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Recommendation near SFO

Any suggestions for a good spot for dinner near the airport ? We're staying near there the night before an early flight and won't have a car, but can do a short taxi ride. I'm thinking seafood, but we're open to other suggestions.. Ideally, not super expensive. Thanks

May 29, 2012
MAJ317 in San Francisco Bay Area

St. Patricks's Day in Chicago

Any suggestions for a fun spot for St. Patrick's day in Chicago? With good food? Lively atmosphere? Music? We'l be celebrating a couple of birthdays....Thanks for the suggestions!

Mar 07, 2011
MAJ317 in Chicago Area

Need Suggestions for Evanston Area

I'm looking for restaurant suggestions in the Evanston area (doesn't have to be limited to the city of Evanston) following graduation in June. We have a reservation for one night at Va Penseiro, so non Italian recommendations would be welcome. There will be around 8-10 people, so we are looking for a place that is not terribly expensive, nor too noisy/crowded (grandparents will be coming).

Apr 29, 2008
MAJ317 in Chicago Area

Any suggestions for Dinner around Lincoln Center?

We need suggestions for dinner after an evening performance at Lincoln Center-Hopefully, not terribly expensive, but nice, we're open to most any cuisine. Thanks for your help

Aug 17, 2007
MAJ317 in Manhattan

Suggestions for a 21st Birthday??

Our daughter turns 21 in a month and we'd like to make a reservation for a birthday dinner in the city. A fun place, w/good food (of course) & lively atmosphere, not super expensive. Possibly Italian (we've been to Follia several times and love it), or Mexican (we've been to Frontera), Latin Fusion (we've been to Carnivale) or Pan Asian...probably she would NOT prefer: seafood. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Apr 14, 2007
MAJ317 in Chicago Area

Recommendations in/near Theater District

What are your favorite spots in or near the Theater district--for either a pre-show or post show dinner ? Also, how much in advance should we make reservations. And, while I'm asking, any suggestions for just an after show drink in the same area?? Thanks for the advice!

Mar 07, 2007
MAJ317 in Manhattan

Indian Restaurants

Any recommendations/reviews for a great Indian restaurant in Chicago (that would be open on a Sunday evening)?

Feb 22, 2007
MAJ317 in Chicago Area

Florence for Christmas

My family will be in Florence December 22-26. Do you think we will have trouble finding a restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve and/or Christams Day? Any recommendations? We will also be in Padova, Lucca, Bologna & Venice, so any other suggestions would be great (probably not super expensive/formal places, however)Thanks!

Dec 03, 2006
MAJ317 in Italy