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Best Italian romantic dinner- this weekend!

Another vote for Tutti Matti. Consistent, beautiful food and amazing service. They go above and beyond. Let them know your occasion (preggo and all) - they will go the extra mile.

If you are looking for more relaxed atmosphere, Agio on St Clair makes great house pastas.

Enoteca Sociale also has several house specials that will satisfy all carb cravings. If your hobby appreciates good wine, that might be an option.

2015 Food Events

PS. They are offering AYCE Songkran at both Nana and KSR. Both are sold out for their respective 4 seatings.

2015 Food Events

FYI, if you are a Live Green member, you can download the Food + Drink Market App and get in for free:

Restaurants near copps coliseum

Earth to Table on Locke.

18 Person Bachelorette Dinner - Toronto - Saturday night in May

Gusto 101 is a good choice.
It will be tough to reserve for such a large group on a Saturday night - better have a few backups. Maybe consider:
La Societe: $45 PF menu. A fitting venue for bachelorette party celebration.
Queen Margherita Pizza (Dundas West): $29 PF with Appetizer, pizza and dessert in a gorgeous room
Queen and Beaver: order the family dinner.

Byblos is Fantastic. Not sure if they have prix fixe though.

Quick service near TIFF Lightbox

Speed of service really depends on the time of day you visit the venue.
Following usually have pretty fast service even during lunch peak hours:
-Le Neuf
-Ravi Soup
-Avenue Open Kitchen
-Brant St Cafe

Anne's Magic Kitchen

Real Authentic Thai Food in Toronto. Suggestions please?

Not directly answering your question, but KSR and Nana are both celebrating Songkran (Thai New Year) on April 12th:
We are going on 3-5pm seating. The latest session (9-11pm) still has tickets available.

Any indian buffets actually worthwhile?

Govinda's vegetarian buffet.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

There was no wait time for weekday breakfast. They do a very nice job packaging take-aways when I went in person.

Can't speak for the weekend seatings - I hate hating for food too, especially for brunch!

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

Maha's was mentioned in another thread:
but I got to give a separate shout-out for their weekday breakfast.
Had their eggs and foole and scramble eggs for a late breakfast (10am), but they are open at 7am on weekdays. The pitas are delicious. The eggs done right. The fava beans - a must try. Their mint tea is a also a refreshing change to start the day.

2015 Food Events

"Sotto una buona stella, which translates to “under a lucky star,” will see chef Massimo Bottura prepare a six-course dinner alongside Rob Gentile at Buca Yorkville.
While the first dinner is by invite only, the other five will offer seats to the general populace, aimed to run around $300 per person. Both up-and-comers like Davide Oldani of Ristorante d’O’ and more recognizable chefs will headline the other upcoming dinners, which are to show both the culinary tradition and innovation presently occurring in Italy. "

For all you lucky birds who care to splurge $300pp....

Kid friendly near AGO

Manpuku is a great suggestion. They make onigiris in fun shapes for kids upon request.
Karine's is a great breakfast for lunch/early dinner kind of place. Yummy pancakes/waffles and the plating is always fun with fresh fruit and such. It's billed as a vegetarian brunch place.
You are about 10 min walk from Kensington Market. Wanda's Pie in the Sky and Caplansky's both offer kid-size food items.

Morimoto in Toronto

I think he will do well with the tourist/theatre crowd at that location. And it rhymes...

Best Jamaican Patties - GTA

I second Gerry's as well. Great crust and filling.

Also, Patties Express at Elm and Yonge is very delicious. They make great veggie patties.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Nestle Toll House Cafe replaced the old Lick's at 720 Spadina (Bloor/Spadina).

We snacked on some ice cream cup and sandwich last night. Nostalgic!

Flourless Cupcakes Toronto

Bobbette & Belle on Queen E serves great GF cupcakes.

Road trip to Toronto, weird shirts, art, coffee, and doughnuts.

If you are heading to County General, don't miss their IPAs from Collective Arts Brewing! Each bottle showcases artwork of up-n-coming designers. Good brews to boot.

Not on your list:
Bellwoods Brewery. Another great local brewery. They have fantastic t-shirts.

I got my SO the "Monogamy" Tshirt. He loves it but we always have to coordinate so that we don't wear the same shirts and become one of those gaggy couples...

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Old space of The Grove now has a new sign reads "Nuovo Ufficio 2015".
Will it still be a restaurant?

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Saw a basement space on King West, just west of Portland, with both signs of Prochetta & Co, and Pizza Libretto on the window.

New Restaurant - On Roncessvalles at Queen - Asian?

A korean place on Roncy close to Queen opened...but this was maybe a year ago. The facade was very dark and "minimalist". I am not sure if this is the place you are referring to.

West African restaurants in GTA?

You will Love love Tree Top on at Kensington Market (Dundas West).


The chef is from Cameroon. Their daily specials rotate. Some staple favourites: amazing sakora (I always opt for this over the jollof, which is always on the menu as well), goat stew, grilled chicken, house-baked bread. Whatever baked goodies they have that day...grab a few to go and share!
Their hours are odd (closes early) and the winter hours have not been consistent, but you should drop by for a weekend lunch.

Western African is a very general category, but you'd be surprised how many talented chefs from the region are cooking away in the GTA kitchens.

ISO Good Virgin Cocktail Menu (tonight!)

Barchef on Queen West is some distance from your dinner destination, but in my opinion, makes the best non-alcoholic cocktails in town.

Otherwise, I remember seeing expansive virgin cocktail menu at Cafe Boulud. That'd be a gorgeous place to start off the night.

Need an alternative to Bar Buca

There are quite of a few alternatives in that King W neighbourhood serving similar calibre of food, with more comfortable seating.
Portland Variety

$100 for two, all in.

Beast's Happy Hour
Union's half-price bottles on Mondays
Rush Hour
This End Up

I actually think the $100-all-in-for-two is more than generous.

$50-all-in-for-two (food+booze+tip for two, central Toronto), on the other hand, would be a challenging list to make!

Super Bowl 2015

Ribs, wings and cornbread from Smoque n' Bones.
Pizza from Forno Cultura.

Japanese Artist Creates Tasty Vegetable Weapons...

Jan 15, 2015
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Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

1. Dandylion
2. Hopgood’s Foodliner
3. Richmond Station
4. Byblos
5. Ossington Stop
6. Karelia Kitchen
7. Atlantic
8. Black Hoof
9. Geraldine
10. The Saint

2015 RESTAURANT Closings in Toronto? To June 30...

That is sad news. They were serving up some delicious morsels (although, consistency wasn't their strong suit in my past experiences). I hope the chefs are moving on to even better projects.

Looking for large-party "special meals" in Toronto

I had an amazing family style dinner at Queen and Beaver. Ridiculously good roast and Yorkshire pudding. Top notch/laid back service and beautiful room.

Beast's Whole Animal offerings have been rated highly on the board: