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Looking for a delicious Sunday brunch along the Connecticut coast

We'll be staying at the Madison Beach Hotel for a long weekend in August over a Sat - Sun - Mon, taking in the Connecticut coast for the first time.

We'll visit Mystic Seaport and the Charles Morgan. Also probably the USS Nautilus in Groton.

Searching this forum has given me lots of ideas for places we'll could explore for lunchs and dinners. I need to look more at itineraries before I can ask intelligent questions about choosing between the possible options.

However, I couldn't find Sunday brunch recommendations.


- High cost or low cost are both OK.

- A leisurely drive up to an hour is fine, especially if it puts us in or near someplace interesting to shop or explore afterwards; anything non-chain and unique to the area.

- Breakfast recommendations would be appreciated too.

- Am not looking for any dish in particular, just deliciousness in general. Dishes unique to the area or a place with character would be great too.

about 15 hours ago
sweet100s in Southern New England

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

How would you compare Barbounia vs Cafe Mogador for breakfast?

I do not care about the booze factor.

Looking at Cafe Mogador made me realize a breakfast very different from what I'm used to or already like would be a good thing.

And for some reason, I had entered Barbounia contact info already on my cellphone with "NYC" after it which means try this on my next trip. (maybe it was on one of food shows?) The pictures of their bread on Yelp look amazing too.

about 20 hours ago
sweet100s in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

Ken, thanks for the FYI !!

about 20 hours ago
sweet100s in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

TaTee, did you try Co-Op, the restaurant in the hotel, for breakfast?

I'm wondering if I should keep it on our list as a Plan B.

about 20 hours ago
sweet100s in Manhattan

Which USA-domestic beers contain propylene glycol?

I asked the beer guy at the local "Spec's" if that's true.
(someone who is also opening his own brewery)

He said, "no way - propylene glycol is a poison!"

about 20 hours ago
sweet100s in Beer

Best quick meal you make with trader joes products


1) TJ's Roasted Red Pepper soup
2) TJ's Goat cheese rounds, individually wrapped
3) TJ's raisin rosemary crisps

a) Open up on of the goat cheese rounds to get the chill off.
(Warning, This is the most difficult step. These little things are NOT easy to open up! Need a knife or scissors. But as my dad used to say, "If you start applying extra pressure with a knife to something you are trying to cut or open, ask yourself, "Am I about to be an idiot?" (i.e., would you cut yourself if the knife slips, breaks etc...)

However, they are worth it. Delicious, and NO WASTE.

b) Heat up the soup

c) Add cheese and crackers to soup!

That soup has the most wonderful unami going on. The goat cheese + crackers are icing.

1 day ago
sweet100s in Home Cooking

Round Rock Report

Went to Pita Fusion for the first time last weekend. Best homemade pita bread I've had in memory. Best to me = it has flavor vs being bland pita bread + it's soft, not dry. The entire sandwich was delicous (I had chicken schwarma) but it's worth the drive just for that bread on any sandwich.

Hey Ms. Dina - I recall seeing a mention of GF options (though call to be sure!).

1 day ago
sweet100s in Austin

Favorites from the new Trader Joe's

Here are a couple things I've found at the local Trader Joes at Great Hills Trail that seem extra special, extra delicious or unique from what I can find the local Central Market, HEB, or Whole Foods.

The first time I went into a Trader Joes in New York, I was confused, didn't 'get it', and I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Next time at a Trader Joe's in San Francisco, it was much more interesting. And, I learned that interior photos of their beautiful Thanksgiving display were not allowed and "against the law"...

Now that there's a Trader Joe's in the 'hood, I've had a chance to leisurely peruse it without being 'on the clock' while on a work trip. Here are a couple products I like and things appreciate about the local Trader Joes.

1) Individually wrapped goat cheese discs, 4 or 5 to a package

PERFECT for adding one to a bowl of their Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper soup from a carton.


The individually wrapped part means less waste to me, since not everyone likes goat cheese.

2) Trader Joe's Raisin Rosemary Crisps

First impression: that's a strange combination of ingredients.

First taste = WOW. Delicious. These are GREAT plane food / purse food to make the hunger noises go away.


3) Small leaf, peppery arugula

HEB's organic arugula doesn't seem like real arugula to me - the leaves are way too big and the taste is different; not as peppery.

I tried to bring 2 containers of small leaf arugula back from a graduation trip in May, but the heat in the luggage compartment made them a little sad and limp.

Trader Joe's arugula is small leaf and peppery, just as it should be to start a great salad.

4) Trader Joe's has Cremant !!!


Discovered Cremant while in Alsace region of France last Christmas. It's a sparkling wine that to me, tastes like a "winier", more flavorful and interesting champagne than any other I've had. Not that I have champagne that often - which is exactly what a wine grower in Alsace complained to me about - he felt Americans should drink Champagne more as an every day wine vs a special occasion wine.

In Strasbourg or Colmar, everyone from "ladies who lunch" to blue collar workers begin lunch with a glass of Cremant.

Trader Joe's is a Crémant de Bourgogne for just $10! Not sure how that version differs from Crémant d'Alsace which I had and really enjoyed. Will try it and report back.
Location: At the beginning of the beer aisle towards the front of the store, near the front of the score. Bottom shelf.

What else?

Jul 19, 2014
sweet100s in Chains

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

Thank you Kathryn, MitchLeeNY, and SGordon!

>> Sounds like you're here Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat?


Here's the summary so far:

=== Weekday Tentative plan:

Russ & Daughter's Cafe (the sit down place) opens 10am

Clinton Street Baking Co.

OR near 9/11 as alternative if Clinton doesn't open in time to be at 9/11 by 10:30am Thursday:
Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place

Friday: Shopsins in the Essex Market

=== Saturday-only Options:

Stanton Social
Fatta Cuckoo
Public - in Nolita, maybe a ten minute walk from hotel
Joe & Misses Doe (f/k/a "JoeDoe") down the block from Prune - Corned duck hash

=== Plan B any day:

Dimes Cafe 8am weekday, 9am weekend
Chinatown, Lower East Side
143 Division St b/t Ludlow St & Orchard St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 240-9410

=== Interesting 24/7:

Veselka (East Village
)144 2nd Ave
b/t St Marks Pl & 9th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-9682
Ukrainian perogies
stuffed cabbage, borscht,
Breakfast - Blintzes with raspberry sauce were delicious and eggs Benedict with kale

Jul 16, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

Which 4 breakfasts in Lower East Side would you choose?

We will be staying at Hotel on Rivington, located on Rivington between Essex and Ludlow.

3 weekdays + 1 Saturday

We like:
- Eggs, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, good coffee
- Interesting interiors

From previous threads, these 10 were recommended:

Clinton Street Baking Co.
Russ & Daughter's
Alias Restaurant
Stanton Social
Remedy Diner on Houston
Fatta Coukoo


Which 4 from that list would you choose or recommend and why?

On the Thursday we will need to be at 9-11 Memorial Museum at 10:30am. Should I consider any breakfast places within walking distance?

Jul 16, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Favorite ways to eat fresh blueberries?

>> Yogurt (vanilla, whole milk) , granola topped with blueberries!

my variation:

nonfat yogurt
2 tsp of fish oil
vanilla 2 drops
homemade almond granola


Jul 07, 2014
sweet100s in Home Cooking

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

Thanks for the warning re: nicotine poisoning.

Spiders are welcome anywhere outside +10 feet away from my house.

Inside? No...

Most decisions we make have competing risks.

Anyone who is taking care of an elderly relative needs to worry about this helpful predator when it's indoors, even though it's technically barely venomous / not venomous.

When a wolf spider bit me, ( a healthy adult female when not absorbing formaldehyde or propyle e glycol :-), it was simply painful and took forever to heal.

When a wolf spider bit a family member 80+ who I was taking care of - healthy besides knee arthritis, still yelling at the Dallas Cowboys on TV and enjoying retired life, and totally fun to have around..

She aged 10 years in 2 months. 3 months later she was gone.

Bite area got infected. Then one problem quickly led to another. Several hospitalizations. Discharge to hospice care center. She said she was hungry but then would seem physically repulsed by food when she tried to eat, even when I made her most favorite things. "Failure to thrive."

Her organs started failing. Wish someone had warned me about what the last 10 minutes would be like...I thought she was choking on something. The RN told me that's what it's like at the end. I didn't make her passing easy - I was begging her to please don't go till the nurse told me that makes it harder on someone dying because they can hear long after they can't talk anymore, and at this point you need to tell them it's OK to go.

30 minutes after passing a hospice person who just started shift came in and said, "She looks a lot better."

Jul 06, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Hot Weather

AmySue, Get the camo version; it's a man magnet :-). 1 left.
They also have 2 left of the green version that ties.

I used one while bbq'ing from 9pm - 3am (we got carried away...)

On August work trip to New York city, will definitely pack one. Then when the heat emanating off the concrete becomes too much (90 degrees there feels like 97 - 100 when downtown),I'll pop into anyplace that will give me 2 glasses of ice water, or 1 iced tea + 1 (big) iced water.

I'll drink half the water to create empty space in the glass.
Then, use the rest of the ice water to submerge the neck thing into. By the time I finish the tea.... it will be great for ~ 2 hours of chillin'.

A better alternative would be a summer residence in the Emerald City (Seattle). That's my conclusion after getting off the airport shuttle at 9pm and feeling a rush of air in the 60's in June. Pure bliss.

Jul 06, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Okonomiyaki Flour

That's it! Really nice man who works there or owns it.

I bought a Salmon cheek from their frozen section and BBQ'd it... delicious.

rudeboy what concoction are you making with this flour?

Jul 04, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Okonomiyaki Flour

Closer to you might be that place on Lamar.... __ __ Sushi

The Japanese supermarket with the tables inside for serving sushii.
They might have it....

Jul 03, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Okonomiyaki Flour

Closer to you might be that place on Lamar.... __ __ Sushi
I'll think of its name in a minute.

The Japanese supermarket with the tables inside for serving sushi.
They might have it....

Jul 03, 2014
sweet100s in Austin


Thanks - that's what it seemed from the pictures.

Why would people order the Pipa Duck instead of the Peking Duck?

It seems so spartan when it's minus the yummy pancakes, scallions, hoisin, etc...

Jul 03, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan


What accompaniments is the Pipa duck served with at Hakkasan?

Jul 02, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Peking Duck in Chinatown / Lower East Side

Any delicious recommendations for Peking Duck in Chinatown / Lower East Side?

Looking for all the traditional accompaniments, like in this picture
(last pic on the bottom).

Beyond that, it's OK if it's take out or dine in.

Jun 30, 2014
sweet100s in Manhattan

Special Diets: Restaurants, Shops & Local Products

I've become allergic to formaldehyde and propylene glycol.

Ingesting either causes the skin on the palms of my hands and soles of feet to char, thicken, crack, and bleed, and itch like crazy. This caused 9 trips to the dermatologist 5 years ago. The constant pain, itching, and stinging actually made me fantasize about how I could convince a surgeon to amputate my hands and feet.

It was diagnosed as several different maladies. Nothing seemed to help. Finally I (yes, me, not the MD) suggested, "how about an allergy test?" Turns out that's all it was. Within 24 hours of eliminating formaldehyde and propylene glycol from my life, I felt the "fire" in my hands and feet go out.

Given that I haven't done a frog dissection since 8th grade, I thought formaldehyde shouldn't be a problem. However, I also had to stop reading physical newpaper(s). Apparently it's in the print.

Given that I don't drink antifreeze, I'd think that propylene glycol would be easy to avoid. However it's in a ton of skin and hair products instead. It's not allowed in baby products because it's a known irritant.

How does this relate to local products I can't eat? Shockingly...

1) HEB's store-made desserts.

Once a month I crave a blueberry muffin. However, HEB adds propylene glycol to their muffins and some store-made desserts. It's right there, plain as day, on the too-long label of ingredients.

I said the F word out loud when I saw it. I've seen dog food commercials advertise they no longer add propylene glycol into their dog food for heavens sake.

2) Beer on tap, bottle, can, local, whatever that doesn't list its ingredients.

Propylene glycol makes beer foam foamier.

I don't know for sure who uses it, but when I drink the 55 calorie light beer, I feel the changes in my feet skin start to happen.

So I've stopped drinking beer unless
- they list their ingredients, which almost none do. The beer lobbyists defeat legislation requiring that every time.
- it's German beer that abides by that 1815 purity law called the Reinheitsgebot


The Spec's beer guy can pronounce it with ease.. "YES we have Reinheitsgebot beer!"

Jun 30, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Noteworthy HEB/Central Market Products

One word of caution about Glucomannon:

It is a thickener, and it comes in capsule form because some people use it as a fiber pill I s'pose.

However, the way I first heard about it was in the Vitamin aisle, 2 people were talking about how someone choked to death by swallowing the capsules without water.

Don't know if that's true or not. And I suppose that's a risk with any fiber or thickener additive.

But if you have little ones around who might swallow the capsules without water, you might want to keep the plastic bottle stored high up and out of reach.

Jun 29, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Noteworthy HEB/Central Market Products

>> Even though my bin is 20 ft from the back door, I don't feel like going out there.

:-) !!

Rudeboy, I shall lend you some of my boiled Essence of: Lemon, Mint, Tobacco, Coffee

to dab behind your ears...
to spray in your path...

Guaranteed to repel garden Zombies and wolf spiders hanging around your compost bin.

Jun 29, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

Dina - from Fry's Electronics, get one of those mirrors on an expanding wand. Like the kind you see Swat guys use to look around corners in movies.

With a flashlight and that mirror, look under ALL the toe kick areas in your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

If you see any pea-size cotton balls, those are spider nests. They happily lived under my kitchen cabinets even though the floor is mopped once or twice a week.

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

In addition to them being fearless and aggressive, their little exoskeletons are very strong

I jumped on one like a screaming Ninja Warrior and it still moved at half speed away.

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

I would scream my head off.

Has that scene Miss Belle described ever been featured in a horror movie?

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

Well that's easy enough.

Darn Texas wolf spiders are so aggressive.

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Noteworthy HEB/Central Market Products

dina I tried those brisket burgers, and they were delicious.

To get a really good crust without overcooking the burger,
I added a capsule of glucomannon to my standard burger seasoning , which I use in place of cornstarch. I first heard about it in the vitamin aisle at Sprouts, to use when making gravies. 1 capsule glucomannon in place of 1 teasp cornstarch or arrow root. But cornstarch or arrow root does the same thing - absorbs liquid and therefore helps the burger form a crust.

I bet the meat guy would hold some back for you when they make the next batch of pre-made patties.

HEB is very accommodating of special requests. I occasionally order 2 turkey breasts of exact same size to cook on my big green egg. They provide a bunch of turkey ranch sandwiches.

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Where to find a package of chewing tobacco? (to boil for spider repellent)

I need to find a package of chewing tobacco.


Do I need to go to a specialty store?

I don't recall seeing it at HEB.

Jun 27, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Noteworthy HEB/Central Market Products

One of my favorite HEB sales is only available Dec 4 - 8-ish each year. It was available in 2010-12, but not in 2013 :-(.

This product is...

Amazon gift cards discounted 20%.

Jun 26, 2014
sweet100s in Austin

Micklethwait Craft Meats is the new Franklin?

Had it a while back... best brisket that I can remember.
Sides were interesting and delicious.

Jun 24, 2014
sweet100s in Austin