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quieter restaurants

A fine addition to the list:
Ossington Stop (Ossington/Dundas)
- triple the accolades for them to be 1) a bar on Ossington, 2) great Georgian cuisine + affordable drinks, and 3) keeping a more than tolerable decibel level.

Was there again tonight - they are never that busy, hence I am conflicted. I don't want them to go out of business but still want to be keep the quaintness that's so hard to find in this neighbourhood. Thankfully, the newly opened sports bar next door seems to suck in all the rowdy bunch.

Visit them on a weekday - always hit the spot!

about 23 hours ago
happycamper in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

$7.90 for cup of takeout soup!

I have never dined in at Ravi's, but I think their soup/wrap combo is priced fairly.
I can't get enough of their corn+crab soup and veggie wrap.
Even if the portions are "reduced" for Ravi's takeout, the soup/combos still do me in every time !

Hot Chocolate, 2014

Has the hot chocolate landscape evolved much since this 2008 thread?
kwass's blogto link is a pretty good start:

I was at Sweet Olenka's on Queen W. Delicious spicy hot chocolate with house-made caramel marshmallow.

Bar that has dice cups in Toronto?

Snakes and Lagers?

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Nice, I am glad!
It should be an experience tromping the one two years ago at The Gladstone.

small plates/ tapas spot with veg options?

Bar Isabel doesn't have many vegetarian options.

These come to mind:
Hopgoods Foodliner (not that many options, but they cater very well to restrictions)

Headed to Toronto--restaurant recommendations?

db's list is spot on.

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Wow, that'd be amazing - as long as it doesn't inherit the Susur price point.

Is there somewhere that I can buy chicken skin in Toronto

Ditto St. Andrews.
I don't remember the pricing, but do recall it was ridiculously inexpensive, and good quality.

I have also seen it at Ken's on Broadview, but never purchased them. It's an east end option.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

I was there a couple of weeks ago. I really appreciated their selection of olives and seeing the tiroler schinkenspeck. That said, some of the cooked dishes needed tweaking - the braised octopus dish was chewy, and the arancini was under-seasoned. Best cooked dish that night was the fried artichoke. My companion also noted the light-handedness of the cocktails ( I was pleased with their small-lot wine menu).
The place is intimate and the service was stellar. Chef Johnny brought many of his staff from his former restaurant Modus here. I hope they make it in WQW.

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Taste of Iceland 2014 @ Luma
Four course meal for $55

I am going to this:
Can't wait!

Goose oil

I have never had to use it but a quick googling:
Also, I would be surprised if Cumbraes' don't carry them.

What are you making?

Smoke Signals BBQ @ The Derby on Dundas West

Fantastic news. Thanks for the tip!
They did a pop-up at cold tea earlier this year and did a fantastic job with the limited equipment/space.
Any info on price point and sides?

Mc Donald's Egg McMuffin

Oct 25, 2014
happycamper in Chains

TO's best Pierogi

I am surprised they didn't mention Saucy Pierogi on Roncy.
I have only had the Original and purchased a bag of the frozen ones. Delicious dough, solid filling. I didn't care much for their "novelty" pierogis, but according to my companion, the pulled pork is amazing.
They also have really good pickles.

My favourite restaurant version is still Museum Tavern.

Toulouse Sausage

I have gotten quality ones from Sanagan's last year. Better call ahead and inquire.

The Toronto Restaurants to watch the Chefs cooking in the kitchen

There are so many restaurants in the city with "open concept" kitchen.
I would endorse George Brown's Chef's House and support emerging talents.

Bathurst & Dundas Restaurants

Hudson Kitchen has a private dining room in the basement and delivers quality food and service.
Bent caters well to private dining/bigger groups, but I don't think (?) they have a private room.
Campagnolo is a good suggestion.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

With Yours Truly and now Ursa gone, Ossington is really losing its appeal.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

:p i did.

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

That sounds delicious!

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I thought Carmen is on Queen W??
But, very good news that Paulettes is not available there!
Delica's locations are :
1440 Yonge St.
Toronto ON
913 Queen St. East
Toronto ON

Atlantic Tastes in Toronto

I'd agree with the Hopgoods recommendation. I also had their steamed clams about 2 month ago - delicious!

Atlantic Tastes in Toronto

I don't know their winter hours, but even their fall schedule is a bit funny. I recall they are closed Tue and Wed.

Atlantic Tastes in Toronto

We were up at Georgian Bay yesterday and came across Perky's Fish and Chips in Perkinsfield near the Elmvale Zoo. Four of us shared some fried pickerel, cod, newfie fries for snack before heading back to Toronto - it was plenty!

The disclaimer here is that that was my first ever plate of "newfie fries", but my companions have tasted the dish at its origin and attested to its authenticity (and mentioned the mother-daughter ownership team's newfie accent).

The newfie fries, priced at $6.50, was a tremendous box of deliciousness. Stellar fries to start,with savoury "dressing", gravy, and yummy stuffing with apples. And the fish was delicious too. I have never had deep fried pickerel and it was quite a revelation.

The owners are so welcoming and informative.

Will definitely recommend this place and return soon.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

We were there on a Tuesday night.
What I loved:
-friendly, fast service.
-MODERATE level of background music!! Amazing - I think this must be the first bar/restaurant in this neighbourhood where you can carry out a conversation with losing your voice the next day, and still get....
-Very reasonably priced booze($5 tallboys, $7 doubles) and...
-Delicious food. Chef is Russian, we were told. Loved our borshch ($6) - legit cooking and some seriously delicious chunks of briskets. Our mushroom-spinach crepes (2 for $8) were less impressive and lacked salt, but still very satisfying.

We stuffed our face with delicious food (and some leftovers), and got just enough booze in us on a Tuesday night - all under $20pp.

There is nothing I don't like about the place.

best pastas in Toronto, 2014

Thanks for the Nodo recommendation - need to check it out.

Enoteca Sociale's pasta offerings consistently deliver. Some of the most memorable ones for me were the mezzalunas and the gnocchi (Amazing gnocchi!!)

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

Heather Mallick seems to echo many reviewers' experiences.


Foodie dining, Yonge and Carlton area

Richmond Station is definitely worth a 15-20 min walk from you.
Starfish has great seafood and fantastic wine list.

Both George and Adega are great suggestions.
Adega is very close to you. The food/decor is dated, but solid wine menu.
George is still one of the top restaurant downtown Toronto.


Thank you for the wonderful review.
I was considering it for a birthday dinner. Will call for reservation.

ps. I was also enticed by the delicious photography featured here: http://www.torontolife.com/daily-dish...