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Brunch in Chicago - Gold Coast, River North, Streeterville

Looking for good brunch place in downtown Chicago. Tried RL, and won't go back. Any advice for nice sophisticated brunch place with good food and service ?

Jun 18, 2007
lilpetunia in Chicago Area

Comiing to NY from SF and in need of advice

1) Indian food - Tamarind or Tabla (second being more American-Indian). Tamarind is consistently great.
2) Italian
3) breakfast places in our neighborhood - Jane ( W Houston b/w SUllivan and Thompson) not too far from your 'hood
4) restaurants serving food we can't get out here
5) one spiffy but not outrageous splurge place - Le BErnardin ( if you manage to get the reservation, not sure when are you coming)
6) Pastrami - Katz's Deli
7) Bagels

Dec 26, 2006
lilpetunia in Manhattan

A better MacDonald in Asia?

McD in Europe is also much better than that in States. Both Germany and Czech Rep. serve beer, Spain has gaspacho and France has local sandwiches ( aka burger/chicken with provencal herbs, different cheeses, etc). Both Spain and France serve wine.

Not healthy either, but at least doesn't make you sick and provides for an interesting experience.

Dec 26, 2006
lilpetunia in Chains

What is the best Indian restaurant in NYC

I agree with Tamarind. We've been going there for couple of years now and the food is consistently great, fresh and service is knowledgeable and excellent. Highly recomment.

I've heart good reviews about Earthen Oven too ( apparently it was opened by a chef from Tamarind).

Dec 15, 2006
lilpetunia in Manhattan

Morimoto or 11 Madison for Birthday dinner ?

Celebrating 28th birthday with my bf, which one would you pick ?

Dec 05, 2006
lilpetunia in Manhattan

Prague - - fine dining

We went to Kampa Park for dinner with my bf in February 2006. The food was FABULOUS, we are into really good food and often dine out in NYC (where we live). It was great. The taste, the quality, excellent ! Definitely worth your while.

Other restaurant that we liked ( for Czech food) was Kolkovna. Centrally located, great food and fun atmosphere. Our friends ( she is Czech, he is British) too us there and it was great experience as well. Very authentic, not too touristy.

Have a great trip and enjoy Prague.