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From the Boot in Ambler - happily reporting back!

Feista Pizza on Germantown Ave is much cheaper and delivers for free. Not sure what the lure of From the Boot is. Went once. Not impressed. Oily pasta auce is not something I crave... nor mediocre sevice.

Aug 21, 2009
misexec in Philadelphia

10 best restaurants in Montgomery County

Bruno's in Lafayette Hill has to be the dirtiest restaurant in the area. It was disgusting. The tables that were wiped off were grimy with grease and food crusted on them. Same with the counter. Absolutely do not look behind the counter to the grill side. It is one big grease splatter everywhere back there. There is no way that place gets thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day as it should.
Worse, the chef/manager/owner dropped a container of cut lemons on to the floor where he was cooking and actually put them back in the container and into a fridge thinking no one sitting at the counter would notice. He then took money from a patron in his bare hand and proceeded to pick up a roll for something on the grill with the same hand. What happened to serve safe regulations? This person was grumpy and was very short with his employees and quests. The employees completely reflect his terrible demeanor. I am so disgusted by my experience I am thinking of reporting it to the health dept.

Dec 27, 2008
misexec in Pennsylvania

Good local coffee roasters, and where to purchase their products?


La Colombe makes great coffee for retail sale as well as it being served in the areas finest restaurants. Jean Philippe and Todd started out locally and have received national attention. You can pick up their beans from Baker Street right on Gemrantown Ave or at any Whole Foods Market nearby.

In addition, right here in Chestnut Hill, where I live, you can buy your beans from at Chestbut Hill Coffee Company across from Borders. They have been opne a little over a year... won a best of Philly last summer, and have just begun roasting their own blends for retail.
These guys (Sultan and John) are from Seattle and know their stuff. I ALWAYS enjoy their coffee.

Dec 18, 2006
misexec in Pennsylvania

Dinner within 30 minutes from Ambler or Warminster

Trax Cafe in Ambler, baby! Steve's free range chickens served French style with carmelized onions are out of this world!!

Dec 17, 2006
misexec in Pennsylvania

Cozy atmosphere and good food in Delco, Main Line or Conshohocken?

Try the Valley Green Inn. It's very cozy and old school. Perfect for any holiday.

Dec 16, 2006
misexec in Pennsylvania

Best Cupcakes in Philadelphia?

I love the cupcakes at Cake in Chestnut Hill. They are as pretty as they are super duper delicious. The cupcakes from Eislin's Bakery in Roxborough are delicious as well, but not dressed quite as fancy.

Dec 07, 2006
misexec in Philadelphia

BYO (or not) for Anniversary Dinner - Northern Burbs or elsewhere

I live in Chestnut Hill. I can recomend Trax Cafe in Ambler. It's charming. The Cafetee here on the Hill is charming as well.

Dec 05, 2006
misexec in Pennsylvania

Carmine's Creole in Narberth - chef's tasting menu?

Not "desperately advertising"... simply advertising. Carmine's is moving to Maint Street in Mannayunk. It takes time to find the right staffing from front to back of house. It can especially take time to find a decent chef.
I'll miss the spot Carmine's inhabits in Narberth and look forward to checking them out in their new digs. John's food always rocks!

Dec 03, 2006
misexec in Pennsylvania