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Restaurants near world trade center in Dallas

That area is pretty industrial, so there aren't a lot of moderately-priced options, but you aren't too far from Uptown/downtown. Meddlesome Moth & Pakpao Thai in the Design District are good choices. If you have time for a lunch, Slow Bone has incredible BBQ.

Jun 21, 2014
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

3 hour layover at DFW--BBQ?

I second Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell. It's as close as you will get to central Texas BBQ in all of DFW, in my opinion.

There is also a new Salt Lick BBQ location in the recently renovated Terminal A at DFW. I've seen it a few times, but haven't eaten there yet. The original location outside of Austin is incredible, but that's a totally different experience.

If you have time, do Hard Eight, but be aware it can be really busy around lunchtime, so you may be forced to take it to-go, given the limited time you have. Otherwise, I'd hit up Salt Lick. You can't go wrong either way.

Downtown Dallas Dinner Recommendation - Tough One

The sports bar in the Omni has amazing TVs, probably the best in the city. Unfortunately, on the two occasions I've visited, the food hasn't been great. I don't remember there being TVs in the dining room in Bob's, but I could be wrong. You could always eat at Bob's and watch the game at the sports bar, though.

Apr 05, 2013
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Downtown Dallas Dinner Recommendation - Tough One

I second Common Table. The TV at that table is pretty small, but if the weather is nice, they should have the game on the big TVs outside on the patio.

Pappas Bros is great, but it's quite a hike from downtown.

Apr 04, 2013
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Downtown Dallas Dinner Recommendation - Tough One

It's funny you ask this quesiton, because I've gone through this myself on several occasions. I want good food, but I want to watch a game with a group of friends.

The traditionally popular game-watching spots are Frankie's, McKinney Ave Tavern and Christie's. They all serve "bar food" and I don't personally think the food at any of them is particularly good. Katy Trail Ice House is a new bar that has a half-indoor, half-outdoor setup that's very conducive to watching a game and pretty solid burgers, BBQ and beer. If the weather is nice, I would expect it to be VERY crowded during the Championship game. If you truly want a "sports bar-like" atmosphere, the aforementioned are going to be the prime options.

If you are looking for something higher-end, the options are much more limited. I've watched a few games in the bar area of Nick & Sam's Steakhouse. It's a decent place to watch a game, definitely good for a group of guys, and has great steaks. The bar area is tougher to get a table in, because of it's small size, so you will need to call ahead to see if they can accommodate you and if they can setup a party of six so everyone can see the game.

Blue Fish on Greenville Ave has decent (far from the best in town) sushi and lots of big TVs, so you could consider that as well.

Everything else I can think of at the moment has either only one TV or crappy TVs, neither of which make for a good game-watching atmosphere for a big group of guys.

Anyone else? I'm curious to see what I'm forgetting.

Apr 02, 2013
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Denver Restaurant/Bar Recommendations May 23-27 for Bachelor Party

I'm hosting a bachelor party in Denver on Memorial Day weekend for a group of 10-12 guys in their mid-30's. We are staying in Cherry Creek, but I'm sure we will be spending a fair amount of time downtown.

I'd love to get some recommendations for brunch, lunch, dinner and bar spots that have great food and a lively atmosphere. I think we will probably do a couple of high-end restaurants for dinner, but some good casual lunch choices with great drink/beer selections and a chef-driven regional American menu could be good. Some high-end bar/lounge recommendations would be appreciated as well. Also, if there are any Denver institutions that we shouldn't miss, I'd love to know about them.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 23, 2013
hypemnd in Mountain States

Dallas with Teenagers

I agree with twinwillow and I'd also add the following.


Meso Maya just opened next door to El Fenix just north of downtown. Great Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex.

Mi Cocina has several locations around town. The closest to downtown is in West Village at McKinney Ave. and Lemmon. It's a Dallas institution, so it's hard to leave it off the list.


I wish there was more great BBQ in Dallas. Pecan Lodge is about as good as it gets in Dallas proper. I love Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell, but it's about a 30-minute drive from downtown. If you are flying into DFW, you may want to make a stop on the way in or out, if it works with your schedule. It's only about 5 minutes from the airport.


Stampede 66 - New Stephan Pyles restaurant just north of downtown featuring "cowboy cuisine"

FT33 - Very inventive regional American in the Design District featuring chef Josh Valentine from Top Chef. Great craft cocktails. Prices do push the high end of what I would define as mid-range, though.


Stephan Pyles - Very similar to Fearing's at the Ritz, but downtown location and food is a bit better IMO

Abacus - Asian fusion by Kent Rathbun. Must-try lobster shooters and amazing decor.

Nick & Sam's - If you want to do steak one night, I'd recommend this over Del Frisco's, which is pretty far away.

I hope that helps!

Moderate price steak house in Dallas

I think Kirby's on Greenville is pretty good, too. Of course, you could always do Hillstone/Houston's. They have a couple of good steaks on the menu for <$40 with sides.

Jul 13, 2012
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Finest japanese-style sushi in DFW- not interested in americanized rolls. Suggestions?

I'll second twinwillow's recommendations and add Yutaka ( and Tei Tei ( for upscale options.

Jul 11, 2012
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Sissy's Southern Kitchen

I agree. Mediocre at best. It took 30 minutes for our drinks to arrive. The deviled eggs were so laden with curry powder, you couldn't taste much else. My girlfriend had the fried chicken, which I thought was pretty amazing, buy my pork chop was way overcooked and the gravy was bland. The cream biscuits were very good, but the mac and cheese was just average.

If you are going to go, I'd recommend getting a bucket of chicken and a side of biscuits and calling it a day. Although, it's hard to want to make a reservation and pay $30 for something you can get at a bunch of the local chicken joints for half the price and hassle.

May 04, 2012
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Neighborhood Services

I love it when people trash restaurants that have hour-long waits on Monday nights. It's like the Yogi Berra quote--"Nobody goes there anymore, it's too busy." Clearly, there are some people around the city who think the food is worth eating at the prices they are charging. Not sure what Mr. Rucker is doing replying to a two year old thread, anyway.

Oct 20, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Bridal shower location in dallas/plano/frisco area?

For a girly place, I'd try Rise no.1 on Lovers Lane. It's a souffle restaurant and is generally patronized by a crowd comprised of at least 95% women. You could also do a tea at the Adolphus Hotel downtown, if you want something a little more old-world traditional.

The Adolphus Hotel
1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202

Oct 03, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Fried Clams

It may seem odd, but they have them at Al Biernat's from time to time. Al is extremely accommodating. I'd give him a call to see if he can get some in.

Al Biernats
4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

Oct 02, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

ISO a sports bar in Dallas for good food and NFL watching

There are basically three sports bars in the area that are extremely popular--Christie's, McKinney Avenue Tavern, and Frankie's. They are all on McKinney Avenue in Uptown and will be packed all day on Sunday. None of them has particularly great food, but of the three, Frankie's is probably the best.

The Loon on Lemmon Ave near West Village has a bunch of TVs and usually has a pretty good game-watching crowd. The food there is pretty decent.

You could also try Katy Trail Ice House off Routh near Cedar Springs. They have a somewhat limited menu of "bar food", but the burger is fantastic, IMO. They have a giant patio, so if the weather is as nice as it's supposed to be, prepare for a big crowd.

Outside of those, you are going to be stuck choosing a restaurant with TVs. While they may have better food, it's obviously a very different experience.

McKinney Avenue Tavern
2822 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

Oct 01, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas Steakhouse Recommendations

The busiest (i.e. most popular) true steakhouses in town are Nick & Sam's (best atmosphere), Al Biernat's (best service), Bob's (best for guys night) and Pappas Bros. (best wine list). All of these places are top-notch by national standards and will have the commensurate hour-long plus wait on a weekend night to prove it.

I find it interesting that people claim that the quality of beef ranges from "poor" to "the best I've ever had" at various places when nearly every steakhouse in the city buys their meat from the exact same purveyor, Allen Brothers, and cooks them in the exact same manner, upright broiler. With that said, I've probably eaten at each of the places listed above in excess of 50 times and have had specific instances where I wasn't pleased with the quality of the steak I received. However, this is highly unusual.

For BBQ, all of the places you mentioned are excellent. Of those listed, the only one I'd probably skip is Snow's, simply because it has zero history, zero atmosphere, a very limited (albeit very tasty) menu, and it's way outside of any major city. The old Texas institutions that comprise most of the rest of the list are much more impressive experiences.

For Mexican, I personally like La Fogata in San Antonio and Fonda San Miguel in Austin. If you have to do Tex-Mex in Dallas, you are going to be stuck with one of the chain options (e.g. Uncle Julio's, Mi Cocina, Cantina Laredo, etc.), which are much better than most you will find outside of Texas, but not life-changing experiences.

I hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!

Nick & Sam's
3008 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201

Uncle Julios
1125 N Union Bower Rd, Irving, TX 75061

Al Biernats
4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

Sep 07, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Girly Sunday Brunch recommendation (girl wkend dining)

+1 for Toulouse. Nosh is another great French bistro-style choice. Breadwinners on McKinney Avenue is probably the most popular brunch spot in the city, but be prepared to wait quite a while. I've had the brunch at Marquee. It's not bad, but I much prefer Marquee in the evening when the bar is going. If you want really girly, you may want to try Rise no 1 at Lemmon and Inwood--all souffles and all girls.

Jul 25, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Howard wangs uptown

I personally think it's the best Chinese in the area. You can get better in Richardson, but it's not exactly close for those of us who live near downtown.

Jun 20, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Restaurants everyone loves--except you

Someone should rename this thread "A list of the most popular restaurants in Dallas". Clearly, there is at least one person in the city that doesn't like any given restaurant, so what's the difference?

Jun 07, 2011
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

anyone been to the Meddlesome Moth yet?

I've been a couple of times. There's a short review of my first visit at the link below. From the second visit, I'd recommend the Lamb Kofta, Buffalo Sausage and Arugula Salad. You also must try the pickled grapes and tomatoes that come with the Pork-a-Holic Platter. Amazing stuff! The only thing I'd stay away from are the Ham Hock Croquettes. They taste like mushy tater tots. Not a hint of ham hock. Too bad.

May 08, 2010
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Bachelorette party dinner location in downtown Dallas?

If a young, lively atmosphere coupled with good food is what you are after, I'd make the following recommendations:

Neighborhood Services Tavern
Victor Tango's
Nick & Sam's Grill

Those are all mid-priced, have good food, great drinks and a good bar scene. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale without completely sacrificing a lively scene, then these are sure to fit the bill:

Nick & Sam's
Screen Door
Eddie V's

I'm not sure what your definition of "overly expensive" is, but all of the restaurants in the first group have entrees in the teens and low-twenties. The latter group is high-twenties and thirties.

I hope this helps. Have fun!

Shinsei Restaurant
7713 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75209

Screen Door
1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood Services
5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

Nick & Sam's
3008 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201

May 06, 2010
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Rusty Taco -- 38 minutes for a taco?

Unfortunately, I had the same experience when I went this week. Dry, bland meat and long waits. I don't care if they paid me $2 per taco. I'm not going back.

Apr 22, 2010
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

J Black's on Henderson

The Austin location is primarily a bar. I think they have food, but I doubt that is their forte.

Mar 28, 2010
hypemnd in Dallas - Fort Worth

Texas board?

Given the volume of traffic on the Texas board, it seems as though Dallas and Houston would warrant their own boards. The current situation can be very confusing.

Jan 05, 2008
hypemnd in Site Talk

portuguese / linguica sausage

They do have it in the meat dept occasionally, but I've tried it and it's not even comparable to the packaged stuff from Gaspar's or Amaral's. It's too bad as it would be really convenient.

Jan 05, 2008
hypemnd in Texas

portuguese / linguica sausage

I'm in Dallas and there is nowhere to buy it here, either. Central Market carried it for awhile, but has since stopped. I regularly buy the Gaspar's brand, which I consider to be the best, from their website at

Dec 03, 2006
hypemnd in Texas

Hotel Palomar Restaurant

I've been to Central 214 three times now, twice for lunch and once for dinner. I consider the food to be very good and reasonably priced. The service is another matter. It ranges from horrible to just okay. Nevertheless, if you want to try a new place, it's worth visiting.

Dec 03, 2006
hypemnd in Texas