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Twisted Root

I just had a Sonoran hot dog for the first time and found it the dog and the bun quite delicious.

The guy who runs the trailer is totally sweet too.

Central Market's "Passport Greece"

I'm dedicating half of that greek roast chicken when I get one to chicken salad...

May 04, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Central Market's "Passport Greece"

>> All this while sipping on a Vissinda soda in sour cherry, which was refreshing and not too sweet (still couldn't finish it, though).

Agreed. It would have been perfect with a good vodka :-) !

Something that was there on trip #2 that was not there on trip #1:

Haloumipita bread - a small loaf for $1.99.
Its airy and soft. It's "herby" but not so pronounced that it takes over the taste of what you're enjoying with the bread.

Our mid-day snack this weekend became:
- greek olives
- cheese, just an ounce or 2
- heated spiced pistaschios*
- the Haloumipita bread, pulled off the loaf, not sliced. So there's lots of jagged edges. Then toasted (no butter) and served with olive oil on the side for dipping

I really hope they make they put that bread in their permanent rotation.

* I've gotten in the habit of buying only raw nuts. Then spicing them myself with whatever recipe strikes me as good
like this one

May 03, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Central Market's "Passport Greece"

slowcooked, In that demonstration table facing the dessert bar near the deli, they might be doing Feta cheese tastings again. They had 3 different kinds. My fave was the one based more on goat's milk.

May 02, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Central Market's "Passport Greece"

Verily, please report back on the tea ! I came really close to trying that Mountain Tea in the silver box but I'm not out of black tea leaves. (is it like black tea?)

Also - I edited my post above - it ends May 12 not May 5.
Enough time to snag one of those greek roast chickens!

May 02, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Central Market's "Passport Greece"

Only runs till May 12 !

Central Market does such a great job with their Passport celebrations. Someone(s) very thoughtful creates a curated list of
- country products that otherwise would be difficult to obtain without a trip there
- yummy recipes prepared in their deli case

Favorite find from yesterday:

Mikio Cretan "biscuits" with figs (1 bag for $1.50)
Located on an end cap on the chip aisle

Had one when lunch today became olives, cheese, pistachios.

When I put them in my cart, I actually thought they were breadsticks with figs because the bag right above it was Mikio breadsticks with Olive Oil and Oregano. (haven't tried that one yet)

Regardless, delicious.


May 01, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

favorite sandwiches in austin that are not hot dogs or burgers?

I just tried their new brick and mortar Lucky Puccias.

Totally enjoyed it.

their bread has such an interesting flavor to it

Had an interesting discussion with Lucky about the challenges of opening up a physical storefront... I like their location - easy in and out to Mopac.

Apr 22, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Chilantro is underrated

do they have a brick and mortar place yet?

Apr 19, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

RIP April 2015

Where does Blacks do their smoking?

Apr 19, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

RIP April 2015

So they went from candidate for Best New Restaurant to closing down?

Apr 13, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

RIP April 2015

Agree RPtrane. They are my favorite fast food-ish burger. Love their toppings. Agree about the fries too. Still pretty good.

And any good geek loves those laundry machine coke dispensers :-).

Apr 07, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

funny you mention achiote oil

I followed the About.Com recipe for achiote oil. I had some achiote seeds soaking in a tiny jar of olive oil on the counter to use in yellow rice preps and vegetable sautes.

Someone commented that that was a good way to grow the c-bot bacteria
aka botulism


and that even refridgerating it wouldn't prevent that
but adding enough of an acid would

i liked having it right there near the cooktop
useful *and* pretty
oh well

Mar 30, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

Oh that's good to know re: smokepoint.

My cooktop seems to have 2 settings: Off and Inferno.

Mar 30, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

>> Palm oil gives a nice, smoky, full-bodied taste to dishes.

Thanks for that explanation nikkib99
I will try it with fried eggs on mjadra (lebanese lentil, onion, rice thing).

I didn't find the other thread useful because the only reply was so vague. Not because I've tried and didn't like nigerian cuisine.

I'm game to try anything that someone else has tried and liked, or a specific recipe that sounds good.

I've got a whole jar of it now! :eek:

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

thank you ttrockwood.

I believe you are the Encyclopedia of Chowhound!

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?


Actually, the reason why I bought it was because Dr. Oz has had 2 show segments on why red palm oil has positive health benefits


so I thought it would be interesting to try

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

My Birthday tradition

La V is probably going to become the family-in-town-for-Christmas special place to go after last year's memorable trip.

La V's interior was gorgeous, upscale but comfortable, and the butternut squash ravioli with pecans and brown butter sauce is still a topic on phone calls...

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Too many restaurants withholding ice!

rptrane, that would get me rankled.

girloftheworld, I join you in ice fanaticism. A separate icemaker is my guilty pleasure. But I haven't had good luck with their reliability - My first u-line undercounter icemaker lasted 4 years. Second one only 3.

After talking with one of the Hoshizaki technical support engineers in their factory, I decided to try their undercounter model that makes the nugget "Sonic" style ice with an extruder mechanism.

Conclusion after 1.5 years:

The good:
Everyone loves the ice. I fear not the sore throat.
Nugget ice is especially yummy in mixed drinks, coctails, bourbon, or coffee drinks. The nuggets have a jagged surface area that the drinks coat.

Good reliability so far (1.5 years in). Though I thought it died during a 6 month cleaning when the it tripped the GFCI outlet. I had scheduled the repair people when someone suggested I check that. Sure enough, after pulling it out to where I could see the outlet, the yellow light glowed brightly. Pushing the reset button was all that's needed.

The bad:
The Hoshizaki's maintenance is not for the faint of heart.
Once every 6 months - It involves a boric acid solution, face shield, gloves, a bleach solution, and figuring out how to position the tubing over the extruder head (see my latest attempt to do this below.) . Elapsed time = 6 hours at least. Once every 3 months - It's a simpler clorox solution everywhere to clean the ice bin.

Now I understand why the a common code violation at hotels is slime in the icemaker :-). Unless you are an ice fanatic, the maintenance is a marathon.

The ice in glass picture from the Hoshizaki website.
The extruder inside spitting out ice.
The plastic tubing over the extruder before a 6 month cleaning.
The rig I use to stabilize the funnel into which I pore a boric acid acid solution to descale it.

The local distributor is out of San Antonio. The installers and maintenance people are from Mission Restaurant Supply on Lamar Blvd.

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

thank you meerastvargo. I'll give that a try.

Mar 29, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

What to cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

What should I cook with a jar of Trader Joe's Red Palm Oil ?

I bought it and I've been staring at it on my counter... afraid to try it. (not really, but you know what I mean.


The last time this was asked in this 2013 thread:

the only suggestion was to look up Nigerian meat recipes.

Any one else experimented with it?

Mar 28, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

Cuban Sandwich Cafe N. Lamar

Thx for the heads up slowcooked. Very close to that cafe in Google maps, I have Kebab Food Corner also starred. Don't recall why I did that. Have you written about it here on chowhound?


Mar 27, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

HEB Pork Butts bone in 1.47 Today's Ads - Nov. 23

the Weber forums would probably have tons of advice for you there

Mar 27, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Where can i find these canned sardine brands in Austin?

For when you do find the sardines:
I've made Alton Brown's avocado - sardine toast recipe and loved it.

I believe this is the recipe:

Mar 27, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Saturday Breakfast

i love Trio's iced tea with ice cubes made of iced tea.

It's the small things..

Mar 23, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Vapiano's arugula salad dressing

Is it FOR arugula, or does it have arugula in it?

Mar 23, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

How to use up a cup of lemon basil syrup ?

Love all your suggestions! I'll try the Mix it with Club Soda one now!

Mar 18, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

How to use up a cup of lemon basil syrup ?

I trimmed the basil growing in my mini Aerogarden to make this recipe of lemon basil syrup.


Besides anything alcoholic, how to use the rest of it? I have over a cup left after making gimlets...

Mar 17, 2015
sweet100s in Home Cooking

El Pollo Regio / El Pollo Rico spice rub

Why rice vinegar?

Mar 11, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

Weekend in Austin

kathryn, thank you - very helpful.
Didn't know that Qui had those 3 tiers.

Mar 09, 2015
sweet100s in Austin

HaTe fOod TrAILerS tRaIlORs EtAh

Opening and closing times in general stymie me, especially when traveling.

I used to use the "Salutation" field of my iPhone contact to keep opening / closing times of favorite places, or someplace new that I was really counting on being open. Then iOS stopped displaying that field. So now I use "middle name"

But even that's insufficient.
Lots of places stop serving food long before the official closing time, especially if they serve alcohol.
So you have to call and ask,

"What time does your kitchen close?"

But even that's insufficient.
Some places go to a reduced menu so I can't order what I wanted.

Here's the exact sequence of questions I use to ask to extract all the information needed from the person who answers the phone is:

1) Hello, what time do you close tonight? A: 10:00pm

2) Thanks. Does your kitchen close earlier than 10:00pm?

3) Do you use a reduced menu in your final hour or 30 min before you close?

Also handy to ask

4) Do you have any special functions at your restaurant tonight?

(Remember that really good Thai place on 183 near Lakeline that closed suddenly? I called to ask about closing times during lunch one day. Received an answer. But then they were only open for a special function. Website said nothing . Person who answered phone said nohting. Grrrrr.

5) And then, if I have my heart set on something being available..
ask if they have 86'd it
ex: the amazing RICOTTA AND TOMATO JAM JAR (6.95) appetizer
sweet tomato jam, ricotta cheese, herb pesto, extra virgin
olive oil, crostini
at the Nordstrom store Cafe Bistro at Barton Creek Square Mall

Over the holidays I had a relative's iPhone 5 battery replacement scheduled at that Apple Store vs the must closer to me Domain specifically because I've been craving that Ricotta and Tomato Jam Jar appetizer. Alas, they were out. The expediter was still as entertaining as ever, and the salmon mushroom risotto was still delicious, but I'd been raving to everyone about that appetizer...

Alas, I digress.

Mar 01, 2015
sweet100s in Austin