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pastured eggs at the local Baltimore farmer's markets?

Does anyone know if the egg sellers (particularly at the JFX market) have *pastured* eggs?

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

Heart-shaped pizza from a local pizza place (I know, not gourmet, but fun) :)

Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo

Probably because chicken with skin tends to get very greasy in the crockpot.

Feb 11, 2014
amyatkendall in Recipes

What is your dirty little food secret?

I love them too! I get the sugar-free cherry lime ones but I still feel guilty - all of that dye and artificial sweetener but so delicious!

Jun 27, 2013
amyatkendall in General Topics

What is your dirty little food secret?


Jun 26, 2013
amyatkendall in General Topics

What is your dirty little food secret?

Ha, when we vacation in Door County my favorite thing to do is to stand by the Wisconsin cheese section and marvel at the variety and also the giant cardboard Clay Matthews.

Jun 26, 2013
amyatkendall in General Topics

What is your dirty little food secret?

This is a childhood family food secret: take a jar of peanut butter, mix in maple syrup and then smear it on white bread (or just eat it straight).

Also, I love corn dogs - the kind that come in a huge frozen box. The Schwanns delivery ones are good, too. I can eat about 8 corn dogs in a row.

Also, not a food, but I love those TGI Friday's drink mixers - the orange creamsicle, mudslide, etc. I normally drink healthy red wine but when I'm alone it's the syrupy drinks and corn dogs.

Jun 26, 2013
amyatkendall in General Topics

What is your dirty little food secret?

Ha ha! I won't eat White Castles in front of my husband either! I wait until he goes on a business trip and then I drive from Baltimore to NEW JERSEY to get them. I'm from the midwest and miss them terribly.

We need to start a ladies' "book" club where we just eat White Castles.

Pickling stuff! What else to pickle?

Pickled eggs! I always have a big gallon jug of them in my fridge (good snack and as a topper on my brandy old-fashioned's).

organic produce at the JFX farmers market

Can someone recommend particular stalls at the JFX farmers market for organic produce? I'm looking, for the most part, for organic, local greens.

If anyone has had a particularly good experience with a vendor I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks!

JFX 2013!

Farmers market starts Sunday April 7th this year!

Can't wait for the fresh peas!

Has anyone tried this carrot and ginger soup?

I haven't tried any of those linked either, but Andrew Weil has a nifty carrot ginger soup that I swear by:

Oct 12, 2012
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

restaurants in Fremont, Ohio

I know this thread is seven years old, but as luck would have it, we're traveling through Fremont in a couple of months. I had this idea that I want to find a kitschy type of Chinese restaurant - you know, the type that serves Americanized sweet and sour pork and big mai tais with parasols and pu pu platters.

Any chance that anyone knows of one - maybe not right in Fremont but in the general area?

Jun 18, 2012
amyatkendall in Great Lakes

JFX 2012

I still haven't been this year despite my best intentions - are there any strawberries yet? Or asparagus?

Scallion/Spring Onion/Green Onion Recipes

Somewhat along the same lines - I use green onions in mashed cauliflower, along with a chunk of cream cheese, heavy cream and seasoned salt.

Apr 04, 2012
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

JFX 2012

I'm happy you started this board. I've made a commitment to myself to go every week and not miss out like I did last year.

What's For Easter Dinner?

For lunch it's:

ham w/maple glaze

taffy apple salad

grits and greens casserole

asparagus with hollandaise

strawberry blue cheese salad

lemon cheesecake

carrot cake

It's also my husband's birthday, so dinner will be sushi out.

Apr 03, 2012
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

Delicious organic bread made in baltimore and the surrounding area?

Brunie's Bakery is great - if you can get in touch with them. A couple of years ago she did my birthday cake and it was terrific but now every time I try to contact her through the email listed on her website, I get a "no user found" response. I'd like to give her business, but it's frustrating not to be able to get in touch.

Baltimore restaurants with fireplaces?

Thanks for all of these great suggestions!

Baltimore restaurants with fireplaces?

We're hoping to brianstorm a list of cozy restaurants in Baltimore that have fireplaces for cold winter date nights! Doesn't have to be upscale (although they can be).

Any help greatly appreciated...

Is commercial almond milk really healthy?

In addition to being a good alternative for the lactose intolerant, it's also a good substitute for diabetics (such as myself). It's lower in carbs than regular milk.

Jan 09, 2012
amyatkendall in General Topics

Garam Masala... What do u use it for?

What a good idea - I'm going to try this! I've got a big bag from Penzey's that I have sitting around.

Jan 09, 2012
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

32nd Street Farmers Market

Hi -

Does the 32nd Street Farmer's market have a good selection of cold weather vegetables (i.e. broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale) this time of year?

I went to the Baltimore food co-op on Saturday morning and it was slim pickings - thought maybe the farmer's market would have more.


Where can i find almond flour?

I buy all of my almond flour from

How big is it? (Your turkey, that is)

15 pounder for 2 people and 4 cats :)

We'll freeze a lot, and make turkey soup for days.

Nov 24, 2011
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving 2011 Disaster Stories

LOL @ "baby turkey"

Nov 24, 2011
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

Best Tea Kettle

I've got a Le Creuset tea kettle that I've had for years that I love. At one point it got dinged and they sent me a free replacement - the Flame color is cheerful in the morning. I alternate between using that and an electric no-name kettle from Walmart that actually works quite well.

Nov 23, 2011
amyatkendall in Cookware

Thanksgiving 2011 Disaster Stories

Ouch, oh there's nothing worse than a cast iron burn. My sympathies.

A couple of days ago I put a cast iron skillet on my linoleum thinking the skillet had cooled down, and it destroyed a portion of the linoleum. The linoleum got so hot it let out a gunshot loud POP and cracked and then the linoleum stayed hot for hours. Yeah, I don't think we're getting our security deposit back.

Nov 23, 2011
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving 2011: What's on the menu?

Another vote for the pumpkin martooni recipe, please!

Menu for us:

Football game appetizers:
bloody mary's
relish tray: gherkies, dill pickles, deviled eggs, pickled okra, pickled tomatoes, pickled cauliflower, black olives, green olives
salmon pate

roasted turkey
sage stuffing
cranberry orange sauce
Paula Deen's green bean casserole
sweet potato bake
seasoned sauerkraut (Baltimore tradition)
turkey gravy

pumpkin pie with pecan/hazelnut crust
cranberry apple crisp
pecan pie bites (figs stuffed with pecans)
assorted cheeses
red grapes
Port, Coffee

Nov 23, 2011
amyatkendall in Home Cooking

What's for dinner? #116 [old]

Delivery hot wings and a bottle of wine, y'all!

Nov 23, 2011
amyatkendall in Home Cooking