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NEWLY Opened 2015 restaurants and food stores in Toronto, from July 1 -

Someone finally did it!

ISO: Dense, chewy multigrain bread

I like the multigrain loaf from Sud Forno. Thick crisp crust, fragrant and satisfyingly soft inside. It never fails to surprise how quickly the things add at the till there - but I keep going back!

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Root n' Burger is before my time in Toronto, but I always get coffee from this cafe when I visit Daniels Spectrum. The cafe recently resurrected RnB's old sign:

"The "Root 'n' Burger" used to be the place to be for Regent Park teens, and the sign hung on Belshaw Place for decades, until the building was demolished in the second phase of the revitalization. We cleaned up and rewired the sign, and installed it in a place of honour above Show Love Café, the Dixon Hall social enterprise that moved in recently to the Artscape Lounge. Thanks to the Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum for letting us put this little piece of Regent Park history back on display in the community!

Superstore Argentia--Wow!

Thanks for the heads up!

Private dinner for 20 near U of T / Harbord Street / Yorkville

Rasa. I don't recall them having a private room for big group - but it is worth it to give them a call. Food is amazing.

Daddyo on Sussex. This one is definitely "rustic 'merican 'talian". They are never busy even on Friday nights. Cheap bottle service. Great service. It might work for your crowd, it might not. SO and I enjoy our couple of times there.

Boulevard on Harbord. I haven't been back for a couple of years, but always remember it to serve up delicious Peruvian. They do groups well.

ISO Good Mul Naengmyeon in the GTA

Have you tried Yummy Korean in Koreatown? Nice chewy cold noodle in a refreshing broth. You also get a choice of a couple choice of noodles.

2015 Food Events

Evergreen Asado BBQ on Sept 26th
Early bird price ($99pp) ends next Monday 9pm

"Enjoy all the food and drink you can handle
No drink tickets or line-ups
Proceeds help green your city"


Blue Jays Fans! Whaddaya eat when you're at Rogers Centre?

I was at Arriba last year. The whole experience was weird - you get to overlook the field but the game just isn't the same without having to watch out for the peanut shells under your feet (and I like stadium hot dogs - sue me!)

Burger was decent actually - but I wouldn't go again unless someone else is paying.

Branca Restaurant


All just allegations at this point, but, yikes, I will hold my reservations for certain establishments until things clear up.

Branca Restaurant

Their sister restaurant, Bronco (Adelaide/Strachan) is open. Patio was hopping this weekend. I look forward to venture a visit.

Ossignton - what are your favourites?

I think Golden Turtle has really gone downhill - Pho Tien Thanh next door is the way to go.
For quiet spots, Côte de Bœuf is fantastic for quick sandwich and a glass of wine, and Venezia is great for sweet treats. Ossington Stop (on Dundas) is my go to place for cheap drinks and delicious Georgian fair - low decibel to boot.

I like Union - don't have a problem with their service.

Foxley is solid.

The Saint is great - but very loud.

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

Sadies, the vegetarian brucnh diner is closing end of the month.

"I am closing Sadie's Diner at the end of this month and retiring from the restaurant business," he writes on Facebook. "I've been thinking about it for a while for many different reasons but was holding on to try to renew the lease with the hopes that I could possibly find someone to take over but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards."

"One of the most challenging aspects of running this business for the past 8 plus years has been this old building and the landlords that own it and the fact that I wasn't able to work things out with them is the reason it will be closed and not sold or passed on to anyone else," he continues by way of explanation for the seemingly sudden closure.

Does Splendido only have multi-course fixed menus now?

Entertaining and informative review as always! Glad you made progress no the foie.

Junked Food Co. - Why is this place not rammed with hipsters?

First of all, thank you for bringing back "2 legit to quit". Second, yes, it was the mom hours. I was there a few weeks ago on a weekend inching 1am and it was definitely happening. Felt a little too claustrophobic we took the orders to go, and noticed a couple of others did the same.

Overall, didn't think the food was bad, but also, nothing memorable. The mushroom salad was ok, so were the tater tots (Home of the Brave does it better though), but I didn't care for Dorito stuff. It reminded me of the Internet sensation college kids who fries everything.
I agree, the food doesn't weigh you down, but I imagine many of the items would look gross in sober broad daylight. Overall it felt like the menu reads more palatable and entertaining than they taste.

Hidden Gems Close to Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel. Any help???

Queen and Beaver
Solid brit fair, great vibe, charming space, nice selection on tap - 5 min walk from you.

Cafeteria style serving variety of sausages, rowdy crowd, great local brews - 10 min walk from you.

Sorry, Toronto doesn't do Mexican well (my opinion).
El Caballito is 10 min walk from you, tacos are only okay.
Seven Lives is a takeout join in Kensington Market - my favourite tacos downtown, not licensed- 15-20min walk from you.

" Concession Road " now open! - Any one tried it yet?!

I signed up for their newsletter and received a $20 gift certificate that expires July 26th.

"Enjoy $20 off your meal!
We're offering this gift certificate to our friends and family. Show this email to your server to redeem this offer. Please feel free to share with your loved ones!
Offer valid 7 days a week | Offer expires July 26th, 2015 | One certificate per table
No cash value | Walk-ins always welcome"

I can forward you the email via PM. Or maybe you can also get it by signing up.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

I saw their truck a few times last week parked out front of the old Happy Hooker location on Dundas. A clue maybe?

Best Jamaican Rum/Black Cake in the GTA?

Where can I get the best black cake in the city? Also, curious about the "Kelly's" rum mentioned in the article.

Salade Nicoise?

I like DT Bistro's version. They used to offer it as a sandwich for lunch special at $15, but the dinner size version is very good. Beautifully seared tuna and fingerlings done just right. I a sure you can request some extra anchovies with nudge nudge to the kitchen.
PS. Their salads in general are very good and rotate seasonally.

Morels 2015

Me too!!
Arg, I know I am supposed to cherish the fact that the wild mushrooms nest worms - but eek! I put them in salted water and grilled them slightly - but in the end, couldn't stomach more than one forkful. This was one of those cases where I wish I had them in a restaurant so i wouldn't have to see how it was prepared.

ISO: Small or Pee Wee Sized Eggs

What are you using them for?
Free-range eggs are generally smaller. Fresh from the Farm on Donlands has a good selection.

Good Chinese veggie meats at a veg Chinese restaurant?

I like the cooking techniques/styles at King's Cafe in general - lighter than most traditional chinese places and more attention to details. I don't recall them having a larger selection of Chinese greens, but all the vegetables cooked with the imitation meat were done well. The only thing is, steer away from their weird faux-veggie sushi stuff.

Good Chinese veggie meats at a veg Chinese restaurant?

Buddha's and King's Cafe, both steps away from Green's, offer much better vegetarian (and imitation veg meat). Buddha's has this veg meat on hot griddle that's very good. King's Cafe has this fried mushroom-soy mixture wrapped in seaweed that's also delicious. PS. neither restaurants cook with ginger, garlic, or chive.

Ndjuda sausage

Great link. Thanks bp.

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

The Roastery at 401 Richmond, hands down.
Really chill atmosphere, cheap coffee/tea, and good pastries/sandwich etc.
Best part - free wifi (good signal) even outside of the cafe. I have been able to get free wifi almost everywhere in the building. In the summer time, bring your laptop to the courtyard and work away! (the rooftop garden is gorgeous space to hang out as well, but I haven't been able to get a signal there).

Dim Sum and Sushi with Excellent Service and Good value in the North Shore?

Thank you all for the recommendations.
We ended up going to both Westview and Hamaei, both for lunch.
Westview was just as expected - mediocre food but passable for the North Shore. My parents insisted on ordering the Peking Duck as well - which was not a wise decision. The meat was fatty and chewy, no crisp at all; the soggy wraps and stale shrimp chips did not help either. The dimsum dishes though, were all passable and priced reasonably.
We loved Hamaei. For a rather unassuming looking restaurant, the fish was super fresh, and we ended up purchasing some sashimi in bulk from their store as well. We will return!

British sweets and savouries.

The Scottish Bakery and Mrs. Bridges both carry British goods, priced reasonably. They are not located downtown (North York and Scarborough respectively) but both offer online purchase and delivery.

otherwise midtowngirl is right, Nutty Chocolatier is your next best bet.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Yes thank you for the clarification bp. I meant to say the pop-up supper club.

If I had $500 in Toronto...

Charlie's Burgers Wine Club for a unique and intimating tasting menu - if you can it to there.
Usually runs $250pp, 6-8 courses, with wine pairing.

Fat City Blues Review

We sat at the bar on a Friday evening. They have got a fantastic bartender anchoring the show here. We saw quite a few absinthe spoon fire shows being performed through out the night - and all the patrons seemed to be thoroughly entertained and satisfied.
A very fun cocktail menu, and well executed. Loved my Dixie and Last Word.

Po'boys (alligator, oyster) were good, but the bun-to-protein ratio left something to be desired. The accompanied chips were soggy and tasteless. I too, would recommend the Rockefellers.

I say go for the scene and cocktail but keep expectation for the food at bay. The live Jazz, cocktails, and great bar service are enough to keep us going back for more.

PS. It is not a quiet, conversation type of place, but I'd say for a live-music venue, it's not outrageously loud.