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Fun Milan birthday dinner?

Hello. I live in Milano, and i think i can suggest you a couple of good, very good restaurants, and not expensive.
First: "Isola dei sapori" . Extra good fish. About 30/35 euro each. Drink their local wine, white, dry.Remember them you will eat cooked "al dente"(if spaghetto ir pasta is your choice. Taste their "mix fried fish", unforgettable.Address: via Anfossi 10-Milano-tel +39 02 54100708 closed sunday and monday morning.
Second: name: anema e cozze (soul and mushels!!!)via Palermo 15 tel +39 02 72096866
fish and other, not expensive, a bit the cooking under the first i wrote.
Ciao!!! An italian gourmet
Renato. And, after, the best of the best of the best ice cream in Italy
Gelateria GROM, via Alberto da Giussano 1, or via Santa Margherita 16.

Mar 31, 2007
rdecolle in Italy

24 December dinner........i will do a great paella...

As my family tradition, supper of 24 december will be fish supper.
This year i thought to make paella.
I have:
1 The original paella pan (40 cm diameter)
2 A BOOK (!!!) by Maria Victoria Roger "500 arroces"....containing many paella recipes but.....what the best?
3 the strong will to obtain the best paella of my life !
Someone will help me?
Ciao from Renato, Milano, Italy
p.s. i can understand spanish, english,french

Dec 03, 2006
rdecolle in Home Cooking

bread Jim Lahey

Someone has made bread following the Jim Lahey recipe?

Dec 03, 2006
rdecolle in Home Cooking

Milan Christmas Day

Try to book at Savini, in the Gallery, or Aimo e Nadia, near Central Railway Station.
Many things to see, The main church, Duomo, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with the Leonardo da Vinci "Last supper" ( needs booking in advance, as soon as you can.
The place of "La Scala", the gallery Vittorio Emanuele, via Montenapoleone ( unfortunately shops are closed, a good luck for your American Express.....)
good luck, for Christmas, in my city.

Dec 03, 2006
rdecolle in Italy