... so much fun and you can have a picnic indoors or out in their great gardens.

What's New in White RIver, W. Lebanon and Hanover N.H.?

Is windsor really in the same part the OP is asking about? Seems like a drive and a half to me...

What's New in White RIver, W. Lebanon and Hanover N.H.?

Not much is... I like the tip top cafe and used to like como va - which closed. The newest is Elixir which might be good for casual but our group finds them a little to full of themselves as being the only "hip" (read NYC about 5years ago) place in the area. And not great food since the original chef left. My vote is for Pane e Salute in Woodstock or The Parker Housein Quechee in the Bistro for something more authentically eclectic. Hope this helps

Dinner for 6 in Upper Valley (NH, VT)

I agree about pane e saulte- also we heard that simon pearce may be closing this april for a bit as well.

You will need to do some research on who will be open

Is it me, or are more upper valley rest's closing more than ever?

Also the flour prices have had a huge impact and will continue to have a trickle down effect for every resturant or grocery store.
I'm not sure who is still open but our favorites seem to be weathering the storm - but all of the owners sure look grim and more than a little worried-
my point is don't go to the chains or larger places if you can help it -the news we're getting here is that the small mom and pop's or truck stops or Inns or BBQ shacks need our support more than ever.

Is it me, or are more upper valley rest's closing more than ever?

Whoops! sorry, Morganna, The upper valley is part of NH and VT along the CT river.

Is it me, or are more upper valley rest's closing more than ever?

We lost a lot up here recently - Pleasant st Bistro, Gusanoz, I know there's several more and many seem to be closing earlier and longer for mud season for example Carpenter and Main and Eastender.
Please get out there and support the small restaurants that are staying open - god knows they need it in this economic climate!!

Help-Waitsfield 1824 house or Juniper Hill Inn

The Juniper Hill Inn has a great location and is a beautiful property - never ate there though...

White River Junction/Coffee

I can't wait to get to umpleby's! Has the coffee shop opened yet?

Central Vermont Dining

I second the Parker House a great atmosphere and food. Simon pearce is great for lunch,too. Pane y Saulte is also great but I have found the Prince and the Pauper very lacking with uninspired food.

Dining/Lodging (Dog Friendly) en route to Quebec City

The Parker House Inn in Quechee (off 91) is great and takes pets

Upper Valley Restaurants: Carpenter & Main or Simon Pearce

There are so many other choices in the Upper Valley. Pane y salute, the Parker House Inn, Mangowood, Carpaccio
Carpenter and main has sadly gone downhill since the change in ownership.
Simon Pirece is an "experience" and not always great for dinner - we perfer lunch there.

Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT?

I would do a search on the boards for the jackson house -it seems with the new ownership that it has really gone downhill and with the award winning chef leaving....who knows.
Simon peirce is a great choice for lunch but the atmosphere (IMHO) is a little sterile for a romanitc meal. But if your heart is set on it then I would go to the parker house inn accross from it for a drink first to set the romantic mood.

Vermont-looking for inn with great food

In Quechee, The Inn at Marshland Farm is good for a Vermont experience but don't miss Simon Peirce for Lunch and th Parker House for Dinner.
(Their room are eclectic and gorgeous too)

Hanover, New Hampshire

We miss Tai Shan! Such a shame! I think the best way to find great food is to find chefs/places that hve a similar view of what great food/ atmosphere can be. Elixir was great but their original chef moved on, now not so good but nice because of the music. Find a place that's chef owned and for the most part you have a better experience- is my opinion. Tip Top is chef owned as well as Pane e Salute in Woodstock and and as far as were concerned The Parker House in Quechee is the most creative and consistent we've found.

Jackson House Inn Woodstock, VT

The chef that was there and won all of the accolades has left to go on to a much larger venue. I keep hearing the same things about the owners....

Hanover, New Hampshire

Hi Everyone
agree with tip top-great for lunchl, Glad to see someone else who likes the Parker House as much as us. We really think it is one of the best places all around. The host (owner-British) couldn't be more likeable or funny and we always find something great on the menu. Esp. now they have the authentic bistro menu for the winter as well and live music on Sundays. Not nearly as pricey as we thought. We saw a great montreal trio there and had great beef bourginon and frites.
Carpenter and Main has changed some I've heard that the tavern is good but was underwhelmed by the main dining room menu.

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

We absolutly do - I just meant because it's for sale and I heard that the owners health is failing...

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

Nice to see all of us chatting again why doesn't some one buy the old Polka Dot and make that a cool upscale coffee shop? Save time and $ and recycle a great WRJ fixture?

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

ohh what a triangle in WRJ that would make ... tip top/como va/ elixir.
My friends went to night to E and said they would never go back because of the food- that bad. And this used to be one of their favorites

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

I've been away and found out recently about this I thought they were part owners(?)
Too bad the food was very good - I hope they find another gig soon.