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best pastas in Toronto, 2014

Thanks for the Nodo recommendation - need to check it out.

Enoteca Sociale's pasta offerings consistently deliver. Some of the most memorable ones for me were the mezzalunas and the gnocchi (Amazing gnocchi!!)

about 14 hours ago
happycamper in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

Heather Mallick seems to echo many reviewers' experiences.


Foodie dining, Yonge and Carlton area

Richmond Station is definitely worth a 15-20 min walk from you.
Starfish has great seafood and fantastic wine list.

Both George and Adega are great suggestions.
Adega is very close to you. The food/decor is dated, but solid wine menu.
George is still one of the top restaurant downtown Toronto.


Thank you for the wonderful review.
I was considering it for a birthday dinner. Will call for reservation.

ps. I was also enticed by the delicious photography featured here: http://www.torontolife.com/daily-dish...

Casual and traditional Italian Restaurant recommendations please near College & Bathurst?

Neither Campagnolo nor ES are casua/suitable for kids.
Hey Meatball serves great food - but it's more like a takeout/cafe type.
I still love Diplomatico - it's a staple and the new patio is great for family. Pastas are consistent.
Utopia is good only if you are visiting during non-rush hours, otherwise it could be tight for space.

TO Chowhounders: favorite brunch places?

Yes. Absolutely Karelia Kitchen. Thank Ms. C for refreshing my memory!
I wouldn't call Karelia my favourite brunch place in town, but it is definitely very unique, quaint, and pleasing. I have been there for dinner twice and brunch once. All of those experiences were Outstanding.

The smoked trout with poached duck egg and potato hash - is quite something.
I was expecting a lot of the smoked trout and it definitely delivered: perfectly seasoned, flaky and nice smoke. I would have been happy with just the trout and hash, but the duck egg was a very welcoming addition.

And of course, the strong coffee and cute cutleries get bonus points!

Karelia Kitchen is a bit funny -personally I found their dinner menu to be on the lighter/cleaner side ( you have to try their smorgasbord!) , and their brunch/pastry to be too heavy for my taste. However, I would still return - I find the flavour profile very unique, hence satisfying.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Wow really?
They are going to do well at that intersection - but very un-PL though.

Best Single Slice of Cheesecake in Toronto

What kind of cheesecake do you prefer?

Nam Sandwich Shop

It's not across from, but rather next to Trinity Bellwoods (old Parkette location).

I still prefer Banh mi Boys over these guys - food wise.

I have tried the thai chicken and all-veggie subs. I found the chicken a bit too greasy and the all-veggie subs on the soggy side. That said, the bread and the picked condiments hold up - good temperature and texture. A bit steep though, $7 for a sub - more than what Banh mi Boys are charging.

I love that they are right next to the park though, and has a much more relaxed atmosphere then BMB. I havent tried their Bao's yet - look forward.

Tree Top African Cafe - Opening!

It seems to be a difficult corner for business, hope they do well.
Will def drop by and check it out.

Il Ponte Cucina Italiana?


'"I don’t think that the residents outright didn’t want The Real Jerk,” said Garland. “They were looking for a restaurant that was a little bit more family-oriented and a little bit quieter.”
Il Ponte is just a “better fit".'

Well, I guess I would have expected more from the Riverside residents.

Tree Top African Cafe - Opening!

Where is this?

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

I have not been to either locations.
I think you are right though, fD, Rakia's Queen E location (1402 Queen E) is now taken over by Queen Margherita.

Any review on the Annex location?

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

Have you tried Rakia Bar (Queen E location), TF?
No shisha, but supposedly Balkan-inspired cuisine and, obviously, with well-stocked raki.

Wild Alaskan Canned Salmon in Toronto

Whole Food's 365 brand carries canned wild alaskan salmon. Boneless skinless, just under $5. I have used them for salmon cakes and they work just fine.


Beauty you got there.
An easy rule of thumb is, substitute papalo for when flavour/recipes call for cilantro. It cuts the grease with that unique fresh fragrance, and works really in combination with citrus. I like to have it sprinkled on top tacos, any pork belly dishes, and heavier meat stock (ie pho).

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Mamakas on Ossington, just north of Queen.
"..Mamakas brings a fresh, new, authentic approach to Aegean food on Ossington".
Saw their private soft opening over the weekend. Would be great to have Mediterranean/Greek alternative in the hood.

Tiffin Carrier

I know this reply is obvious but I have definitely see them at Kohinoor on Gerrard in Little India - you are going to make a lot of new friends with a picnic spread using those.

Want to get a taste of Canada for a family vacation

My favourite spot to bring out-of-town friends visiting Toronto is Toronto Island.
Taking the 15min ferry, en route you get a perspective of the beautiful Lake Ontario. Either picnic or enjoy the seasonal menu at the Island Cafe (live music Friday nights) - you have the back drop of the Toronto skyline.

If you are a little bit short on time (what a trip, by the way!) - hit Kensington market. Sample some cheese and pick up some seasonal fruits. Some recommendations at the market:
7 Lives for tacos
El Trompo for empanadas
El Gordo for pupusas
Sanagans for meat pies/sliders/cold cuts
Black Bird for bread

here is a more comprehensive thread:

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Another pop-up from Drake/Momofuku collab:

"Twilight Tuesdays
This August, on Tuesday evenings from 5-9PM, Drake One Fifty, Momofuku + friends will transform the York Street parkette (west side of York St. between Richmond + Adelaide) into a mini night-market, offering gourmet street food, summertime treats, and notable Canadian indie musicians performing street-side, creating a twilight oasis in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District.

We'll be joined by our Financial District neighbours The Gabardine and Richmond Station on alternating Tuesdays, in addition to Drake One Fifty + Momofuku"


Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

Ah ok. Many thanks.

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

Now, I am really curious about the "soil" component.

Was it in a small mound, mixed in with the potatoes to a certain extent? What exactly was the server's explanation?

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Happened to me last winter at Marben. We were a group of 4 and given an automatic 20% (after tax) on the two machines when we asked to split the bill. We called for the manager (who showed up almost 20min later) because we were told by our server that it was "standard" because of our party size and the fact we asked to "split the bill" (what??). The manager apologized but "couldn't get the machines to work properly", so we payed whatever that was prompted.

Too bad. I loved my first meal there since the new chef, but our last experience left a bitter aftertaste. Won't return any time soon.

Cocktails before Richmond Station this Saturday night.

Drake 150 is great. Loud but fantastic cocktails + good service.
<5 min walk from Richmond Station.

Food/Coffee deal via Paypal - $5 off at 25 cafes in Toronto to July 31, 2014

I, too, have taken advantage of the paypal pp.
Note that there are actually tons of restaurants participating in the $5-off special, if you allow the app locator to track you.
I was at Hello Meatball couple weeks ago. No hassle, easy to use.

Patois - Who's been?

Thank you for the review.
Many dishes look interesting. Dirty rice, O.G. Fried Chicken & Watermelon Pickle, and Spaghetti Vongole will def be my dishes to try.


I enjoyed my dinner over the weekend at Byblos.

The highlight for me was the broiled fluke with a yogurt sauce. I rarely see fluke on the menu in Toronto and I was impressed by the complexity of the flavour.

The beet lebnah was also delicious. The hint of lemon and mint on the beet really woke up my palate.

The turkish manti dumplings were less impressive. The skin was chewy and the eggplant filling was too sweet and with nothing to counter the sweetness off.

The wine menu was lacklustre and limited by-the-glass options. I found the basement dining area a little suffocating but I heard from other diners that their upstairs is quite gorgeous- maybe next time. I will return

Where to Eat for Visiting Pescetarian NYers

Welcome to Toronto.
I will give a few suggestions categorized by price point, including info on its location/neighbourhood and type of cuisine/special dish

Higher end:
Chiado (Little Portugal, Portuguese. I have never had a bad dish there, but they do grilled fish and seafood stew impeccably)
Hopgood's Foodliner (Roncy, New Canadian. Specials are always good).
Ja Bistro (Financial District, aburi (toched fish))
Japango (Financial District, Omakase)
Bar Isabel (Little Italy-ish, any grilled fish, and ceviche)
Lee (King W, I know...but he still makes my favourite black cod in the city)

Mid Range
Solo Sushi Ya (U of Toronto -ish, anything from their daily special)
Oyster Boy (Trinity Bellwoods, oysters)
Rodney's (King W, Chowders & Oysters)

Fish Store (Little Italy, Fish sandwich take-out)
Buster's (St Lawrence Market, swordfish sandwich, fish&chips)
7 Lives (Kensington Market, fish tacos & ceviche)
Swatow (Chinatown, Shrimp wonton noodle soup)

Trying to remember which Greek restaurant I went to...

Avli is just a few doors west of Mezes. Is that the restaurant (because I don't think you meant Pantheon).

Suggestions for single girls' night out

I have been to County east side once, early spring this year.
Crowd wise, I still prefer the west side (yes, I do have a west side bias). I love the intimacy of the bar at Queen W, and I find the clientele more "open" to chats across table/bar.
This being said, I did love the bartender on the East side, and they have a nicer patio than Queen W.

Adding another venue to the list:
People Eatery on Spadina. Love the food and atmosphere.