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Best Jamaican Rum/Black Cake in the GTA?

Where can I get the best black cake in the city? Also, curious about the "Kelly's" rum mentioned in the article.

Salade Nicoise?

I like DT Bistro's version. They used to offer it as a sandwich for lunch special at $15, but the dinner size version is very good. Beautifully seared tuna and fingerlings done just right. I a sure you can request some extra anchovies with nudge nudge to the kitchen.
PS. Their salads in general are very good and rotate seasonally.

Morels 2015

Me too!!
Arg, I know I am supposed to cherish the fact that the wild mushrooms nest worms - but eek! I put them in salted water and grilled them slightly - but in the end, couldn't stomach more than one forkful. This was one of those cases where I wish I had them in a restaurant so i wouldn't have to see how it was prepared.

ISO: Small or Pee Wee Sized Eggs

What are you using them for?
Free-range eggs are generally smaller. Fresh from the Farm on Donlands has a good selection.

Good Chinese veggie meats at a veg Chinese restaurant?

I like the cooking techniques/styles at King's Cafe in general - lighter than most traditional chinese places and more attention to details. I don't recall them having a larger selection of Chinese greens, but all the vegetables cooked with the imitation meat were done well. The only thing is, steer away from their weird faux-veggie sushi stuff.

Good Chinese veggie meats at a veg Chinese restaurant?

Buddha's and King's Cafe, both steps away from Green's, offer much better vegetarian (and imitation veg meat). Buddha's has this veg meat on hot griddle that's very good. King's Cafe has this fried mushroom-soy mixture wrapped in seaweed that's also delicious. PS. neither restaurants cook with ginger, garlic, or chive.

Ndjuda sausage

Great link. Thanks bp.

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

The Roastery at 401 Richmond, hands down.
Really chill atmosphere, cheap coffee/tea, and good pastries/sandwich etc.
Best part - free wifi (good signal) even outside of the cafe. I have been able to get free wifi almost everywhere in the building. In the summer time, bring your laptop to the courtyard and work away! (the rooftop garden is gorgeous space to hang out as well, but I haven't been able to get a signal there).

Dim Sum and Sushi with Excellent Service and Good value in the North Shore?

Thank you all for the recommendations.
We ended up going to both Westview and Hamaei, both for lunch.
Westview was just as expected - mediocre food but passable for the North Shore. My parents insisted on ordering the Peking Duck as well - which was not a wise decision. The meat was fatty and chewy, no crisp at all; the soggy wraps and stale shrimp chips did not help either. The dimsum dishes though, were all passable and priced reasonably.
We loved Hamaei. For a rather unassuming looking restaurant, the fish was super fresh, and we ended up purchasing some sashimi in bulk from their store as well. We will return!

British sweets and savouries.

The Scottish Bakery and Mrs. Bridges both carry British goods, priced reasonably. They are not located downtown (North York and Scarborough respectively) but both offer online purchase and delivery.

otherwise midtowngirl is right, Nutty Chocolatier is your next best bet.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Yes thank you for the clarification bp. I meant to say the pop-up supper club.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Charlie's Burgers Wine Club for a unique and intimating tasting menu - if you can it to there.
Usually runs $250pp, 6-8 courses, with wine pairing.

Fat City Blues Review

We sat at the bar on a Friday evening. They have got a fantastic bartender anchoring the show here. We saw quite a few absinthe spoon fire shows being performed through out the night - and all the patrons seemed to be thoroughly entertained and satisfied.
A very fun cocktail menu, and well executed. Loved my Dixie and Last Word.

Po'boys (alligator, oyster) were good, but the bun-to-protein ratio left something to be desired. The accompanied chips were soggy and tasteless. I too, would recommend the Rockefellers.

I say go for the scene and cocktail but keep expectation for the food at bay. The live Jazz, cocktails, and great bar service are enough to keep us going back for more.

PS. It is not a quiet, conversation type of place, but I'd say for a live-music venue, it's not outrageously loud.

Dim Sum and Sushi with Excellent Service and Good value in the North Shore?

Thank you for the info!
Westview looks a little meh - I think the others are right, for good dim sum we should head south.

Hamaei sounds really interesting though - we will definitely check it out!
Thank you for your suggestions!

Dim Sum and Sushi with Excellent Service and Good value in the North Shore?

My concern exactly for Salmon House - thank you for confirming my suspicion and save us the trip.

Sushi Sen is too far out of our driving comfort zone I think. At this point I think I will either go with less high profile/calibre restaurants or nudge my parents to let us drive.
Thank you for the input!

Ice Cream, 2014

Sounds amazing - thank you for the heads up!

Dim Sum and Sushi with Excellent Service and Good value in the North Shore?

Boyfriend and I will fly in to reunite with my parents this weekend in West Vancouver, after much time apart.

We are looking for good value and good service Dim Sum (cart service preferred) and sushi/sashimi focused Japanese restaurants in the north shore. Price is not an issue as long as the food is authentic and of superb quality and the service is attentive and un-intrusive.

My parents are fluent in Chinese and Japanese, but none of us are familiar with the up-to-date food scenes in the North Shore. My father, being the ever patriarch of the family, still insists being the driver (on our way to the restaurant) - that is why I would much prefer we don't cross the Lion's Gate Bridge/Second Narrow/long stretch of #1.

We had loved Zen on Marine Dr. in West Vancouver and Salmon House in the past, but would love more suggestions. Thank you in advance!

Bell Lightbox/Toronto theatres - Food related film screenings

This is not a food-related screening but a free talk at the Toronto Reference Library:
Chefs in the Salon
Toronto Public Library
Friday, 15 May 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Award-winning television personality and bestselling cookbook author Laura Calder (Paris Express) joins former Food Editor of Chatelaine Amy Rosen (Toronto Cooks) for a conversation about food. With food and travel writer Mark Schatzker (Dorito Express).

ISO Brown Betty teapots

Pippins in the Beaches.
I got a bb tea set from them last Christmas. Great staff and they have a beautiful selection of black teas.

Best Italian romantic dinner- this weekend!

Another vote for Tutti Matti. Consistent, beautiful food and amazing service. They go above and beyond. Let them know your occasion (preggo and all) - they will go the extra mile.

If you are looking for more relaxed atmosphere, Agio on St Clair makes great house pastas.

Enoteca Sociale also has several house specials that will satisfy all carb cravings. If your hobby appreciates good wine, that might be an option.

2015 Food Events

PS. They are offering AYCE Songkran at both Nana and KSR. Both are sold out for their respective 4 seatings.

2015 Food Events

FYI, if you are a Live Green member, you can download the Food + Drink Market App and get in for free:

Restaurants near copps coliseum

Earth to Table on Locke.

18 Person Bachelorette Dinner - Toronto - Saturday night in May

Gusto 101 is a good choice.
It will be tough to reserve for such a large group on a Saturday night - better have a few backups. Maybe consider:
La Societe: $45 PF menu. A fitting venue for bachelorette party celebration.
Queen Margherita Pizza (Dundas West): $29 PF with Appetizer, pizza and dessert in a gorgeous room
Queen and Beaver: order the family dinner.

Byblos is Fantastic. Not sure if they have prix fixe though.

Quick service near TIFF Lightbox

Speed of service really depends on the time of day you visit the venue.
Following usually have pretty fast service even during lunch peak hours:
-Le Neuf
-Ravi Soup
-Avenue Open Kitchen
-Brant St Cafe

Anne's Magic Kitchen

Real Authentic Thai Food in Toronto. Suggestions please?

Not directly answering your question, but KSR and Nana are both celebrating Songkran (Thai New Year) on April 12th:
We are going on 3-5pm seating. The latest session (9-11pm) still has tickets available.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

Govinda's vegetarian buffet.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

There was no wait time for weekday breakfast. They do a very nice job packaging take-aways when I went in person.

Can't speak for the weekend seatings - I hate hating for food too, especially for brunch!

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

Maha's was mentioned in another thread:
but I got to give a separate shout-out for their weekday breakfast.
Had their eggs and foole and scramble eggs for a late breakfast (10am), but they are open at 7am on weekdays. The pitas are delicious. The eggs done right. The fava beans - a must try. Their mint tea is a also a refreshing change to start the day.