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Birthday dinner in Lisbon

I'm travelling to Lisbon for my 40th bday with a group of (8) friends - can anyone recommend a place for dinner that is good for groups and takes reservations? Someplace with great wine, food and atmosphere and ideally, unpretentious.


Jun 25, 2014
laurelmcg in Spain/Portugal

Brunch and dinner recommendations

I'll be in Chicago for a weekend in April and need some recommendations. We're staying downtown but are willing to travel (within reason). Both of us are very adventurous food wise, but would prefer something not in the Alinea range. Is Purple Pig worth trying to get into? Avec? Blackbird? Anything off the beaten path?

Also, any suggestions for our Saturday brunch?

Thanks all!

Feb 27, 2012
laurelmcg in Chicago Area

Perfect 60th spot - private room

Table 17 has a private room, as does Fuzion and I think both would be very accommodating.

Table 17
782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

580 Church Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 2E8, CA

Where to get purple carrots in the GTA??

I can tell you where NOT to get them - The Organic Boutique on Queen W. The owner told me I wasn't allowed to touch them unless I was buying. Ummm, ok.


Amuse Bistro. Last week when I called, the number was disconnected. Very odd. Thanks!


Anyone know whether they're closed for vaca/renos -something? I called and the line is disconnected, Emailed for a reso but no answer..,,ideas?

Union review

I also tried Union recently, and while overall I was pleased with the food, the service was atrocious. I appreciate that a new restaurant has kinks to work out, but hiring experienced staff who can properly manage expectations could avoid a lot of drama!

Cozy Holiday/Birthday Dinner with Private Room Suggestions!

Try Veni Vidi Vici on College, they have a great back room and have been super accommodating when I've had events there in the past: Great, great service and very laid back!

Black Hoof Charcuterie

Thanks everyone, I'm definitely going to give it a try!

Wine bar near Carlu

It's not walking distance, but a short subway/cab ride ride directly north:

Black Hoof Charcuterie

I just noticed this place pop up in the space that was Molotov Cocktail...Has anyone been? What's the verdict?

Brunch with a toddler

My friend regularly heads to Mitzi's Sister on Queen street with her baby, they're extremely kid-friendly and the food is great and well-priced.

Dukem (Ethiopian resto review)

I'm definitely going to give this a whirl, it sounds great. I've tried most Ethiopian places in the city and to date my fave is Sheba on College (not to be confused with Queen of Sheba on Bloor), great food and great service. The owners are very sweet and very accommodating.

Drinks after Sidecar

Try Caren's Wine Bar, if it's warm enough, their back patio is amazing

Nice little restaurant near Harbord Street

I've never personally been, but this place has been around for years and has some good reviews Just a little west of Spadina.

News - Bier Markt location on King W

The Bier Markt has never really struck me as a place to eat, especially not when they charge $35 for steak frites when Le Select (and others) are so close by. Does the food really merit the price tag?

Nice places for a drink over lunch in Toronto?

What area will you be in?

Drinks after Sidecar

You could try Nirvana at Bathurst & College - I've never been but it looks like it could easily accommodate your group size. I've always liked the Mini Market patio for drinks, if you can find a seat it's great for people watching. If you're willing to travel a little bit, Ossington has lots of fun drinks spots - Resposada, The Ossington etc.

birthday help -need a replacement for Pomegranate

Sheba on College (right beside Pomegranate) has great food and lots of veggie options. Not a fancy place by any means, but the food is delicious!

Restaurant Suggestions

for the Queen W, Parkdale, or Roncesvalles area? Help!

Pizzeria Libretto anyone know when its doors open at 221 ossington?

I walked by yesterday and the windows are still papered up with the coming soon sign. So excited for this to open. Who knew Ossington would become the next hot spot!

Lock & Lock Storage Containers in Toronto

I saw some similar containers at Costco, though I think they may have been glass vs. plastic. I think that you can also order Lock & Lock through the QVC website and they'll likely ship to Canada.

Where to eat? (University, between Dundas and Queen)

There's also a restaurant in Osgoode Hall. I've never been but it might be worth checking out!

Little Tibet vs Tibet Kitchen

Which is the best bet and does either have a patio?

New Sushi Place at Queen & Spadina

I recently walked by a new place on the south-west side of Queen, at Spadina...I think it used to be Taste of Hong Kong or some such place...does anyone know the name of the new place?

Bridal Shower assistant SOS!!

I'm not sure what area you're looking for, but Veni Vidi Vici on College has a nice back room. I had a baby shower there recently and they were very accommodating.

Worst in Toronto

It may have been an off night, I suppose every restaurant deserves a second chance but I'm skeptical. The mushroom app was delish but that was it. The fish entree was gross - and misrepresented. They ignored us and at the end, when they realized we were unimpressed offered us shots of Limoncello. My friend declined saying she was pregnant, to which they responded "are you sure you don't want any", then filled my shot class maybe 1/4 of the way. I'm not even kidding. I've NEVER seen someone not fill a shot glass. Just added insult to injury.

Worst in Toronto

Hardly, judging by the terrible staff they had hired, I don't think "good sense" is what compelled them to leave. The doors are locked and a bailiff's notice is on the door...I think it was a non-payment thing.

Lunch downtown

Also, try Mercatto - it's very loud but the food is great.

What are the best cakes and where?

I'm not sure how these cakes compare to the others mentioned, but I can say they were delicious and they support a great cause:

All proceeds go to the Stephen Lewis Foundations to help those living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. I just ordered some for a baby shower and they were beautiful and delicious. (They do cakes and cupcakes)