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WATCH: Tom Colicchio Picks 'Top Chef's Most Talented Contestant

Great find GirloftheWorld !

That's an incredible compliment for Paul Qui given the abundance of talent on that show over time.

Oct 22, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Republic of Sandwich

What are their hours?

Oct 16, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

How are you going to make your Thanksgiving menu special?

>> This is special enough as we only have it once a year.

Great point :-) !

Oct 08, 2014
sweet100s in Home Cooking

How are you going to make your Thanksgiving menu special?

Thanks so much for that recipe! I think I'm going to give it a try!

Oct 07, 2014
sweet100s in Home Cooking

Hard Hat XIII

Response from asking the question to the email address on Papalote's website:

"late January, if everything goes well with the city of Austin."

Oct 07, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

How are you going to make your Thanksgiving menu special?

How are you going to make your Thanksgiving menu special?

I want to do turkey pieces so I can optimize for dark / white meat. But that just doesn't seem special. How to spruce up turkey pieces?

I'm looking for inspiration in either the main or side dishes / dessert.

My crazy idea was to try to make one of these incredible cakes I had a slice of in New York City:
Lady M® Chocolate Mille Crêpe Cake
It's ruined me to eating normal cakes.

But without a recipe it's probably beyond my skill level to reverse engineer.

Oct 07, 2014
sweet100s in Home Cooking

Best meal delivery service

rudeboy is pretty much spot on with my experience...

When Mom was not doing well and I was afraid to leave the house because I didn't want to come home and find her deceased, I lived on Soup Peddler and the occasional Dine Out In or something like that.

In the most recent Northwest Austin Community Impact, I believe I saw an announcement about a Vegan food delivery company starting. Google the publication and see if you can find the announcement in their online version. Even if you're not vegan it could be good.

Oct 05, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Hard Hat XIII

and, does anyone know when the Papalote in north Austin near the 'I Fly" place will open?

their menu looks interesting

Sep 25, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Hard Hat XIII

Speaking of Hard Hat, if one were really curious and willing to invest the gumshoe detective work, how would one find out what exactly was going to be opened? City Permits?

Sep 25, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Austin Restaurant inspections - the highs and the lows

Thank khoister.

Some of these results are just so bad...

But maybe they have a good reason to have their scores..

Dear La Condesa Management:

Could you reply here with what you are doing to improve your restaurant inspection scores?

If pages and pages of low and high price point Austin restaurants can get

(pages of 100's scores)
(more pages of 90+ scores),

why have your inspections shown 3 consecutive sub-par scores?

In 2012 you had an excellent score.

What happened in 2013 - 2014?

Do you care about improving?

Is your price point not high enough to achieve excellent sanitation ratings?

Do you feel certain rules are not needed?

Sep 22, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Fork and Taco

Anyone happen to have a phone # for Fork and Taco?

Sep 22, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Iced tea concentrate - local ingredient sources

Rptrane, Thanks for the rec.

It doesn't look like they have a non-sugar version. Cool website though.


With a calorie budget of 1400/day or 2000/day depending on the day, I usually don't use it on sugar added to liquids if possible, especially not iced tea. Exception = the weekend cocktail if added sugar is really essential, like in Caiparinhas to muddle the lime with.

Ms. Dina,

>> i tried true lemon and true lime when it was in its early phases years ago, and it's good stuff. i've seen it at several HEBs in the baking/spices aisle. my circuit is parmer/mcneil, cat hollow, and lakeline, but you may find it in other locations.


>> i am so with you on the orange flavored crap. would orange blossom water work?

Ya know.... now that I think about it (this trip was in May) the owner might have said orange blossom water was what she added.

When I was typing the post I was stumbling on the third word - at first I typed orange blossom oil, but that didn't make sense (who adds oil to tea!?). But I didn't remember her saying "orange blossom leaves.."

Sep 21, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Iced tea concentrate - local ingredient sources

One key to surviving the summer Austin heat for me is a refreshing glass of iced tea. I've shifted from making a whole pitcher to making 16oz of iced tea concentrate.

My preference for iced tea is something more interesting than straight up black iced tea, but not strongly flavored fruited froo froo tea. Maybe "scented" tea is the right word. Here are the ingredients and tools I've settled on after lots of trial and error.

Current favorite blend:
- Loose Leaf Black tea, 4 teaspoons
- Loose Leaf oolong tea, 1 teaspoon
- Loose Leaf jasmine tea, 1 teaspoon
- One packet of True Lemon

steeped in 16 oz of almost boiling water for 2 minutes in a stainless steel cappucino frother.

=== Local sources for the tea leaves:

Anderson's coffee

- Anderson's Fancy Jasmine
- Anderson's Fancy Oolong
- Anderson's black tea leaves or Whole Foods black tea leaves

The bags of Jasmine and and Oolong I purchased from Anderson's have lasted forever. Since I'm using 4x as much black tea, I've had to find alternate sources since I'm rarely near Anderson's when they are open. It is actually surprisingly difficult to find loose leaf black tea, not already in tea bags.

Neither HEB, Trader Joes, or Whole Foods in the Arboretum carry loose leaf black tea. Central Market on North Lamar to the rescue.

True Lemon

I think I read about these on CH and have become a big fan. The eliminate $$ waste from lemons going hard or moldy, and they don't have crap chemical ingredients.

I have not found a local source for these.

1 packet for the entire 16 oz of concentrate is enough to 'lemon scent' the result. I carry a packet in my purse on trips to make strange water taste better. I mix half a packet with several tablespoons of olive oil and heat up slightly in the microwave for lemon chicken coating base.


=== Hardware

1) Most critical thing: Stay away from glass when making this iced tea concentrate. I have cracked 1 pyrex 2 cup measurer and 1 frigoverre measuring pitcher from Container Store doing this. (Container Store cheerfully refunded.


Acemart Restaurant Supply on north lamar carries
20oz stainless steel frothing pitcher
(easily confused with the 12 oz size which does not work for this recipe)

Looks like this one:

2) Mesh Tea Ball - need a 3" to give the tea leaves room to expand, like this one:


It fits in and out of the frothing pitcher only if I pivot the rim to align with the spout.

=== Currently looking for

Next variation I'm going to try is adding orange blossom, if I can find it.

When in Orlando for a conference, I had breakfast at Se7ven Bites in the milk district near downtown.

In addition to the best biscuits I've ever had, they had a wonderful iced tea. The owner said it was just straight up black tea with orange blossom added. Oranges are great, but I do NOT like orange flavored things ( how can people ruin great chocolate by making it taste like oranges...) OR fruity teas. However, that tea was wonderful. I need to call that place for hints on what to look for and where.

Sep 21, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Moooonrise Charcuterie

Maybe the patio at z Tejas in the arboretum would have a good vista?

(my only recommended meal there used to be their breakfasts... but Cover 2 for occasional brunch out has replaced Z.)

Sep 08, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Slab BBQ

Went for late lunch and enjoyed it.

I had the sandwich:

SLAB’s Original BBQ Classic. Smoked pulled pork topped with our housemade mustard slaw. Served with our housemade Backyard Red BBQ Sauce. Sandwich $6 / Wrap $4 (two for $7) / Sliders (two for $7)

I appreciated that the pulled pork did not taste over salted,
liked the sauce that came with it,
loved the mustard slaw.

Went for an extra side order of the mustard slaw which they didn't charge me for; not sure why.
Bun was soft and fresh, though I only ate the bottom half; calorie tradeoffs for the extra slaw

This place made me feel nostalgic for a place my buddies would drive 45 min for - a gas station in the sticks owned by an ace BBQer.
He served 1 thing - delicious vinegary pulled bbq pork sandwiches with poppyseed cole slaw.

They suggested this one next time:

SLAB’s take on the Cuban sandwich. Slow smoked pulled pork with Smokey Denmark’s
sausage topped with pickles, and queso. Served with our housemade Gold Rush BBQ sauce.
Sandwich $6 / Wrap $4 (two for $7) / Sliders (two for $7

though I'd have a difficult time not ordering one with that coleslaw it

They are on Research Blvd right after Burnet road heading south,
adjacent to that Sherlock's irish pub, though you can't really see their sign till after you pull in.

Sep 08, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Sichuan River

That's hysterical! :-)

Sep 06, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Hard Hat XII

holy smokes!

Impressive !!!

Sep 03, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Shakes from Fry's Electronics


This weekend through Thursday 9/4 only - special shake flavors from the Frys Electronics cafe...

Horchata shakes, Avocado shakes, Date shakes

I prefer the straight-up vanilla. It's a once every 3 month treat.
Some of the shake prepares insist on using vanilla syrup, some insist it's not in the recipe. It's good either way.
The cafe closes ~ 2 hours before the store.

If only my favorite backup drive were on sale too! (WD 2TB my passport).

Aug 30, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Minetta Tavern ... What a pickle!

(Lunch advice trip follow-up)

Yes, the Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger was exceptional.

But the pickle. The PICKLE.

Had a difficult time focusing on the burger after 1 bite of the pickle spear. The kind server presented 2 more upon request for 1 more.

She explained that Minetta Tavern makes their own pickles with a combination of brown sugar, nutmeg, cardamon maybe, and several other ingredients I couldn't hear because of the pickle crunch noises.

Curly's Carolina Brick and Mortar in Round Rock

How did they make the cucumber salad?

Aug 18, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Looking for a delicious Sunday brunch along the Connecticut coast

sgordon, I heart your mom.

Swooner was excellent. Delicious food, relaxing yet beautiful coastal interior design, and marina and coast line views. Will post pics + details in a couple of weeks.

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

As I described here,
my sister is recovering from a hospital stay for food poisoning.

If she still makes the trip, she might be fully recovered or she might have a limited appetite...

I'm wondering if I should cross Shopsins' breakfast off the list completely given most of their food seems on the heavy side.

Is there anything "lighter" or gentler on the tummy that you'd recommend for her?

They do have a good soup selection.


Aug 07, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Lower East Side delicious delivery options, with special considerations...

Looking for lower East Side delicious delivery options, with special considerations...

My adorable sister has been hospitalized (first time since she was 7 and had her tonsils out) since Sunday with a serious case of food poisoning. Today, Thursday, was better - first solid food. She said even the hospital food tasted great. She thinks she'll be discharged tomorrow.

We'll be staying at The Hotel on Rivington. If she needs more rest or doesn't feel like eating out for dinners (or whenever) I'll stay with her and send the men off on their own.

=== Plan A - we stay in for dinner, but are still looking for real dinner

I read somewhere that Costata delivers?
She enjoys steak, esp fillets

Any other good options?

=== Plan B - we stay in for dinner, and just want something light, maybe soup.

Is Essex Market take-out an option?

Aug 07, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Countryside Farms sausages, et al

Where to purchase?

Aug 05, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Looking for a delicious Sunday brunch along the Connecticut coast

sgordon, you are so sweet!

I only have 3 of those recs already saved to my CT Google Maps map from mapsengine.google.com (Cafe Routier, Engine Room, and Oyster Club.)

I wish I could make my map public without also making my email address public. hmm...

OK I promised myself I would finish packing before I post anymore. Did I mention I hate packing? This is a work trip + play trip, which causes me to make regrettable attire packing choices if I wait till the last minute.

However, priorities being what they are, I DO already have my coffee service packed in order to:
1) enjoy great coffee / avoid terrible coffee
2) not repeat the $40/day new york city room service bills just for morning and before bed coffee

Coffee service includes:

- collapsible coffee cone + filters for the pourover method like they do at Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco
(YouTube has videos, but they all make it seem really complicated. It's not. After twice I could do it in my sleep.)
- small water boiler, with fill line marked on the outside for 1 cup of pourover
- 13 grams of coffee in tiny jewelry plastic bags, 2 per person per day 1 caf, 1 decaf
- sweet & low
- powdered creamer, in case of emergency (if I can't get a room fridge or forget to stop at the grocery)

Where to solo lunch, given...

Holy smokes, sgordon you are well connected!

I've researched but not posted yet (I think) in Southern New England forum. Will make one soon!

Aug 02, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Where to solo lunch, given...

villainx, we'll definitely check out each place in Essex Market. Though fish in the room fridge won't be possible sadly enough since 1 family member has an allergy to it and wouldn't appreciate the smell / it would cause worry.

sgordon, thanks so much! I had the first 2 push-pinned on my CT google map, but not the third. So close too - I'll be staying at Madison Beach Hotel. Looks like it's right near Lenny & Joe's fish tale. I'll try to post next week the options that I have pinned. Looking forward to seeing the Charles Morgan in Mystic.

Aug 02, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Delicious NYC desserts confirmed to not contain seafood

I've been planning a trip to Manhattan, part of which will include a family member with a severe allergy to seafood - all fish and shellfish.

For anyone else who has a seafood allergy, here's what I've found so far in terms of desserts. Since recipes change over time, it's always a good idea to double-check, but this could provide you with tentative planning information.

We print the allergy information on a business card, along with examples of unexpected ingredients that contain seafood (marshmallows, worcestershire sauce) and ask the server to show it to the cook / chef.

That approach usually works great for restaurants, unless we learn that the kitchen is so small that they can't separate cooking locations for seafood and meats. Then we have to find a Plan B place.

But for dessert places, it's easier on the business if we research in advance.

=== Eileen’s Special Cheesecake B--L--D
17 Cleveland Place
b/t Kenmare St & Spring St in Nolita
New York, NY 10012
9am - 9pm weekday, 10am - 7pm weekend

(I've never been here but the pictures show a huge variety and the reviews indicate delicious light and fluffy cheesecake is the norm.



Message from the business:

"Our cheesecake does not contain anything with traces of seafood or shellfish, as we do not use gelatin in it.

We hope to see you here soon!"

=== Lady M
upper east side location
41 E 78th St
New York, NY 10021


(I went to that location after a day at the Metropolitan Museum. Normal cakes seem so inadequate now after one of their mille crepe cakes... I was planning on the Bryant Park location after a library tour. However, the Library just announced their reading room will be closed for 6 months to investigate falling plaster. So Lady M's 3'rd location in the Plaza Food Hall near Central Park might be the one we visit.


Lady M B--L--D
Bryant Park location, convenient to the NY Public Library
Mon-Thu 8am - 7pm, Fri -10pm
Sat 11am-10pm, Sun-6pm
36 W 40th St
b/t Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave in Midtown West
(212) 452-2222

Message from the business:

"Some of our cakes has gelatin mix in the creme. The following are the cakes that has NO GELATIN / NO MARSHMALLOW mix in it:

Mille Crepes:
– Chocolate Mille Crepes
– Chocolate Banana Mille Crepe (available at the Plaza Food Hall only)

Chocolate Mousse:
– Chocolate Arc-en-Ciel
– Couronne du Chocolat

– Gateau Fromage
– Gateau Nuage

– Apple Tapestry
– Apple Galette

other cakes:
– Banana Mille Feuille
– Strawberry Mille Feuille
– Flourless Chocolate Cake
– Framboise au Chocolat
– Gateau au Chocolat
– Mimosa
– Red Velvet
– Strawberry Shortcake
– Tarte aux Fruits

For more questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to call us at 212-452-2222.

Kind regards,
Lady M Customer Service"

Aug 02, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

Thanks kathryn, Meme's menu looks great. Buckwheat crepes would definitely be ordered by family.

Aug 01, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Where to solo lunch, given...

Wow, so many great options!

Pookipichu, Yes, this is a weekday Wednesday lunch.

six dower >> Please order the Halva Ice Cream Dessert at Russ and Daughters. So good!

What does that taste like?

coasts >> Ssam Bar for their rotisserie duck over rice.

For some reason I thought all of David Chang's places require reservations. Any strategies to minimize the wait?

Since Russ & Daughters doesn't open till 10am, I'll probably not be hungry right at noon...

Is SSam Bar OK with entrants 10-15 min before closing?

villainx >> noticed you haven't mentioned any of the April Bloomfield - Spotted Pig, Breslin.

Will put those on the list; thanks.

villainx >> Also, Minetta Tavern?

That's already lunch on one of the weekdays (Thurs I think)

>> Pearl Oyster Bar?

The week before I'll be on the Connecticut coast, hopefully enjoying great seafood places.

So by the time NYC happens, I might not want to see a lobster roll or oyster for a while :-).

sgordon >> It seems you've left Katz's out of the list of typical LES must-stops. So they're always an option. Would fit the day's theme after breakfast at R&D.

Great point! conundrum - I know family would love that also but not sure how it could fit on the list. I do need to find a way to work that in.

sgordon >> Cocoron is an cute little place right near you, house-made soba is great.

Love cold soba (or hot, but first thing I thought of was cold).
I probably had house made soba in Tokyo but so long ago.

Thanks again for all the great ideas!

My normal calorie budget = 1400 / day. Hopefully Hotel on Rivington has a workout room. Last time in NYC I gained 2 pounds; expected it to be more - guess tromping around the city burns it.

Aug 01, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan