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How is Wright's Chicken Farm?

It is a phenomenon and you should go at least once. Very simple but also very, very cheap. The roast chicken is very good as are the roasted potatoes. The salad and pasta is cafeteria-worthy, but perfectly edible. They offer you seconds (though my table didn't need them). It is worth the 25-minute drive from Providence for sure.

PVD/RI * February '12 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

The new Irish pub on Thayer St. is nice addition. I went once for a drink and once for dinner. They pour a good Guiness in my very inexpert opinion and the staff was very, very friendly. They seem to put some love into the food -- which puts it ahead of the other bars on Thayer St. Didn't try some of the more interesting sounding items, like Irish Spring roles, which I think involved corned beef. The food service was very slow but their friendliness made up for it. They're admittedly in the "soft opening" phase working out the kinks.

Sausage Casings and Back Fat Near Providence?

I've gotten casing at Whole Foods (a bit expensive) and at the butcher shop on Gano (very cheap but I had to get a largish pack.).

August Opening, Closing, and Coming Soon in PVD/RI

Is the Farmstead downtown closed? I walked down Westminster St. recently, and I think so. If so it's a loss for downtown because that was a great place to get fabulous sandwich.

Al Forno in Providence

Pardon the response to a thread that has died out, but I felt the need to weigh in since Al Forno has been a hot topic on this board. ... I went for the first time this weekend and thought it was very good. I have lived in Providence for many years and never been, since I heard that other places were much better for the same price. So I've had a few happy returns to Chez Pascal, La Laiterie, Gracie's, and New Rivers. Those (probably in that order) are my favorites, but I do wish I had given Al Forno a chance sooner. The pizza was great and the pasta was hands down better than that of any other Italian restaurant in Providence I've been to. (In fact, please name me another Italian to get good home-made pasta... I've looked around and come up empty, though I haven't tried Bacaro). I would say they are a lot of places in the North End in Boston (which would be just as expensive) where you can get the same kind of food, but not in Providence.

The prices were a bit high for Providence, but I thought the portions were pretty good sized. And the staff was very attentive and friendly. This is based on one visit, but this is my two cents.

Chez Pascal Restaurant
960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

La Laiterie
184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

Bacaro Restaurant
262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

Fresh Vegetables in Attleboro, Ma/Pawtucket, RI area

Be warned that this time of year brings a lull in local produce. I was at the farmer's market in Pawtucket today (smaller than the Saturday one) and it was winter storage items plus a few (much appreciated) greens like lettuce and chard. That will change soon though... can't wait for asparagus!

English Cellar Alehouse in Providence

Too late I guess, but... great, very ample selection of beer, with a nice staff that doesn't know how to pour it properly. The food is not offensive...but if you have a chance to eat before hand it might not be a bad idea. The decor and atmosphere are fine for a pub and an upgrade from the Liquid Lounge.

Favorite Dishes in Providence...

The burger with polenta fries at the Laiterie.

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...

One small step step that helps is to be sure to clean the fish off thoroughly with water before cooking it.

Mar 04, 2011
Zabalburu in Not About Food

Any culatello be found in Providence?

Great question! Though I was under the impression that culatello is made with the, ehem, rear end of the pig.

Have you tried the Farmstead? ( I think that would be your best bet. Greats selection of cured meats and cheeses.

I've driven by but never been inside an Italian deli in East Providence. Can't speak to its quality:

providence rehearsal dinner

Guido's on Hope St. is BYOB and Italian. It is "red sauce" Italian, not in the Atwell's Ave. area, and not very formal... but it meets your budget and other criteria and the food is okay. There are a bunch of BYOB places on Wickenden St. which are inexpensive ethnic places.

Banh MI - Providence

I have had the Banh mi at Pho Paradise and it was very good! Maybe not quite like what you would get in a bigger city with a Chinatown, but satisfying. The meat was grilled to order, so it took a while, but that obviously had a plus side too. I actually ended up there because Asian Bakery was closed both times I tried to go... I think it was Sunday both times and they were closed for the day.

New - Asia Palace, Providence

Went there once recently and agree with just about everything that has been said. The dining room was pleasant and clean, the service was very attentive. The Chinese food was your typical suburban chinese, but done well. I think this fills a void in Providence, or at least in the East Side. The sushi was decent. Not sure how Japanese the restaurant is though. My father in law had soba noodle that seemed like they had spent some time in an oily wok. We called it so-mein. It was good, just not what you expect soba to be!

Restaurants in the countryside outside San Sebastian

I would say yes. It night depend on the individual place, but they tend to be pretty informal, with people getting up and walking around to fill their glassed. Some of them look like wooden warehouses rows of giant tables.

Sep 12, 2009
Zabalburu in Spain/Portugal

Best brunch in Providence?

Nick's on Broadway is the best brunch place I've every been to anywhere, the only one I have ever felt was worth waiting in line for!

Luxe Burger Bar in PVD

Sorry for the late reply, but I went there two days ago for the first time. After one visit, I say thumbs up.

This is part of the Chow Fun restaurant group. I think the criticism of that group seems to be that they prize gimmickry over high cuisine, and that the food is solid but not inspired... In this case the gimmick was very fun, the food was indeed solid, and the prices were very reasonable. The idea is you "build' you own burger (or chicken breast or turkey burger and so on) for $6.99, checking off from a list of sauces, toppings, fries, cheeses, buns, etc. The cheese options I thought were very good, including herbed goat cheese (which I got) and blue cheese. The beef was good and cooked as I asked for it. We got Gorgonzola tater tots and sweet potato fries that were both very good. The lettuce was nice greens instead of iceberg and the ripe tomato was actually ripe. You can upgrade the various options... for about $10 you get a Kobe burger, which was good too. The portions were on the small side, but certainly satisfying if you're not gorging yourself. I would estimate the patties were 1/4 or 1/3 pounders. I am actually a little surprised they didn't have a bigger burger and fries upgrade given we Americans' penchant to stuff ourselves. The service was fine and the outside patio, which is removed enough from the traffic, was very pleasant on a nice day. There were also entrees and apps on the menu, but we didn't try them.

By the way I believe they now have a partial menu online.

...and a pint of guinness

It's not much of a scene, but I've had the best Guinesses in Boston at the West Roxbury Pub. It's been a while though and I think the owner (from Ireland) passed away recently.

Nov 19, 2008
Zabalburu in Greater Boston Area

Asiana Madrid

I went there two years ago and enjoyed myself. The best part of it is definitely the experience of eating in a beautiful antique shop in a small room. I think the food was innovative and well prepared. It was a long ago, so sorry to not provide more details. Also, I did not pay myself, but I believe it was on the pricey side.

Nov 18, 2008
Zabalburu in Spain/Portugal

tapas in spain

The idea of reservations is kind of antithetical to eating tapas in Spain. You can probably find new-fangled "small plates" type restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid, but this is not the traditional or typical format.

I'm sure a good restaurant will be happy to feed you "raciones" -- plates of usually simple food, such as ham or cheese or boquerones or omelettes or simply prepared vegetables, as opposed to entrees.

But tapas bars, even very upscale ones, are an informal afair. You just go in an stand at the bar or find a table and order what looks good -- or sound goods if they have a written menu.

Nov 17, 2008
Zabalburu in Spain/Portugal

Venison/game in Rhode Island?

Does anybody know where you can buy venison or other game/"exotic" meat somewhere near Providence?

Anybody know if it's legal to buy directly from a hunter, whether this is a good idea, and if so where one could find said hunter?

Best-Coolest Restaurant in Providence

While we're at it, I'm not sure I'd call Mill's Tavern cool... unless 40-70 year old lawyers and investment bankers have become the new cool crowd! This is no comment on the quality of the food or the comfort/aesthetic attraction of the room.

trader joes in warwick is open

Look here for info on the winter market:

Where is the Cheapest Farmers' Market in RI?

I would give a plug to an Asian woman (sorry to use ethnicty as my only descrpitor, but I don't know her name!) who sets up a stand at the Brown market Wednesdays and the the Pawtucket market (I think on Sundays?). Everything I've gotten from her was pretty inexpensive.

I think the Armory market on Thursdays in general is cheaper than any of the ones on the East Side.

There was also a stand at Hope High that sells things in bulk for quite cheap. I got a half bushel of tomatoes for $10 and they were selling 50 pound bags of tomatoes for $15.

I think in general, if you look around and compare prices from stand to stand you can find some pretty good deals, usually cheaper than Whole Foods and sometimes cheaper than Stop & Shop. In general of course the quality is much better --always much fresher--though not every product will blow you away.

Providence, RI: SKIP El Rancho Grande!!

I too think this posting is overly harsh. I've been there three times and the food has always been very good. The last time with a Mexican friend who loved it.

I do agree that it is incredibly slow.

Solomon Korean Restaurant Report - Providence

I second your support! I've really loved everything I've tried there. You couldn't find a "homier" place, with the kitchen right in the dining room and cooking smells permeating everything. My one warning is that it appears to be quite, litterally, a mom and pop place, so if you go when it's crowded it might take the nice couple making the food a while to serve all the other sons and daughters for the evening and to get to your meal.

I'll add that its BYOB with a liquor store next door.

Nick's on Broadway - Providence, R.I.

It is worth going for breakfast! Generally, I feel the same way as you do about eating breakfast out, that it's pointless to wait in line and pay money for the same egg you can make at home.

But Nick's is an exception, one of the few places that actually makes use of ingredients and techniques beyond the reach of the average home breakfast cook. Good, fun atmosphere too.

I never eat _______ out because nobody makes it right but me.

Taking about average places: Bacon. I don't know how a diner could mess it up, but it's never quite right. Same goes for scrambled eggs.

May 13, 2008
Zabalburu in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's coming to Warwick

So what is ALDI like? Is it worth going? I've never been.

Re. previous posts, I too am thrilled about TJs but wish it were closer to Providence. It seems like we really need a supermarket downtown, especially if people move into all the the new condos.

And regarding why TJ's doesn't sell wine everywhere in Massachusetts: Needham is not a dry town. I asked at my once local TJs in Acton, Mass why they didn't sell wine and they explained that Mass laws limit the number of locations at which supermarket chains can sell wine, so they had to pick the locations they thought would be the most profitable.

Trader Joe's coming to Warwick

I believe the law in Massachusetts allows supermarket owners to sell liquor in a maximum of two locations. I tried to find out exactly what the laws are online, but from the articles I saw on line I gathered they're rather complicated.

I will say the liquor license laws are total BS both in Mass and RI. I doubt people would drink and drive more just because they didn't have to make an extra stop to buy liquor, and I'm sure a supermarket can check IDs as well as a package store.

And there are fewer places to buy liquor than there should be because the number of licenses is limited. License holders can sell their licenses (which is a publicly granted right, that is permission from you, me and other voters) for huge amounts. It seems terribly unfair for new business owners and for consumers.

Chinese in HP/Dedham/West Roxbury

I second Mandarin Gourmet. It's a little more expensive (though still not very expensive) and much, much better than anything in West Roxbury.

Dec 22, 2007
Zabalburu in Greater Boston Area