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African food in San Diego??

There are only Somali and Ethiopian restaurants in SD. In LA and SF there are West African places but I have had no luck finding anything from Central Africa in this state.

Mar 03, 2008
lotsofissues in California

post-Your Black Muslim Bakery

The alternative doesn't even have to serve food. It could just be a venue of chaos.

post-Your Black Muslim Bakery

What's a good alternative?

What is the most expensive restaurant in San Diego?

I'm just curious.

Oct 11, 2007
lotsofissues in California

We try to compile all the "exotic" foods in SD

Dude. Why aren't you getting a publisher?

Jun 21, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Ataturk Airport

What do you recommend?

Jun 20, 2007
lotsofissues in Europe

Exotic stuff in Dublin and Belfast?

Please share any place that is "surprising".

Jun 20, 2007
lotsofissues in U.K./Ireland

Tell me about Amman

I'm going there.

Thank you.

We try to compile all the "exotic" foods in SD

Exotic meaning a non-familiar nationality (so no Chinese, Indian, Mexican)--unless it's really unusual.

SD/TJ area

Ethiopian: Harrar, Red Sea, and 1 other place
Somali: African Spice, Taste of African Cuisine, more places

Salvadoran: El Salvador, more places
Argentine: Buenos Aires (TJ)

Lebanese: Mama's, Ranoosh (awful)
Laotian: Asia Cafe
Afghan: Khyber Pass, more places

Basque: Chikki Jai (TJ)
Georgian: Pomegranate
Greek: Zorba's, more places

Jun 06, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Sudanese food in San Diego?

There is a community of 3000 Sudanese refugees in this city. I wonder if there is a restaurant?

Thanks for the help.

Jun 06, 2007
lotsofissues in California

You have $5 in San Diego

Dear Chowhounders,

You folks all seem to have disposable income, so I call on you in this thread to aid wannabe frugal college students like me. If you had $5,$7, or, hell, even sub-10, where are some fun or tasty places to go?

I'll start:

El Zarape $1 fish tacos!
The 2 Somali places/3 Ethiopian places
Bronx Pizza if cost of pie is split among a few ppl
Everybody loves Super Cocina

Apr 12, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Lefty's (deep dish) wasn't that great

Hey Josh thanks for the reply. Sorry about the rudeness of the op.

I ordered a meaty pie, and the meat tasted like patty. I have no basis for comparing deep dish in this city. I just hope Lefty's isn't--it couldn't!--be the best.

Apr 08, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Best Hamburger in San Diego?

Being a college student going out w/ college student friends, could you tell me, Josh, which are the cheapest options?

Apr 08, 2007
lotsofissues in San Diego

Lefty's (deep dish) wasn't that great

From the best hamburger thread, Josh recommended eight joints, I chose the Linkery (why isn't cost ever mentioned in any thread?) but I found out the burgers cost $13+--so my pals agreed fuck that! We headed towards Bronx Pizza but found Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria along the way and tried it out. The cost was agreeable: ~$20 for a 16'' deep dish specialty pie, but the quality was ordinary. The crust was thick and crispy and the cheese was plentiful but the meat was hamburger patty. So the experience was okay and recommendable but not superb. How could some of you say it is the best deep dish in the city?

Apr 08, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Best Hamburger in San Diego?

Thank you Josh. You should get a publisher.

Apr 07, 2007
lotsofissues in San Diego

Best Hamburger in San Diego?


Apr 06, 2007
lotsofissues in San Diego

Somalian food

I just came back from Taste of African Cuisine.

I had a great time, and most importantly a very cheap time.

My two buddies and I had the goat, steak, and fish with a pile of pasta, rice, and salad. We had the fruit drinks and honey-milk tea for desert. Total bill $28

Jan 08, 2007
lotsofissues in California

Topic removed

My topic from yesterday "What kind of cuisines will you NOT find in San Francisco?" was removed.

Site bug? Rule violation?

Dec 18, 2006
lotsofissues in Site Talk

Fremont Report

Adjacent to De Afghanan.

Fremont Report

I will list all the exotic foods I've tried in Fremont. If I've missed any restaurants, please respond.

There are 2.5 Afghani restaurants:

Salang Pass -- peerless
De Afghanan -- pretty good, wish they still had the buffet
Kebab stand -- haven't tried

El Placio Latino 2 - Guatemalan, just bland
Habibi - Lebanese, favorite place to get lunch

Anything else unusual that I've missed?

San Diego, home to the third largest Iraqi community in the US--but where's the cuisine?

Mostly Assyrians, some Kurds. Wh are the restaurants?

I found this generic Middle Eastern restaurant was a polling site in last year's Iraqi election:

Dec 11, 2006
lotsofissues in San Diego

Exotic Food

I love trying dishes that are rarely found.

So if you have a recommendation for a good Cameroonian, Albanian, Malagasy--you get the idea--place please share! Pref in East Bay.