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Lobster rolls in DFW?

TJs has a really good lobster roll - but it's of the so-called Connecticut style - served warm with butter drizzled on top. I prefer it to the cold, "lobster salad" style. Some people have complained to me that it's too buttery (I don't even know what that means...).

I haven't tried it, but if I was looking to try the cold variety I'd probably check out the version at 20 Feet Seafood Joint (East Dallas). It's worth checking this place out regardless, because it has a pretty nice clam-shack vibe. I've also read that the lobster roll at East Hampton Sandwich Co is pretty good.

Jul 24, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Dallas Catering

not sure if you've already found someone, but The Heritage Table could be a good place to check. They were (maybe still are?) serving pretty delicious and interesting tacos on Saturdays at Four Corners Brewing Co. And I see a bunch of other stuff on their facebook page... sandwiches that are available at Frisco Farm Stop, wild-fermented sourdough, flatbreads, etc. It would certainly be worth contacting them to see what kinds of things they could provide.

Jul 23, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Needed: typical recommendations, from a slightly different angle

thanks - I occasionally hear about this place from random sources, and have always wondered if it was worth checking out. Apparently not.

May 23, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Recommendation for small group dinner near Adolphus Hotel

CBD Provisions is very close to the Adolphus, and is also pretty good. Check the menu, but I think they'd easily be able to accomodate all of your dietary constraints.

May 22, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Fresh Masa

A few years ago, Supermercado El Rancho on Coit started making their own nixtamal and selling bags of fresh masa. I'm not sure if they still do it, or whether other El Rancho locations do it as well.

May 07, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. It sounds like your experiences are pretty consistent with mine. And yeah, that lamb duo at FT is excellent.

Apr 30, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Outdoor seating, young, fun, coworker dinner this week

Proof & Pantry has great cocktails, quite good food, and has a nice patio with a view of downtown. I'm not sure if they have happy hour specials, though.

Casa Rubia at Trinity Groves (as well as many of the other restaurants there) also has a big patio area. The view is not quite as nice, unless you're all the way down at the end at Sugar Skull Cafe.

Mr. Mesero is probably my favorite texmex restaurant, and they have patio seating in uptown. The Meso Maya located near downtown (mexican) is another alternative.

Savor has ok food (nothing special, imo) but is right next to Clyde Warren Park with a long strip of outdoor seating along the park.

If you want a good beer selection, either The Common Table or The Meddlesome Moth have great beers and nice patio seating.

Bolsa might be good too - I can't recall whether their patio is covered or open

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

Bolsa is definitely a reasonable choice for brunch.

Apr 22, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

In my experience, the food at Meddlesome Moth has been really uneven. The menu looks like high quality pub fare, but the execution is often really lacking. They do have a huge selection of beers on tap, so when I go I tend to drink rather than eat.

The food at Small is on a completely different level. All of the charcuterie are made in house. The last time I was there, they had a wildebeest and eland summer sausage that was ridiculously good. There was also a fantastic goat rillette, and it was served with house-made bread with a black pepper and hops infused butter. The pasta were fagotelli filled with pecan, served with mustard greens and flowers, toasted pecans, broth emulsified with schmaltz and chili oil. A previous pasta was made (partially) with the dark roasted grains that went into the brewery's stout. Really delicious, super creative. The menu used to include a sausage-stuffed pig's foot. It's one of the most interesting restaurants in Dallas now, I think. Also, the cocktail program is excellent - they have a really small, well curated selection of liquors. (I'll note here that I'm friends with the chef and one of the bartenders).

I'll also say that I, personally, would skip Bolsa and Hattie's. They're not bad... but neither has ever produced any food that I find particularly interesting. I've heard that the new chef at Bolsa is doing good things... so maybe they've suddenly improved. They do have great cocktails.

FT33 is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. If you're here on a Tuesday,Wednesday or Thursday, I'd recommend the chef's tasting menu with wine pairings if you can swing it (the price is pretty reasonable, given how much you get). It's worth considering that the tasting menu tends to be very vegetable focused - if you're the type of person who needs a giant hunk of meat for dinner, then skip the tasting menu. The regular menu is still really really great.

Apr 21, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Good Food Near Belmont Hotel

will you have a car?

If you're on foot, the closest places will be Smoke and Ten, as already stated. There's also Chicken Scratch nearby, which is ok... it's mostly an outdoors, so if the weather is nice it's fun to hang out and drink beers from The Foundry (immediately adjacent). You could also probably walk (about 30') to Trinity Groves... with the notable food/drink places being:
Casa Rubia - kind of like tapas, but a bit more creative.
Sugar Skull Cafe - good coffee, awesome breakfast tacos, and (for lunch) street tacos served on handmade corn tortillas
Kate Weiser Chocolate - really nice chocolatier with some interesting other stuff
Depending on how soon you arrive, Off Site Kitchen (good burgers) might have moved there.
There's also a brewery next door, Four Corners, where you can sample beers on the patio or in the taproom. On Saturday afternoons they also serve tacos.

If you're driving, you'll be close to Bishop Arts, which has a bunch of great restaurants (Lucia, Boulevardier, Lockhart BBQ, etc) as well as Small Brewpub on Jefferson, which has good beer, fantastic cocktails and really really creative and delicious food.

Apr 20, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Mex-Mex restaurants in Dallas area?

my first choice would be Los Torres - the owners are from Sinaloa. Highlights for me (so far) are the tacos with barbacoa roja (a mixture of beef and pork with a red sauce) or tripa. The tacos ahogados are filled with goat and melted cheese, and then drowned in a goat broth (birria). Be sure to ask for hand made corn tortillas on your tacos.

El Ranchito, which twinwillow mentioned, focuses on NorteƱo cuisine. The cabrito is pretty good, and some people like the mollejas (I haven't tried them).

There are two places that come to mind that focus on Veracruz-style food. Both are a little more "fancy", but not excessively so. One place is Mesa, which twinwillow also mentioned. The other is called Veracruz Cafe which serves "Mesoamerican, Mayan, Huasteco & Aztec Cuisine". I haven't been to Veracruz very often, but they have some nice looking stuff.

If you're down for a taqueria, in addition to Los Torres, I like La Nueva Fresh & Hot which is really a tortilla company, but they served delicious tacos de guisado, both green and red (among others). You could also check out

Mar 23, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Brief visit to Dallas from UK

You could also consider trying a chicken fried steak, which is a Texas (or southern?) specialty. The last time I tried them (a while ago), Allgood Cafe and Ozona had good versions.

Feb 25, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Brief visit to Dallas from UK

Knife has been running a dry aged foie gras that sounds amazing. They also have really flavorful steaks in a variety of cuts, both inexpensive and ridiculously pricey. Their burger is fantastic too.

twinwillow has the local bbq right. In case you're not familiar with the Central Texas style of bbq, it's worth pointing out that it's mainly about meat, smoke and salt. BBQ sauce is a secondary element (if not discouraged). The main focus is brisket, and you should ask for fatty brisket.

I disagree with his burger recs, though. Chop House is not very good in my experience. Hopdoddy is good... but not really worth an out of town visit. I haven't tried Adairs. My suggestions, aside from Knife, would be CBD Provisions, Boulevardier, Neighborhood Services and if you want the gritty Deep Ellum vibe, I'd recommend Angry Dog as an alternative to Adairs. Of course, you'll find lots of opinions about burgers.

Small Brewpub has a couple of cool meat items: a sausage-stuffed pig trotter, boudin balls and an excellent salumi board.

If you're coming after March 2, I strongly recommend Luscher's Chicago Style Hot Dog Joint (or whatever it will be called). His hot dogs are incredible... seriously. I'm not a hot dog fan, but these are outstanding - the product of a Chicago native transplanted to Texas, they're smokey and unctuous like BBQ, and unlike any hot dog I've had in Chicago or anywhere else.

You could also check out some Mexican. A couple of things come to mind. If you go to Los Torres taqueria get the barbacoa roja tacos (a mixture of beef and pork) and a taco ahogado (cheese and goat meat, smothered in a goat broth). Their tripas taco is really good too. You could also go to El Ranchito for the cabrito, which is basically a pile of pulled goat meat and some tortillas. I also really like carnitas... but I'm having a tough time thinking of a place that makes carnitas worth seeking out.

CBD Provisions also has a whole roasted pig head, which is pretty good. Lots of meat on it, and crispy skin, served with tortillas and salsa.

Feb 24, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Great food w/ great cocktails

your post motivated me to go back to Small last night. Here are some pictures of the food.

Salumi plate with crespone, "goatwurst" (texture somewhere between chicken liver pate and rillettes... but goat!), an awesome head cheese that was set pretty loose so it just melts in your mouth, black pepper salami, chicken rillettes topped with a cashew gelee (kind of a mousse-like texture) and n'duja. The pickled carrots and celery were great too!

Pig trotter with salsa verde, a white bean chow chow (basically sauerkraut and benas) and fermented strawberry. The skin was crunchy/chewy, and the fennel sausage stuffing delicious. Great texture and flavor contrasts on this dish.

Cappelletti: she milled some of the grains that go into their stout and used that for part of the flour in the pasta. The sauce is milky, based on a farmer's cheese called Nena from Kenny's Farmhouse, topped with crisped culatello, fermented broccoli greens and dollops of egg yolk.

Feb 20, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Great food w/ great cocktails

Remedy: despite that I really am not a fan of "upscale comfort food", I have found over the course of 3 visits that I really like Remedy! Pretty much everything I've eaten there has exceeded my expectations for deliciousness. It's still comfort food... so you won't find anything super "interesting" here, but it's all really good. I love the house-made sodas. I've also had three cocktails here, and haven't liked any of them - they were all too sweet for my tastes. Of course, I've read plenty of good press about the cocktails, so maybe it's just me.

Proof + Pantry: very good cocktails here. Having said that, I haven't been blown away by anything on their menu of signature drinks (or whatever they call them). But I find that if you chat with the bartender (or with the owner) they can often put together something delicious. I have also found that the deliciousness varies with the bartender. The food is quite good. It's also quite expensive.

Small: I like this place a lot so far. I think the chef (Misti Norris, formerly from FT33) is making really cool food, although I've only tried a few things. The fried mushrooms (yes) are awesome and all of the house-made charcuterie I've tried has been excellent as well. I really need to try the pig trotter... it looks and sounds fantastic. You really can't beat the cocktails here - Benj also used to be at FT33 and is one of my favorite bartenders in Dallas. He keeps a pretty small, curated stock of liquors rather than the encyclopedia of spirits that most other places carry. But his selection has always exceeded my capacity... so no complaints. I've only tried a couple of beers so far, and they're reasonably good but nothing notable as of yet. Note that the kitchen is closed two nights of the week... I think Tuesday/Wednesday, but I'm not sure.

I went to The Woolworth for drinks once, and the bartender didn't know what a Martinez was. The drink that I did have was not all that great. The menu looked boring.

Feb 19, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Valentines Day 911

I think it might be difficult to get reservations this close to Vday. I'd also point out that the most interesting places won't be making their most interesting food for special days like this. That said, I'd try FT33, which has the most interesting food in a fine-dining(ish) atmosphere in Dallas. You could also try Lucia, but your chances of getting in there are pretty slim.

I would also consider looking into The Standard Pour. It's mostly been a bar, but the new chef, Cody Sharp, has been posting some really really nice looking entrees on facebook. And if you're not hung up on the atmosphere, you could also consider Small Brewpub on Jefferson. It's a nice place, but really designed like a brewpub - eg, a big open room with bench seating. But the chef, Misti Norris, was sous chef at FT33 and is doing some really nice stuff (crispy pig trotter, really great in-house charcuterie, etc) and once mentioned to me that she might do a Vday menu. A list of other possible suggestions - maybe less likely to blow your mind, but still places that I like:
Casa Rubia
CBD Provisions
Stock & Barrel
Proof & Pantry
and I suppose you could check out The Mansion, but it will set you back some $$$

Feb 06, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Japanese Whiskey

I noticed both the Yamazaki 12 and 18 on the shelf at Proof & Pantry last night.

Feb 05, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Steak Frites

Nick Badovinus and Jeff Bekavac have always been very forthcoming with information like that. I'm pretty sure they'd share if you asked either of them (although I don't know if they'd want it posted online). It's also possible that your server would know.

Feb 02, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Italian Sausage in DFW?

I haven't tried it yet, but I'd check out Luscher's Italian Sausage (available at the Green Grocer). His hot dogs are phenomenal... so I'd expect good things from the sausage as well.

Jan 29, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Japanese Whiskey

I know Tei An has a few.

Jan 29, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

top 5 coffee shops

The three places that roast their own beans are Houndstooth, Ascension and Cultivar. I think Houndstooth is currently the best - they carry both Tweed (I think the roaster is associated with the shop) and outside brands like Counter Culture and Supersonic. Ascension has pretty good cold brew (I haven't seen any at the other places) They carry other brands as well as their own beans. Cultivar is mostly good for espresso, in my opinion.

Other decent places (although a notch below the three above) are Mudsmith, Oddfellows and Method.

Jan 24, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Bbq in/around Dallas in the evening

Hard 8 in Coppell could be an option. I haven't been, but I've heard that it's reasonably good. They're open late, and it's close to DFW - so either day would work for you.

Jan 12, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Missing Tasting Menu Restaurant?

Jan 06, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Missing Tasting Menu Restaurant?

Nobu. It's also worth noting that Spoon is now closed.

Nonna occasionally has a "tasting of pastas" listed as an entree on their menu. I'd check in advance, but they'd probably be willing to do that any time.

I know you are looking for a Saturday night dinner, but I figured I'd mention that FT33 does a tasting menu on Tuesday-Thursday. Actually, I've read that they will serve a tasting menu comprising smaller portions of menu items on Friday and Saturday. Also (I'm not sure what qualifies as a "tasting menu" but..) Carbone's has a Sunday night fixed course dinner every Sunday, and Nick and Sam's has a "Sunday Supper" on the last Sunday of each month.

Jan 05, 2015
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Essential Dallas-Fort Worth Restaurant for First-Time Visit By New York Foodies

I've had the tasting menu twice at FT33, and both times it was fantastic, with really interesting and unexpected combinations of flavors and textures. I can imagine that it's not for everyone... for instance, most recently it was probably 80% vegetable-focused. If you're looking for a meaty meal, it might not be satisfying. And it changes constantly, so I might have had a very different dinner than you did.

the CBD pig's head is also a good idea.

Dec 16, 2014
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Essential Dallas-Fort Worth Restaurant for First-Time Visit By New York Foodies

demigodh's suggestions are generally good. My additional input:

For my personal taste, I'd recommend against any of the "fancy taco" places. You will have a much better taste experience at an authentic taqueria or the like. I'd recommend La Nueva Fresh and Hot, which is a tortilleria (get either of the guisados) or Los Torres (barbacoa roja, tripa, tacos ahogados). Note that La Nueva doesn't really have much in the way of seating, so you might end up standing on the corner or eating in your car.

Also, I'd strongly recommend against the whole "fancy southern" genre. I will say that of the ones listed, I've only eaten at Pyles and Smoke... but I've heard plenty of feedback on Fearings (and not much about Tim Love's places). In the end, they're moderately expensive and frankly not all that good. Smoke might be the exception - but personally I'd go to FT33 over any of those. Will you be disappointed with FT33, coming from NY? I can't really say - I haven't eaten in NY for over a decade. But I'd take my chances there over (for instance) Pyles. In particular, if you're here on Tues, Weds or Thurs, FT33 has a fantastic tasting menu.

out of curiosity, what places in NY seem like they might be similar to, (and potentially better than) FT33? It would be interesting to see what they have going on.

I'd also cut Komali from the list, which has never failed to moderately disappoint me. I like Mesa and Meso Maya, and also (for texmex) Mr. Mesero.

Dec 16, 2014
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Solo Dining in Downtown

Fearing's definitely has a bar, and the last time I was there SP had some counter seating. I'd probably recommend taking a cab - it's not necessary, but it won't be the most scenic walk.

I would probably skip both of those places, though. I'll admit that I've never been to Fearing's, but the reports I get from friends that I trust say that it's over priced and not really all that interesting. I feel similarly about Stephan Pyles. Depending on what you eat/drink, it might be tough to keep the bill below $50.

My recommendations for stuff that you don't get in Philadelphia would be either MesoMaya (a Mexican restaurant that I quite like) or Stampede 66 which is another Pyles place. I'm not crazy about Stampede 66, but but it's pretty good and has a kind of Texas kitsch aesthetic. Pyles also has pan-Latin American restaurant called San Salvaje which has some interesting dishes - basically elevated/refined versions of typical food from a variety of South American countries.

I also like CBD Provisions, but I'm not sure that it's anything all that drastically different than what you might find in PA... except perhaps their chili, which is fantastic - it's only on the lunch menu, but they might be able to hook you up. The bar downstairs in the same building, Midnight Rambler, has some pretty cool cocktails as well.

Nov 12, 2014
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas Restaurant Suggestion for Vegetarian

twinwillow's recommendations are pretty casual venues. If you're looking for something more upscale, then I'd suggest FT33. Matt is really good with vegetables - I recently ate the chef's tasting, and the first 5 of 10 courses were completely vegetarian. The next two had some meat components, but were definitely vegetable-focused. The final savory course was meat, and while delicious, it was far from my favorite part of the menu. His vegetarian preparations were interesting and satisfying, and really utilized the range of flavors of the vegetables. I definitely noticed the absence of meat, but only because I was impressed at how little it mattered. Of course, the tasting menu might be more than they're after... but on the current menu, 2 of the 6 appetizers and 2 of the 6 entrees are vegetarian (or basically vegetarian - I'm sure they'd remove the bacon from the gnocchi dish).

Nov 09, 2014
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Cheap Eats in and around Downtown Dallas

there's not a lot in the way of cheap (and good) food that's near the Omni. Your best bet is to hit Deep Ellum, which is right on the edge of your limit... about 1.5-2 miles away. There you have Cane Rosso for Neapolitan pizza, good burgers at Angry Dog and Twisted Root, bbq at Pecan Lodge, Monkey King Noodles, and good CFS at Allgood Cafe. Aside from Monkey King, I can't think of any ethnic foods worth trying.

There's also a texmex restaurant called El Fenix... not the best ever, but it's ok for a local chain. Right next to El Fenix is Meso Maya, which is good - but I wouldn't call it cheap.

I'll also mention CBD Provisions and Tei An, which are not cheap restaurants, but I think you could eat well at a pretty reasonable price if you order carefully. For instance, the soba noodles at Tei An only cost something like $8, and I think a bowl of chili at CBD is similarly priced.

cattlemens vs del frisco + itinerary review

some random thoughts/comments:

1) If you are interested in chocolate I'd recommend Kate Weiser in Trinity Groves. I prefer her stuff to Dude, Sweet... although they're very different. Dude, Sweet seems to have more creative and interesting combinations, but I always find that they fail to deliver in flavor. Kate Weiser has some interesting combinations as well, but they're less adventurous - but in my opinion more delicious.

2) Carbone's has way better cannoli than Jimmy's.

3) I've only been to Pepe and Mito's once, but I was thoroughly unimpressed. If you're after texmex, I'd head to Mr. Mesero, which I think is fantastic - although the atmosphere is a little more upscale. If you're looking for a more laid back environment, I'd probably go to Mia's... and I know that some on this board like Gonzalez on Jefferson in Oak Cliff.

4) Nonna Tata is a nice place, and the food is good, but in my opinion you're not really missing out on anything special. It's a quite good version of "red sauce Italian", although frankly I think that Carbone's is better (same chef/owner as the restaurant Nonna here in Dallas). Personally I'd take Lucia or Nonna (Dallas) over either Carbone's or Nonna Tata (FW) - but that's just a style preference.

Oct 24, 2014
gavlist in Dallas - Fort Worth